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Best Price Princes Set of 25 Nail Art Designs Stamps Stamping Manicure Image Plates / Stencils / Templates By VAGA

Set of VAGA Nail Art Stamper Image PlatesIf you would like to see more high quality VAGA products, click on our brand name under the title of this listing.These stamping plates are fabulous and make a perfect addition to any nail art collection. The results are an eye catching, detailed and crisp nail design which is probably impossible to implement in free hand or any other nail art technique.Using our Nail Art Plates1. Make sure to remove the protective cover off the plate before using. 2. Make sure you are using new and thick enough nail polish that is suitable for stamping. 3. Please clean your nails and apply base coat for best results. 4. Work fast in order to get the suitable result, otherwise the polish will get dry and will not stamp properly. 5. Different designs require different stamping techniques the most important variable is the amount of force used to pick up the design on the stamper. In some designs it will pick up great using tiny bit of force and in some you will have to press a bit harder. Please use the stamper from side to side for best results.

Key features

  • To view the full range of nail art products please click on the brand name “VAGA” under the title of this listing.
  • Our stamping plates are made of high quality, easy to clean material offering you nail art accessories for endless use and unlimited creativity.
  • With our impressive stamping plates collection every nail art enthusiast, hobbyist and professional nail artist, will be equipped with original nail design images.
  • Stamping plates make perfect gifts for your creative friends, who share your love for nail art.

Honest reviews


Check your nail size!

I love the designs on this set, but they’re too small for me to use. I do NOT have long nails. I’ve never bought an image plate set where all the images were too small before.Full plate image dimensions with the half-moon are 5/8″ long x 1/2″ wide, but if you don’t want the half-moon cutout design on your nail, the usable image size is just over 1/2″ long x 1/2″ wide.If you intend to use these as full-plate designs, get out a ruler and measure your nails. If they’re small enough, this is a great set of designs. And I envy you.

Eunice Strongs, MI

Stamps Flawless!!!

I have both Gals Sets and they all stamped perfectly. I even used cheap WnW black polish along with a plastic scrapper (old gift card) and they all stamped perfect. I tested all of my plates and not 1 even gave me a fuss :)YouTube Video coming soon on these Sets :)Look for me…Beaching Nails

Virginia Maeystown, IL

Come on?!!!

It pains me to write this review since I love Cheeky products and I expected they’re sister company Gals to have the same quality standard however I was wrong.First let me mention that Amazon did a horrible job packaging the plates. The first order of this item I placed a couple of days ago went missing according to UPS since the package tore. I contacted Amazon and they were nice enough to file a claim with UPS and have me place a new order after my initial refund was issued. I received the plates barely intact since I ordered it next day air. They sent it in a padded envelope with no support on the edges/ends so this is why the package tears. The plates are too heavy and they tear the bottom of the envelope.So I opened my plates and was filming a video to post on Youtube about the designs and such. And come to find out that I received 2 duplicate plates and was missing a plate. So I contacted Cheeky and they were great at replying quickly and they told me that they would mail out the missing plate but since it was coming from China it would take approximately 25 days. I was alright with that. It was nice of them to tell me that I could keep the duplicate plates.Here’s my mistake, maybe I should have tested out the plates first before bothering in contacting Cheeky for my duplicate plates and missing plates because I started stamping some images (again to post on Youtube) and ALL the images on my 4 plates that I opened were way too shallow. I was so upset. I tried different polishes, different scrapers, different stampers to no avail.I just contacted Cheeky thanking them for they’re prompt and friendly customer service but I have no need for my missing plate since I will be sending this entire set back. Again, I am very disappointed in the quality.I can only hope that the Princess set I ordered will be of better quality and the images will stamp as they should. But I wont know for another couple of weeks since they are coming from China. They are currently not available to order from Amazon.If you are considering in purchasing these plates I would wait a while until they’re quality assurance department has a second look at what they’re putting out.Perhaps the production of these plates was done too quickly to be available for the holidays?Regardless they wont be of any use to me.***Update: I received my Princess set from China and I am very impressed with that set. I will write a separate review for that.I also received the plate I was missing as mentioned in my review from Cheeky even though I had already returned the set. But the quality is excellent on this replacement plate! I think I will take a chance and order the Fairy set again. I may have just received a fluke. In regards to customer service I give this company 5 stars!

