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Betty Dain Stylish Design Mold Resistant Shower Cap, The Fashionista Collection, “sassy Stripes”

The Betty Dain Fashionista Collection of Stylish Shower Caps shown here in the pattern “Sassy Stripes” offers a soft waterproof nylon exterior with a mold-resistant PEVA lining. It’s the perfect combination of style, comfort, and quality. The Fashionista Collection of Stylish Shower Caps comes with stylish ruching and is trimmed in colorful satin with a matching bow. Additional pattern “Diva” available separately.

Key features

  • Waterproof nylon exterior
  • Mold resistant, PEVA lining
  • Trendy, fashionable design
  • Oversized to fit all lengths of hair
  • Available in 2 patterns: sassy stripes, diva

Honest reviews


love this shower cap!

I wash my hair about every other day, and I used to wear a towel. One day I looked up shower caps and thought this was perfect– and it really was! My husband loved it when he saw it, which only made it better! Very good purchase!

Young Esmond, ND


This was worth a try, since I’ve been using the clear cellophane-type caps for so long now. It’s absurdly tight. When I take it off, I have a deep impression mark across my forehead for at least 30 minutes after my shower. It’s tight to the point that it tries to contract around my head and slide down over my eyes…I don’t consider my head to be any larger than the average woman’s, so I’m not sure what’s up with that.It does a good job of keeping my hair dry, and the pattern is cute, but I’ll definitely be going back to my disposable caps. If you have a tiny skull, this might be just the thing for you.

Dorthy Hume, NY

Best shower cap ever!

This shower cap is the best one I have ever found! And I have used many. I have long thick hair and it all fits inside the cap. The elastic is snug enough to keep all water out, but not so tight it hurts your head. It doesn’t absorb water, so it dries quickly (great for travel). And it’s cute! I am very happy with it, in fact I’m ordering a spare. I highly recommend this shower cap.

Sheree Malone, NY

Keeps My Hair Dry

This shower cap is awesome. It will hold all of my hair and is snug enough that pieces don’t sneak out, nor does water sneak in. Loving this shower cap!

Evelyn Oakford, IL


Purchased the Tough Love for my 8 year old daughter, and I purchasedthe sassy strips cap for myself. The tough love cap is huge! Luckily my daughter has a large head and much hair. The sassy stripes worked better for me as it is a tighter fit. I think that these would make great gifts too!

Vonda Minden, LA

It’s perfect

I have long hair and was tired of purchasing caps from the stores – they didn’t last very long and my hair would get wet at times. These caps are perfect. I come out of the shower with my hair dried. It fits nicely and they’re adorable.

Harriett Xenia, OH

Love it!

It’s just an adorably cute shower cap which, if you’ve ever used a shower cap you can appreciate that. It’s pretty and works well.

Ophelia Union Mills, IN

Great shower cap!

I like to wash my hair only every 2 days, so on the days I don’t wash it, I like using a shower cap to keep my hair frizz free. This one is great! It contains all of my hair, and my hair looks just as good when I get out of the shower as when I got in. It has loosened just a bit over time (I have probably had it about a year), but I still use it a lot, and it still works great! I would definitely repurchase this!

Concepcion Pawnee, OK


This is my second purchase. The first cap lasted for about 6 months and then the elastic wore off. I purchased this one and it looks so cute!Highly recommend.

Frances Mc Cormick, SC

Sooo Cute !

This is my third of these caps. I have found the Betty Dain caps to be excellent shower caps for someone with long hair. The cap is big and will cover all of your hair, unlike most caps. This cap has two layers, an inside and an outside. The cap is well-made and will probably last a long time. The style is great, really “Retro” and pretty amusing! I recommend this cap aa a strong and generously-sized cap for long hair.

Lavonne Telogia, FL


This works great, lets no water in and drys just like it was never even used in the first place. Great buy (no more grandma looking shower caps)

Kaitlyn Williamsport, IN

Great for long hair

I haven’t had any of the leaking problems that other reviewers have had. Yes, this is a bit stinky at first, but after a few uses, I don’t even notice the plastic smell any more.The elastic is nice and tight so that all your hair stays tucked in, and the top area is wide enough to hold long hair. (My hair reaches to the middle of my back, and I use an alligator clip to clip it all up before putting the cap on.)Really nice product for the price!

Callie Shelbyville, TN

good for the $

Typical showercap. Nothing special, but not bad. no clue how to keep it from smelling. can’t find a better one for the $$

Teri Deport, TX

most perfect shower cap ever!

I love this product. At first the cap was pretty tight but it eased up to the most perfect fit. I was able to do deep conditioning without humidity dripping down the back of my neck. In fact, I can use the green house method without that cold wet feeling in the middle of the night as I sleep. I really love this, it’s the best shower cap Ive ever used and there is no stinky smell after use. you simple hang it up and it dries. It’s mold and mildew proof. It is a thick cap but feels soft, not like a ridged shower curtain. Nice!

Kate Kuna, ID

Nice cap

Not a life changing product, or all that sexy to wear, but it does the trick. Keeps my hair dry, it’s comfortable and is a well made cap, that looks about as good as a shower cap can get.

Germaine Woodson, TX

fits over my giant ponytail

very snug around the hairline. Covers all my hair. I just received it so I cant’ say anything about its "shelf life".

Angela Warwick, MA

Great size and fit

I have a rather large head and loads of hair, and this fits with plenty of room. I am not crazy for the print, but I can live with it b/c it keeps the water and steam out! 🙂

Elinor Waimea, HI


Not a fan of the color but protects my hair good from getting wet and also nice quality. I like that it`s not just a plain boring cap.

Joanne Alabama, NY