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BEST Post Peel Neutralizer Skin pH Balancer – 5 Minute Cooling Gel – with Japanese Green Tea & Aloe

What it does: Perfect to follow a peel to cool and lock in moisture, restore pH balance and neutralize! This cooling gel is a smooth clear consistency that will leave your skin silky and fresh. We formulated our cooling gel with green and white tea. The Japanese culture has benefited from green and white tea for centuries. Japanese green tea is naturally rich in antioxidants, which help protect the body from free radicals and has anti-inflammatory properties. Green tea exerts sun damage protection by quenching free radicals and reducing inflammation. Skin is pampered with pomegranate, which extends the life of fibroblasts, the cells that hep the production of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin pump up the skin and render it elasticity. This in turn, keeps the skin youthful for years and minimizes the visibility of wrinkles. It also is beneficial for acne and prevents scar formation. Aloe is also used to cool, sooth and moisturize. It is optional to apply to face and neck for 5 minutes and rinse off after the peel. You may also leave on your skin for all day moisture! This gel is light and a perfect for a non-heavy moisturizer. ******At Passport to Organics we find premier beauty ingredients sourced the world over, passed down from one generation to the next. We search for tried and true natural organic solutions, since we believe natural is better. Paraben Free * Sulfate Free (SLS free)* Phthalate Free * No artificial fragrances *Eco-friendly * No animal testing * Naturally effective

Key features

  • #1 BEST Post Peel Neutralizer, Moisturizer and Skin pH Balancer – Gently glides onto skin. Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, SLS Free, No artificial fragrance, No artificial colors – Can be used as a neutralizer or a very light moisturizer
  • PREIMIUM INGREDIENTS: Passport to Organics skin care products contain AT LEAST 70% organic content! We source organic ingredients from around the world. Our 5 Minute Cooling Gel is made with nourishing organic aloe juice (not water).
  • GUARENTEED FRESH: We produce our products in small batches. You receive the freshest organic products from Amazon. We are the only approved seller of our products on Amazon. Please note our neutralizer sells out since we do not make it in large quantities.
  • Enriched with Japanese green and white tea as powerful antioxidants that help protect skin from free radicals. Pomegranate is also blended in our neutralizer to stimulate collagen-producing cells called fibroblasts to help to minimize skin wrinkle activity.
  • SUPERIOR AIRLESS BOTTLE: Oxidation can cause cosmetic products to deteriorate faster and packaging cosmetics in airless bottles means the quality of the product is preserved for longer and the shelf life is extended. Contact with air often affects the physical and chemical properties of the ingredients. Microbes can also play havoc with cosmetics. Our airless bottle prevents microbial attacks and keeps organic ingredients potent for longer!

Honest reviews


Helped a litlte…………….

Used this product after my chemical peel. I was pretty nervous about the chemical peel, (never had one done at home), so I did not leave it on too long. I applied the cooling gel and noticed a minor cooling sensational. I suppose you could say it works, good luck everyone, who tries this product!

Reyna Glendale Springs, NC

Cool as a Cucumber

I use this after my home peels and it does as described and I am very satisfied with the product.

Mamie Poncha Springs, CO

Verdict still out

It seemed to tingle a bit, but I could not tell if it was working our not, maybe because the peel used prior to using the cooling gel didn’t work so well.

Rosanna Lynx, OH

Nothing fantastic

Too pricy compared to its effect. I am disappointed. May work better for others than for me. Will still try to use it after my laser.

Ellen Torrington, WY

Good one

It is a nice tick gel that absorb nice into the skin leaving nothing behind , leaving my skin smooth and fresh after , I do not rinse since it there is nothing left to rinse my skin suck every drop of that .. I smell something in the beginning like herbs then it get neutral , I would buy it again as it work well after L-acid peel ..

Yvonne Slaughters, KY

Great for sensitive skin

I have sensitive skin and get chapped just tending to outside chores, so this is the main reason I ordered this. It really works great, it is very gentle. I apply moisturizer afterwards and my skin no longer looks red and irritated. I am very pleased with this product.

Francine East Springfield, PA