Charlene Crown Point, NY

Very Nice

Stamps great with any dark color. I use over my shellac manicures with Ice Silver or Sally Hansen Black fast dry.

Camilla Three Rivers, MI

Great nail decorating plates

Awesome collection, a great additions to any nail newbie or nail decorator professionals collection.. A must have product for anyone interested in decorating for themselves or others.

Aisha California, PA

cheeky plates

i like the quality of the product. the ones with lots of fine detail are a little hard but other than that very satisfy.

Margret Yuma, CO


Some of my plates seemed to have been mishandled and with scratches, but other than that the plates stamp fine.

Kimberlee Riviera, TX

Lovely Nail Art Plates

Love the designs and the box is great for storage and keeping plates all together. Waiting for them to come out with another set, I have 2 so far!

Noemi Shoshone, ID

Really nice plates

I really like these – I have had no problem with transfer- my only complaint is that the many french tips are all the same size and many are just too large for me to use. I don’t quite know why it was called a Fairy set when there are no fairies- and only a couple of butterflies. There are a bunch of wild animals, like elephants and penguins…but there are also a lot of damask designs and fancy curly cues, which is why I bought it and they work well. Very glad I got this set.

Annette Bates, OR

Fantastic Quality Great Value

I would highly recommend this set to fellow nail art stampers. The designs are beautiful and very detailed. The quality of the plates are fantastic, and for the price a great value!

Loretta Madison, CT


To be honest, i have not used cheeky plates as of yet. Gals is the sister company, and i must say I’m impressed enough to maybe try the princes set!The full nail images are unique and very detailed. I’m also a fan of the abstract designs in this set! These plates stamp clearly onto the nail. Would recommend to anyone who loves nail art

Justina Waddell, AZ

Not for the faint hearted! — Redid review based on nail polish used with the stamper!

I love the designs on these plates. I am having a terrible time getting a good “all over” stamp on my nails, a flat surface, or a fake nail. If this is your first time using a stamping system I suggest buying a single plate to get the hang of it and see if you like it. The single stamp designs are the only ones I’ve been able to get to stamp, and not all of those. Because I haven’t used other plates I don’t know if it is the plates, the nail polish, or if I simply need more practice. Please see my follow up comment regarding the quality of the plates vs. nail polish used.

Patrice Del Rio, TX

Stamping Great! Images a little small.

These Plates Stamping Great, but the images are a little small. I can still make it work but it is a little troublesome.

Denice Le Sueur, MN

Beautiful designs

They just don’t all fit you thumb and middle fingers and you need to clean the plates well so that the nail Polish gets gets in the grooves of the design

Janette Phillipsburg, OH

Product as shown.

I like the art. I rate it 4 stars for I haven’t tried stamping with it yet. I hope I won’t be let down.

Mallory West Harwich, MA

Love this set

Great little plate set, the designs are different, not full of repeats from other lines. Gals is a sister company to Cheeky, and I jump on any plate set by Cheeky, I can say these are just as good. I have an issue getting my fleur de lis to stamp, which is the one I wanted the most, otherwise I would have rated 5 stars. (I am a seasoned stamper of over a year, so I know the ways to try to get a clear stamp, it just seems defective.) And honestly, I would have only taken off half a star for that if I could. I love this set, and recommend it, great plates for the price.

