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Betsey Johnson Too Eau de Parfum Spray, 3.4 Ounce

Launched by the design house of Betsey Johnson in the year 2011. This floral and fruity fragrance possesses a blend of mandarin sweet passion fruit ginger strawberry Bulgarian rose jasmine patchouli sandalwood and vanilla. Too Too aims at young free-spirited and lively girls conceived as a fun fresh and sparkling blend of floral and fruity aromas.This sparkling and vivid composition opens with notes of mandarin sweet passion fruit ginger and strawberry. Its feminine and warm heart features Bulgarian rose and jasmine rounded by the base of patchouli sandalwood and vanilla.As a former ballerina the designer choose this particular theme as the inspiration for the bottle design thus the bottle is dressed in black and pink ballet dress.. Item Weight – 3.4 oz.

Key features

  • Item Weight – 3.4 oz.

Honest reviews


Great scent! Beautiful bottle!

I love this perfume. Too bad I heard that it was not going to be made anymore. Trying to stock up now. The price on this was terrific. I’ve seen where the price is hiked up because it will be hard to get a hold of in the future. The only downfall I have it with the tutu on the bottle. You have to pull it down every time you spray or it gets in the way.

Sallie Mentor, OH

Bought for the bottle.

I must be honest in saying this perfume was bought for the bottle. I have been an admirer of most things Betsey Johnson for years. I love the shape of the bottle, the uniqueness of the design, and wanted it on my dresser and if the perfume smelled good that would be a bonus. If I base my review solely on the bottle, it would be 4 out of five stars. The bustier top is plastic but made to look like frosted glass. From far it looks glass but upon closer inspection, clearly it isn’t. The dome is a cute idea for the packaging, but in a barbie/matel pretend makeup sort of way. I would have hated to buy it retail knowing that the topper isn’t glass. I would have loved the bottle much more if it was. I do however feel it’s worth what I paid and I am over all happy with the look minus all the plastic.Now for the scent of the perfume. I’d like to start off by saying as most know, scent is one of those things that can be different for everyone. This perfume may smell wonderful to or on one person but be the most horrible scent for another. This is my experience;I personally can’t say I care for TooToo nor do I hate it. I just don’t like it for me. Upon the first whiff It brought me back directly to my childhood. The scent smells very much like the candy the old ladies at my grandmothers church used to eat all the time called “violets.”C. Howard Violet Candies, 0.88-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 24)The candy taste like it smells, and it smells like strong perfume. The perfume smells like the candy. It was so strong with one spritz that it gave me a headache almost instantly. The little I put on my wrist was promptly washed off with dish washing soap to get rid of it. However the perfume is so strong the scent still lingered on my skin after being washed but it was much more tolerable. Diluted it’s not a bad smell at all but for me it’s just way to strong. So in it’s bottle it shall stay. I’d say 3 out of five on the scent alone, not the worst smelling perfume, but too strong for me.

Rhonda La Grange, AR

Five Stars

Smell so so good

Darcy Woronoco, MA

Too Too Good To Last

It’s a shame it’s being discontinued, this fruity, floral, musk and patchouli scent smells heavenly on my skin, and even my perfume loathing husband loves it.As tasteless as many people find the bottle I find it charming, all ruffles and frills in it’s little plastic dome, and I love how it looks on my dressing table.Admittedly I’m also one of those people who likes leopard miniskirts and wears a pushup bra to the grocery store.

Lily Beach City, OH

Amazing Smell

I got this at marshalls for fifteen dollars and was amazed at the smell and quality. It is so worth what you pay. Not only does this smell amazing but the scent lasts for hours.

Estella White Swan, WA