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Better for Grownups Organic Reusable Cotton Face Rounds

Reusing instead of consuming makes the future brighter. These rounds are a lush, soft way to make a difference in the world. That awareness and a desire to make a Reusable Revolution of it is what motivated us to pursue fully sustainable packaging. Our corrugated boxes are made locally from Water Resistant Cardboard which means they can sit in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc and be used over and over again. When you are done with them, they are fully recyclable or compostable (and worms love cardboard). Better For Grownups boxes were specifically designed to minimize packaging and are printed with water based inks using the latest technology using large format aqueous direct print for efficient and minimal use of materials, labor and energy. In addition to innovative, sustainable and reusable boxes, we encourage customers to buy refill packs as needed which gives them even more tissues, wipes or rounds at a great price but without the packaging. Our refill packaging sleeves are printed on 100% recycled paper by a small, earth conscious company in North Carolina. And because that isn’t enough, we are currently working on a program to close the loop.

Key features

  • Ultra-Absorbent, Reusable, Organic Cotton RoundsThese fairly traded cotton rounds provide an alternative to disposable cotton face rounds.Reloadable dispensing box contains 30 rounds and a little bag in which to wash them.Each face round is two layers of organic, fair trade cotton velour which means it is super soft.

Honest reviews


By far the best …………

By far the best …………Better for Grownups Organic Reusable Cotton Face Rounds…these are the softest and are well worth every penny…no others are this quality!~

Ida Bethany, CT

Love these!

I saw other reviewers complain about the size, but I thought the size was perfect! The box is thick, sturdy, and water resistant if you want to keep using it, or in my case, I put the rounds in a little decorative glass vase. The cotton is thick and feels like a soft towel. I use them to apply toner to my face or to remove makeup. When you’re done you can soak them in water and it doubles as a wash cloth! My husband loves to use them over his beard to apply his Tend Skin. No annoying cotton balls sticking to his face! They wash out great, no staining! And finally, I just love that these are reusable. We will never need to buy cheap cotton rounds again.

Fannie Liberty, SC

Live not being wasteful

I use alot of cotton rounds for makeup removal and application. I like having these soft cotton washable ones that I can reuse. Toss in with whites, and good to go. Smaller amounts going to the landfill is always good.

Kate Manitowoc, WI

who would of thought

something so simple…genius. they are wonderfully soft. great for toner. great for removing eye makeup. so soft. I just ordered a second set…so i always have them on hand…easy cleanup too with the laundry bag…though the box dispensor is nice, i stuff mine in a glass container…the color side is pretty. try them. a little luxury in the morning that really comes back to not throwing another cotton ball in the trash and landfill…

Rose Princeton, TX

Love these!

What a wonderful idea. Each pad is two pieces of soft organic cotton sewn together. The stitching seems sturdy, but not scratchy or too thick. The best part is you aren’t adding to landfills by throwing away disposable cotton rounds.They absorb astringents and make-up removers well. The material is soft enough to use on the skin around your eyes.They came with a mesh bag and I just keep it hanging next to my vanity and toss them in the bag after I use them. When I notice I’m getting low on clean ones, I wash them. There are 30 in this box, and I typically only use one per day, so I only have to wash them about once a month. Very easy.

Doris High Island, TX