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Best Vitamin C Serum for Face & Eyes, Organic & Natural, with Vitamin E, Hyaluronic & Ferulic Acid, Anti-Aging Products for Radiant Skin, 20% Serum Effectively Reduces Skin Discoloration & Wrinkles!

Reverse Years Worth Of Damage To Your Face With Our Topical Vitamin C Serum! Our Organic Serum is the most stable form available because it is developed with STAY-C® 50 (a more stable form of VITAMIN C), VITAMIN E, FERULIC ACID and VEGAN HYALURONIC ACID Stop spending money on treatments that don’t work. You may be getting older, but your skin doesn’t have to. Topical Vitamin C is easier and safer than a facelift or chemical peel and is proven to be just as powerful at reversing the impact of environmental damage When using our serum you can expect: – Increased collagen production giving you a youthful appearance – Diminished sun spots and skin discoloration and a more even-toned face – Reduced oxidative damage caused by harmful elements like sunlight, smoke, and air pollution – Instant smoothness in the texture of your skin, minimized pores and a brighter, vibrant complexion Order yours today and see for yourself what this Vitamin C Serum will do!

Key features

  • THE BEST. IS YET TO COME. You don’t need to stress about getting older. We believe your skin can look better in the future than it did years ago. Our finest Vitamin C Serum will prove it to you.
  • SAFE AND POWERFULLY EFFECTIVE. FOR EVEN THE MOST SENSITIVE SKIN. We love your skin, and we will only give you safe ingredients to put on it.
  • WRINKLES. SUN SPOTS. DULL SKIN. JUST MET THEIR MATCH. Use the most powerful serum on the planet to get rid of years of the sun’s wrath on your skin.
  • RADIANCE. AT ITS FINEST. We want the world to see your beauty and radiance shine through your healthiest skin, ever.
  • A TIME MACHINE. IN A BOTTLE. There’s nothing better than feeling confidence in your own skin. We give you “Our Candid Promise” that if you don’t love our products, you don’t pay for them. Order your Vitamin C Serum today completely risk-free. Your skin is begging you…

Honest reviews


Love it…

this is good for when you don’t have time to make your own… I recommend it ladies anytime, will be back for more…

Sheryl Sugarcreek, OH

Naturally good

I needed something natural that I could trust on my sensitive skin to start combating the beginning signs of aging on my skin. This fit the bill for me and I’m happy with the results so far.

Nanette Alvada, OH

Great Ingredients

This isn’t my first C serum. I’ve had and used many brands. A good vitamin C serum like this does wonders for dark spots, texture and elasticity. My face bounced right back up where it started shortly after I started with these serums. After my son, I had some hormonal darkening and sun damage that honestly made me look like I’d been splashed with mud. That is no longer the case. As long as I continue with the C serum, I keep it at bay. I know when I start using one that doesn’t cut the mustard because that hyperpigmentation never truly goes away and I see it start to creep back. My first couple of brands were ridiculously expensive, but without them my uglies returned. Then I started researching and found that I could find the same effective ingredients without paying for the hype (in your face Dr. Obagi)Of all of my C serums, I’ve had some that worked wonders and others that turned bright orange in very short order because of the L-ascorbic acid. This brand uses an alternative sodium ascorbyl phosphate which is a much more stable vitamin C in its recipe. It is delivered with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. Hyaluronic acid holds up to 2500x its weight in water, so that’s super good for your skin. Vitamin E rocks as well. Also, I can’t forget to mention that there is aloe on board.Overall, in the few days I have been using this, I’ve really enjoyed it. All of the good stuff inside, this contains all of the things I look for in a good serum. My face feels soft and smooth and I wake up looking like I’m ready to catch the bus to middle school…ok that’s a lie. But I’m working on it.Sample provided. I have no obligation to leave reviews and my opinions are my own. This product makes the "Does Not Suck" list.

Veronica Ceresco, NE

Works great with sensitive skin

I bought the Organic vitamin C serum after a friend of mine recommended it to me. She knows I hate sunspots and have always used vitamin serums to keep them away. But it isn’t easy to find a good serum!I have sensitive skin so I have always been a fan of organic products.I have tried several brands of vitamin C serum, but each time I used them, my skin would start breaking out very badly. So when I first got the serum, I didn’t put a large amount of it. I tested it for a couple of days and my skin seem to take it rather well. No breakouts and my skin absorbed it easily. I have no idea if it’s because the serum is organic or due to the blend of ingredients used.The most awesome part about the product is the hyaluronic acid. My skin tends to get dry easily. I can feel the tightness in my skin, especially when I wake up in the morning. After using this serum, my skin seems to be more supple in the morning.With this serum, I can throw away the hyaluronic acid toner that I used to have and cut down my daily facial routine.

Mercedes Dorchester, NE

Sun spots gone in a month!

I have been a face lotion user since back in the teenage days of using Proactiv. Fast forward a lot of years and in the last year or two my sun spots/freckles stopped going away in the winter.Until this product.I use this after the shower, one thin coat per day, and in a month it helped my skin repair and get rid of my sun spots. It wasn’t an overnight thing, so you have to be patient.I don’t really have any wrinkles to speak of, but from the perspective of making the skin look younger and free of spots, it definitely did that! Fully recommend!By a lot of hard hours and days and years of time spent reviewing, I found myself in the top 10 reviewers on Amazon. This wasn’t a goal or self promotion, but by nose-down focused reviewing. I occasionally get contacted by manufacturers or sellers who appreciate my way of reviewing and ask if I’ll consider reviewing a product for them, with no obligation or cost. This is one of those products. I assure you that I review what I want, when I want, how I want, in order to share what I feel is the most accurate useful information.

Alexandria Tougaloo, MS