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Betty Dain Plastic Processing Caps , 100 ct

Betty Dain Processing Cap 100ct Marianna Processing Cap – 100 pieces.

Key features

  • Marianna Processing Cap – 100 pieces

Honest reviews


Good product

I’m so glad to have this product. It’s very useful for me when I do my hair treatments and I can even use it during my shower if I do not want my hair to be wet.

Alice New London, NH

Great Plastic Caps

I use these caps after applying conditioners to my hair to seal in the product and heat from my body. I also apply this cap after applying a pre poo treatment to my hair. These are quality caps and quite a bargain for the price. I will definitely repurchase again.

Latisha Nowata, OK


For the most part these caps work, but some of the got stuck together and when I pulled them apart it made holes in them so I wasn’t able to utilize all 100 caps.

Christian Westborough, MA

Great Hair Cap

I finally broke down and purchased the Betty Dain Caps after only being able to find smaller sized caps (they claimed to be large) which just barely cover the hair (I have a very short Afro) in local stores. The Betty Dain’s live up to their promise, the caps are larger. Based on this, they will still be of use when my hair grows out (hopefully). There is no way the other caps I purchased would be of use. I have also used the caps multiple times without breakage, always a plus. I know there are some negatives reviews on this, but I am happy with my purchase.

Opal Randall, KS


Plain old plastic caps, and a bunch of them! 100 for 7 bucks, works for me. I haven’t had any issues with them, good quality as far as I can tell.

Patti Nineveh, NY

caps from amazon

They work for hair coloring and just regular showers. The thicker, more expensive shower caps loose the elastic really quick. So 100ct for the price was good for me.

Ana Pleasant City, OH

They work well

Good product at a great price. Shipped in a reasonable amount of time. I plan on purchasing this product again.

Elba Thorne Bay, AK

Great product.

I purchased these caps in order to use them when leaving my usual hair mask in for a coupole of hours. The quality of the plastic is thicker than the caps I’ve purchased locally in the past and I can fit all my hair in it without struggling. I have bra length curly hair and it’s super easy to put these on. When I’m done I just take it off and throw it out. Exactly what I was looking for.

Bobbi Martinsville, NJ

Love these for conditioning treatments

I often use oil on my hair, and while I love the conditioning benefits, I hate that the oil gets all over. These caps solve that problem. I have enough of these caps now to last for 2 years of treatments! Very happy!

Laverne Sandy Point, ME

Do the job

I use these to deep condition my hair and they work great, not to mention they are a great value.

Jayne Daisy, GA

Good deal for disposable shower caps

I purchased these to protect my clothing and furniture for the days that I use things like henna, indigo or deep conditioning treatments in my hair.I have thin hair and an average size head, and the fit of this cap is perfect. I think that this would fit anyone who wasn’t a small child. (I mention this because I had another brand that was too large for me.)These are a good enough quality and I haven’t found any defects in the caps. They aren’t itchy or uncomfortable and can be worn for a long time. The cost is low, so you don’t have to feel guilty about going through them quickly. I’m not really sure what else can be said about these. I’m very happy with them and would buy them again.

Lilia Erie, KS

Good Value

These are a very good value. Previous reviews stating these “run large” are not exaggerating. Not only is the cap area large, but the elastic is also much looser than average size caps. I have a huge head and tons of hair and I still have to clip the caps in front to keep them from drooping down onto my face. They are plenty roomy enough to accommodate most big styles, afros, curlers, etc. But if I could change one thing it would be make the elastic a bit more snug so they don’t slip down or gap open.

Rebekah Walston, PA

A little loose…

I still use them, but they are a bit loose around my hair. I’d like the elastic to be a little tighter, but it protects my hair well enough.

Cassie Greycliff, MT

Works Great!

I have tried many types of processing caps from the cheap 99 cent types to the no labeled ones at some beauty supply stores. These have worked the best for me. First of all the size is perfect. I don’t have long hair but I do have thick hair and all of it fits in the cap. The elastic band, while not terribly snug, is sturdy. I am currently doing the GHE method, where I wear a plastic cap each time I do it during the week. So, I can reuse one cap for the week and then toss out when I done. Now that I have so many I don’t have to worry about how many I have left if I decide to use a new cap. Yay!

Alexandra Mendenhall, PA

Nice but Runs Large

First, you get a nice large number of them for the money. They do tend to run large though. I used a clip to gather up the excess plastic and it worked quite well.

Kaitlyn Citrus Heights, CA