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Better Living Classic Two Chamber Dispenser, White

Qality designed two chamber that utilizes a ‘patented pump technology’ and comes with a lifetime warranty. Perfect for the kitchen, vanity, shower, laundry, garage, pool, office, restaurant, etc. The liquid is stored in a two 14 oz. refillable chambers. With one or two strokes of the pump, just the right amount of shampoo, conditioner or liquid soap is dispensed. Classic Dispenser allows you to buy your favorite liquids in bulk to save money and reduce plastic consumption, which in turn will reduce the impact of all those empty plastic bottles in our landfill sites. Installs in minutes without tools using silicone and two way tape (included).

Key features

  • Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.
  • Eliminate shower bottle clutter
  • Pump pre-measures just the right amount, eliminating the waste and spills
  • Large 14 oz. refillable chambers save money by buying your favorite liquids in bulk. Easy to refill.
  • Mylar coated labels -identify your liquids neatly
  • Quick easy installation: No Tools Required. Installs in minutes with two way tape and silicone or screw option (included) on any tile, marble, plastic or other wall surface.

Honest reviews


Just perfect

I bought this because I was sick of tripping over all the different shampoos and conditioners that I like to trade off and on with. I like being able to switch back and forth, but hated having to pick which ones would be the “lucky” shower versions, and which would be put under the sink. It always turned out I’d have way too many bottles in the shower and then I found this!What a perfect solution. Not only does it store all of what I’m using, but if you’re one of those parents who always find yourself saying to your children, “What are you doing…. DRINKING THE SHAMPOO???”.It dispenses the perfect amount, and though I paid twice this much somewhere else, I’d do it again in a heart beat.Its neat, its compact, and it works perfectly. I’m frankly thinking of giving it as a gift for those up and coming events that I’m not sure what they need or want.Update: I’ve had this for a few months now, and the savings in shampoo has more than paid for it. It dispenses just the right amount, and results in big savings.

Diann Liberty, MO

Dispensers Made of Cheap, Fragile Plastic – Beware!

I bought a similar type of dispenser back in 1995, when I was outfitting my new apartment. Perhaps that was the Dispenser Classic I. That one lasted 11 years without a problem and I threw it out only because it looked old and I was moving. Flash forward to 2011. I decided to buy one for my condo. A day or two after I put in the bottles, I noticed shampoo from the dispenser dripping onto the faucet. It turns out that one of the bottles had a hairline crack in it. It was tiny but enough to cause a serious leak. I examined the bottles closely and realized how thin and cheap the plastic containers really are. Unbelievable. Now I have to decide whether to use Crazy Glue or go through the hassle of emptying the two other containers and sending the whole thing back to Amazon for a refund. If this is the Classic III, I wonder how bad IV will be. I’d be hesitate to order this again.

Adeline Fargo, ND

Better Living is Worse Living

This is the second Better Living Classic Dispenser IV I’ve purchased in the last twelve months and these things suuuuuuck. So why, you ask did I buy a second one??? Because one day recently as soon as I’d begun to lift the lid to check the level of soap in the bottles, one of them slipped out onto the shower floor and shattered into about 100 pieces. I’d clearly seated it in properly the last time I took it out or else the lid wouldn’t have closed in the first place. Also, the unit was never bumped, jostled or anything else that would have caused the bottle to come loose. So…manufacturing defect? I think so.Anyway, I ended up contacting Better Living to ask about a replacement bottle and was hoping for a courteous, "we’ll send you one free of charge since it’s our crappy product’s fault." Instead, I was directed to a link on their website where you can purchase replacement parts (this is likely where they make most of their money). At over $5 for a cheap plastic bottle that I now know will shatter if dropped three feet, I was loath to buy one but basically had no choice. I added it to my cart and during checkout found out that they don’t ship to military APO addresses (which have California zip codes, BTW). I contacted the company and told them about my dilemma and they basically told me to get lost. Customer service really IS dead.So now here I am writing a glowing review of the entirely new dispenser I had to purchase just so that I could get a replacement bottle for my soap and have some spare ones for when the others inevitably break. Do yourself a huge favor and avoid Better Living products altogether as there are many other "better" options out there.

Jodie Spring Grove, MN

I won’t buy again

I was using these in my shower, but got tired of the pumps not working, especially with conditioner. It took so many pumps to get all the conditioner I needed. Worked great for shampoo. Anything thicker than shampoo, forget it. I went back to sticking with the bottles the shampoo and conditioner came in. Yes, it saved space in the shower, but I’m standing in the shower for 10 minutes trying to get all the conditioner out.

Marietta Cannon Afb, NM

Makes neat work of a bunch of bottles.

