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Betty Dain Satin Pillowcase, Black

The satin pillowcase by Betty Dain is an essential for having healthy hair. Sleeping on satin guarantees you won’t have pulling and discomfort like sleeping on cotton. The satin pillowcase has a concealed zipper closure and is made of the finest soft, sensuous satin.

Key features

  • Soft, sensuous satin
  • Concealed zipper closure
  • Fits standard size pillow
  • Color: Black

Honest reviews


Satiny but something in the fabric trigger allergies if you’re sensitive.

I bought two and gave one to my friend who has no particular indoor allergy sensitivities and she says its fine. I have significant dust allergies and other sensitivities and so it made it difficult for me to breathe and made my eyes burn unfortunately, so this is just a heads up for really sensitive people.

Daisy Ozone, TN

Nice and thick

And the hidden zipper is a nice touch. Does not pick as easy as other satin pillowcases I have had.

Ronda Layton, UT

Love it so far!

Two pillow cases individually packed. These cases fit small pillows. I have the memory foam Swedish pillows and it is great for those; even a bit too big.Not suited for queen size pillows.Nice feel; looks good. Need in other colors now.

Lenore Saint Ann, MO

Not bad

I like that it comes with 2 cases. Not sure if I am seeing a difference with my hair after a few months of use. Also after the 3rd wash a seam ripped so I now have a hole in it. Other than it being wrinkled post washing, the satin itself has held up nicely and I do enjoy the feeling of it.

Deanna Smithfield, VA

A must have for natural

With cotton pillow it will dry out your and take your hair out do to the fact that you are rubbing out hair on the pillow. So with the satin or silt pillow case there’s no worry. specially in the summer time you don’t want to wear your Bonnet the pillow case would be your second option.Yes I recommend this item.

Jewel Weatherby, MO


Love them! Woke up with my hair smooth instead of tangled for the first time in years. I washed them before use and put them in the dryer as well. They came out flawless. The fabric is medium, not too stiff but not flimsy either. Just right. Additional bonus is the hidden zipper closure that prevents pillows from sliding out. Can’t beat the price either. I was about to make some myself but the fabric + zipper would have cost even a bit more than the finished product.

Linda Wabash, IN

Very nice for the price

I am happy, just what I wanted and very cheap for two! They even come with a 6 month guarantee by the manufacturer, you CANT beat that!!

Ashlee Acra, NY