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BestDealUSA 3 in 1 Make up Eye Mascara Eyelash Comb Applicator Guide Car

How to Use: * Place the mascara guard under the eye while applying mascara to prevent smudges and drops. * Use the 2-sided eyelash comb to ensure top quality of your mascara application. * This item is 100% Brand New. Never used. It comes with 3 Months Warranty by Seller. * The warranty enables the buyer to receive warranty repair or replacement from the term length described in the sale. Situations NOT covered by this warranty include physical damage to the item (dropping/impact damage, water damage, exposure to extreme heat/cold/pressure, etc), misuse, negligence, normal wear and tear, installation of non-factory software, or any other damage caused by use in a reckless or careless manner. The warranty guarantees the item will be free from manufacturer caused defect for the warranty length stated in this sale. Please contact our customer service team to claim your warranty if and when it should be needed. 1 x 3in1 Eyelash Brush Curler

Key features

  • Brand New and High Quality.
  • Easy to draw eyelash, keep mascara getting from your eyelids.
  • Includes two combs for grooming lashes and brows.
  • Color: pink. Material: plastic.
  • Size: 11cm x 4.5cm.

Honest reviews



I like to do a natural makeup look sometimes where I apply concerler around eyes then apply mascara with no liner…but I always ran into the problem of getting mascara on my lids and I would have to constantly clean with a q-tip and it would ruin my makeup and lashes. I ran across this item by chance and for abt $2.50 including shipping, I decided “what the heck”…Well, I just got my item today and I LOVE it! The instructions are written in Korean (I think) but there is a pic on the package to guide you. There is a thick and a thin “comb” section on the bottom of the guide and a way to place it to sheild your upper and lower eyelid during mascara application…To me, this is the BEST part…Apply a few coats of mascara on your upper lashes using the guide. While the lashes are still damp, get a hairdryer and clean mascara “spoolie” (either clean one off before u throw a tube out or u can buy them)Use spoolie to press lashes upwards and against guide and hold while blowdrying for a few seconds on low….now lashes look so lush they almost look fake!!!!!

Michaela Kirbyville, MO

Awesome especially for the price, have to have item

I am a beauty guru and I am so glad I ordered this. I have VERY long eyelashes however they are blonde so you can hardly see them and when I put on mascara it gets all over my eyes. This eliminates that COMPLETELY !!!! If you are doubting purchasing b/c it is from Hong Kong don’t, b/c it is great and if you use it properly you will not know what you did w/o it!!! Mine is pink and it is plastic.

Manuela Beaumont, KS

Great product

I like this item, it’s helpful when it comes to wearing mascara and having to keep my eyes from getting messy.Also it’s self explanatory.It also protects your eye shadow from getting messy 🙂

Justina Plevna, MT


Not an essential item, but handy for a fast application of mascara in the mornings without getting any messy smudges.

Cindy Union Springs, NY

Now, I cannot be without it!

This little baby is a plastic miracle worker. My eyelashes have never looked so good!! I really cannot believe the difference.I had never even heard of this thing before, and saw it here on for such a low price, I had to try it. My expectations were very low, sowhen I figured out how to proceed, (the directions are in chinese) I just went for it. Perfect lashes, top and bottom!!! Got one for my daughter as well…sheis equally enthralled. No woman who wears mascara should be without this gem. (And the seller shipped lightning fast!)

Louisa Epsom, NH

I love this

I’m a make up artist and I was skeptical about this tool, but for that price I can try it anytime, so I did and this tool is a keeper it makes applying mascara so quick, neat and easy even an amateur can do it and the best part you have a clean finish (no mascara on your lids or your client)

Luisa Palmyra, NJ

Does the job…

Using this was a little weird the first couple of times you use it but smooth and fast sailing after that.

Esperanza Mount Auburn, IL

Have to get used to it

This is a tool that takes some getting used to, and I don’t need it that badly. It’s faster if I lift my upper eye lid slightly to apply mascara carefully. But if you are someone who makes a big mess with smudges or has a heavy hand, this may be useful for you. It is rigid hard plastic. I think it’d be better if it is softer and has a slight give–not so hard on the eye area. The design I feel is a little awkward having to place the device so that your lashes and eye are in the middle instead of holding a unit completely above the lashline to protect the lid from smudges.

Cassie Eden, NY