We had a bunch of bottles that were always being knocked over. It was also annoying to move them all for cleaning under. Now we just have this mounted on the shower stall wall. It is easy to keep clean and operates well. The only difficult thing is that you have to pour products from one container to another, an extra chore, but worth it to me.

Lila Gardiner, OR

Soap Dispenser

Works great. Wish it had 6dispensers then I and my hubbycould use it with all our products.Probably will just add the 2 chamberone also. We stuck this one on withthe enclosed caulk and left it 24hours before filling. Stuck on great.I put soap, lotion, shampoo, andconditioner in. It primed easy, and isa solid piece…and I’m picky….Great!!

Bonnie Lock Springs, MO

Boat is next!

I bought this for my husband’s bathroom and he just loved it. Less shampoo bottles in his way, get the right amount of shampoo all the time… Now we’ll get another one for our boat. Very practical. Excelent!

Heidi Church Point, LA

What a great idea!

No more bottles all around the bathtub, on bath supports, etc. Great idea. Easy to refill, sturdy enough to hold the amount of liquid. I recommend it. It is important that you glue it on a perfectly dry surface, and wait for 24 hrs before you fill the containers.

Darla Landis, NC

Works great!

I put in my sons bathroom & he’s as picky as me. This doesn’t leak out all over the tub like I thought it would. I just knew when I hung it & went to clean his bathroom, there would be residue from whatever was coming out of this dripping on to the tub underneath it. I am happy to say, there is NONE! Easy to install & this thing isn’t moving, installed with silicone which I love. Easy to refill as well. A+ for this little mechanism!

Estela Dollar Bay, MI

Bottles break VERY easily

I’ve bought many of these over the years–not because they’re so awesome, but because this is what I chose to begin with, and I break a bottle or so a year, and I’ve found it cheaper to buy the 4-chamber model with free prime shipping than order replacement bottles.Because the spout is at the bottom and the fill hole is at the top, you can’t set these on a flat surface to refill, you have to hold them, which is awkward and makes them easy to drop. 75% of they time a bottle is dropped, unless it’s completely empty, it will break. It’s closer to 50% with empty bottles, still pretty crappy. If you’re lucky, just the tip will break and you’ll still be able to use it, though it will gt clogged and make a big mess on the wall. If the neck breaks, it’s a goner.Aside from that (which is a big con–I would probably not choose the same design unless they changed the type of plastic in use or the design of the bottles), it’s a nice dispenser and makes for a clean shower without a bunch of cruddy-bottled half-filled bottles. I have the 3-bottle and 3-bottle with mirror versions.

Angelia Bailey, TX

Simple and awesome

Bought this because my shower was getting cluttered with different kind of soap, shampoo, face wash and etc. After receiving this and putting it up on my shower wall, no more bottles!Pros:Each bottle holds a lot of liquid.Each to use buttons.Clean design.Comes with waterproof adhesive and it’s stick as hell.Durable – I’ve dropped the bottles over and over again when I was clumsily trying to shampoo inside and it still works.Cons:The adhesive stinks when you first place it on but that’s a given and does not take away rating for this product.

Carolina Pinehurst, TX

3rd one is a charm

I bought 2 of these in October 2011 and they are still working perfectly. When I have a need for another one, I naturally come back to the same brand, same style – the Classic – and ship and sold by amazon.I like the fact that when I need to refill, I can take each container out individually, plus the fact that there is one cover on the outside making it easy to keep it clean.Some other dispensers have 2 or 3 chambers and the chambers are all in one piece.;=1You have to slide the whole thing out even if you only need to fill one chamber when others are still full. In addition, the others not having a one-piece cover on the outside, water tends to get inside the chamber holding mechanism and mold can develop inside that you can’t see without taking the chambers out. I have a couple of those that came with a house I bought. This also reinforces my decision in going back to the 4-chamber Classic one.

Kimberley Ville Platte, LA

perfect for us

If you share your shower with a spouse and of course do not use the same products there isn’t a cleaner looking way to unclutter the look.

Kelli Marquand, MO


Works as said. Bought to replace one we had used in our trailer. This was about the same so had no trouble

Joanne Heiskell, TN


I have a disability which causes me to drop things often. I wanted to get rid of all the bottles and tubes in my tub as they were forever landing by my feet causing a risk for me to fall. This unit is superb. It was easy to install if you follow the clear instructions. Once up it takes 24 hours for the glue to cure and then you can fill the pumps. The bottles are quite large so you do not have to refill to often. Included in the package are labels so you can choose which pump goes for shampoo or shower gel or soap. I do not use conditioner so I used 3 pumps for shower gels and 1 for my shampoo. The products flow freely once you prime the pumps and so far there has not been a problem in pumping out generous amounts of gel and shampoo. It looks neat and clean in the tub and shower. It can be removed safely by sliding a knife down the back of the unit to disengage the silicone glue strips. It does not come with extra glue so if you were to move it you would have to purchase some silicone glue and about 4 contact strips which can easily be obtained in any store with hardware. I recommend this product highly.