Janie Lapine, AL

Not in Impressed

Let me star by saying the quality of the stamp is fine but coming from cheeky I did expect more. The images do not cover your full nail bed. That disappointed me because I like the images. I almost sent them back when I got them, but I decided to watch a few YouTube videos and everyone seem pleased with them so I decided to keep them, now I wish I hadn’t. I will not buy the Princess set I have learned a lesson. I will be leaving this feedback for Cheeky as well. If you decide to get these Good luck. Thanks for your time. 🙂 Jenny

Helga Mahwah, NJ

another winner from cheeky!

This company just has the best plates and series of plates. I will continue to get their plates every time a new series comes out. They are well made, have very nice backers to keep fingers safe and have images that appeal to all ages.

Georgina Odessa, NE


So many designs to chose from! Easy to use and do! Nice collection to add to my collection of plates.

Liliana Walsenburg, CO

Good plates

Fun designs, stamp well. No problems with what I have tried so far. Having a good time playing with these plates. Bought these with the princes set and I’m enjoying them all.

Rosalinda Mechanicsville, IA

oh my gosh!

the pictures dont do these plates justice! They stamp Beautiful images! I am for sure going to buy me some more!

Greta Dover Plains, NY

Lovely set of plates

I have this set and the Princess Set.Everything looks fine with them, they stamp well and I like the images as well.The Half Moon shape helps to make the designs in a French tip if you choose to.Love the price as well.

Kathy Garrettsville, OH

Very Happy Stamper

Super happy with this set. Arrived well packed, all plates accounted for, and no defective engraving! Stamps cleanly though you do need to let some of the deeper "pan" images (like the high heel) dry for a moment before transferring to avoid smudging. Would certainly buy from this company again

Robert Clio, IA

Birthday Gift for my 14 year old

She and her friends absolutely love it! It does take some practicing in order to get it just right… but within a few hours, they have all become experts! Can’t wait to receive the others that I have ordered.

Eugenia Girardville, PA

Beautiful images!

I ordered the fairy sets because i love flowers and swirly designs and I am not disappointed. There were only 3 plates from this set that is a full waste for me. those are the numbers and signs that I am sure I will not use. however, they have very pretty flowers and vines, and delicate swirly designs that I love so much. the size of this image is the exact size of the bundle monster 2. however, the full nail designs has a half moon cutout so you still loose a little in size. if you have very long nails then it might be a problem. I’m a petite person and my nails are not so big and not too long so it is okay for me. I also have no problem with stamping it, they all came out very nicely on my nails even the little details and i’ve use sally hansen insta dri and pure ice for stamping polish. if you like geometrical designs then you should look at the princess set since that one has more of those type of design. I am happy with this set and I recommend it to all who loves stamping specially since the price is very reasonable.

Kim Ozark, AR


These are great quality. I just used a plain over the counter .99 white polish. You can see the word "Kisses" perfect. I also have the Princess Set.

Tiffany Waters, MI

Fairy Set

4 star rating due to the packaging. I believe that there is still room of improvement for the packaging dear Cheeky team. As for other reason, since i have not yet try out the stamping cant comment much about this product atm. 😀 Overall, im impressed with the cheeky team customer service. Hope to see more different design plates coming.

Allyson Greenfield Center, NY

Short images

I wish they did not have the half moon cut. At this price they are a good buy, Not great.

Jill Almont, ND

Fairy set

Um, Amazing! I am new to nail stamping and have over 130+ nail plates I have purchased over the past 2 weeks.( yes bit obsessed Lol) I love these plates, they came pretty fast within week, well packaged, nothing damaged, no scratches and they have the protective backing so no cuts. They transfer so nicely even the very delicate and very detailed plates transfer very clear. These are a must have for your collection. And great price!

Brandy Chula, GA

very good

i must warn you all i do not recommend it for big nails only for short nails, but other than that the designs are beautiful but only work with nail polish of sinful colors and the xl stamper other than that amazing and these two supplements needed to stamp well are worth it because they work with every single plate out there.

Eve Clymer, PA