Joanna Naranjito, PR

Love This

I have the smallest bathroom known to man. It’s so nice not to have shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles sitting around the tub. This dispenser was super easy to assemble, and the chambers never clog up. I’ve had to refill a couple of the containers, and pulling out the chambers is very easy. I love this thing; it looks nice, too. Plus the chambers are a good size, so I don’t have to be constantly refilling them.

Lavonne Osceola, AR


I love this thing. It’s not very fancy looking but it works very well. It reduces clutter in the shower, minimizes wasting your products, it’s super easy to install and easy to refill. I’m buying one for the guest bathroom as well

Lila Weston, GA

Great buy. Functional.

I love it . It really makes shower area organized and neat. For those of us who like to try new products specially shampoo and face wash and get disappointed after trying and don’t know what to do use it as a body wash. Yes you heard me I have pour all my left over shampoos and face washes in one of the dispenser and used it up all. Very functional and easy to put to gather.

Brittany Tooele, UT

Space saver!

I got this for our shower since we do not have space for a shelf. It is great! We decided to dilute the conditioner a little to ensure it flowed easily through the dispenser, which worked great, but we also did not try it without diluting so who knows – might work well that way as well.High quality item.

Suzanne Whitewater, KS

Works great.

I installed this thing about a week ago. Overall, very positive. I have a variety of liquids in it, and two are actually very thick. I had no problem priming the thing and getting it going, so even the thick stuff pumps out smoothly, without any issues. As far as mounting goes, the silicon they provided was hardened and fairly useless, only got a little bit out. Luckily, I had a tube of rubber adhesive (similar to the silicon, but a bit thinner), which worked fine to attach the plastic base of the unit to the uneven ceramic tile of my shower wall. It is on there solid, and not going anywhere. I have used the silicon type adhesive with another product (aDeluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee by ToiletTree Products. Guaranteed Not to Fog, Designed Not to Fall. 20% Larger Than Our #1 Selling Original Mirror.I ordered here on amazon) and it works equally well. Of course they have not been time-tested, but this method is a heck of a lot better then suction cups. In terms of getting the things off when/if the time comes, I can’t help ya there, but others in these reviews have mentioned product that can clean off the adhesive residue from tile. If I have to take these down at some point, it will probably be just to replace them. I am not renting, so I don’t have to worry about that.I was pleasantly surprised to find the claims about saving soap/shampoo to be very true. I use a lot less with this dispenser then when squirting directly from the bottle. A few pumps get you going, then an occasional pump to keep the lather going. It’s much easier to control, because less comes out with each pump of the dispenser, but I want to emphasize, it is in NO WAY inconvenient or difficult to get enough soap out with quickly with a few pumps– faster then messing with the bottles themselves or with bar soap for that matter.I got the white plastic, which I am sure will discolor over time, as does almost all white plastic– but that is just a guess, and I don’t really care.I give it 4 our of 5 because of the silicon issue (and if I didn’t have any lying around the house, and had to order some more and wait on it, I might have been irritated enough to bump another star– but that would be unfortunate, because it really is a great product, even if you need to order your own adhesive).Conclusion: highly recommend, no reservations!

Tracie Gunter, TX

2nd one

I had this at a previous home and couldn’t take it with me due to the silicon adhesive which makes it very difficult to remove. I left it with the home and had to purchase another because i liked it so much. The adhesive is a definite advantage over double stick tape or other ways to affix things in the shower because it will never fall off despite the steam and condensation from normal shower climates.

Bernadine Eastlake Weir, FL

writing titles is the hardest part of a review

This attaches with silicon glue-stuff, not with suction cups like it’s brother with the built-in shelves. I have both types, and both work great. I guess the suction cups are because the shelf one also has a hook to hang it from the shower head, even though I don’t use that part of it.But as far as the quality of this unit for the $27 I paid: top notch.

Zelma Delmont, PA

Great dispenser.

This is a must have for all bathrooms. When i moved into my new house, i had one of these already there in the bathroom. I liked it so much i decided to buy another one for my second bathroom. I didn’t think i could find the exact one but i was wrong. Amazon has everything.The quality is great, the dispensers work flawlessly and attaching it to the wall is very easy. Inside the dispenser there is two good size containers. It comes with all sorts of stickers: shampoo, soap, conditionar, lotion, etc. IT is very handy. Its annoying to squeeze shampoo and conditionar from a bottle.

Martina Mather, CA