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Best Organic Moroccan Argan Oil for Face, Hair & Skin. 4 Fl Oz 100% Pure Chemical and Additive Free

Are You Ready To Be Amazed? You Too Can Experience The Rejuvenating Power of Our 100% Pure Argan Oil Enjoy Strong Nails, Glowing Skin & Soft Silky Hair with Little Effort. Dubbed “The Miracle Oil” by thousands of women and men, Moroccan Argan oil works on all skin and hair types. Naturally rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals to nourish your hair, skin and nails. The result is a natural glow that keeps you looking younger than your years. Plus, it’s versatile and easy to use, saving you both time and money. This Argan Oil is the highest quality produced. Not All Organic Argan Oils Are Created Equal – Beware of cheap imitations that are watered down, or chemically processed. Organic Certified and 100% Pure means no harmful chemicals added to your beauty routine. Cold Pressed, and a FAR Rating of .31% means you are guaranteed only the very best Argan Oil is delivered to your door. One product, many uses -that’s good for your wallet. Use Daily as a Moisturizer for your face and skin. Keeps nails and cuticles strong and healthy. Known to make hair more manageable. Argan oil is also clinically proven to be effective in treating a variety of skin conditions. Order Today While Supplies Last Because of the high demand for our superior argan oil, inventory tends to run out fast. Scroll to the Top and Click the ADD TO CART BUTTON and Order Now to Enhance YOUR Natural Beauty Today.

Key features

  • Our Argan Oil is the highest quality produced and safe to use on your face, hair and body. Beware of Cheap Imitations – Not All Organic Argan Oils Are Created Equal – Many are watered down, or chemically processed. Organic Certified and 100% Pure Argan oil, paraben and fragrance free. Cold Pressed, and a FAR Rating of .31% means you are guaranteed only the very best Argan Oil is delivered to your door.
  • Good for Your Wallet – One product, many uses – Use daily as a moisturizer for your face skin and hands. Keeps nails and cuticles strong and healthy. Known to make hair more manageable. Argan oil is also clinically proven to be effective in treating a variety of skin conditions.
  • After purchasing your Argan Oil you will have access to a FREE Beauty Guide to discover you can use this amazing oil in your daily beauty routine. Also included is information about why it is so important to keep chemicals out of your household and personal care items.
  • A few drops go a long way. Absorbs quickly and is non greasy. Makes a remarkable carrier oil for essential oils.
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee -No Questions Asked.

Honest reviews


Love it!

This is absolutely wonderful if you have dry cracking skin on your hands from sewing or work. Helps the to heal faster and feel better

Patsy Gresham, NE

Excellent Organic Argan Oil

My wife "stole it away" from me so now we are fighting for whom gets to use it.Good thing it is long lasting and we could not be more happy with the quality of it.Great follow up from the seller as well.

Meghan Cloverport, KY

I agree-this stuff is amazing

The first time I put this on my face I couldn’t believe it. My deep lines smoothed out. I use my vitamin C serum, wait a bit and then use this. The result is remarkable. I have tried so many different skin creams, and this is by far the best result I have ever had. Not too long ago my skin was looking worse by the day and now it is getting nicer and nicer.For a lux treatment, I apply the oil and cover my face with a heated cloth…so nice. I added a this and a little lavender oil to my almond oil for after bath body oil. really helps my dry, itchy skin. Quite a great find. I love that this is organic, best quality, and at a good price. Very good customer service.

Mara Isom, KY

Miracle Cure for Dry and Damaged Hair and Cuticles!

If you are like me and live in a wintery state with horribly dry weather that destroys your skin and hair then you will appreciate this product. I also like 75% of most women color my hair and style it with terrible heat styling tools.Needless to say, my hair gets a beating. So I tried out this Organic Argan oil, being very skeptical about it as I have tried EVERYTHING. I used this in my hair as it air dried before I blow dried my hair. You only need a drop or two it is an oil and a little bit goes a long way. The great thing is its wonderful for skin and nails so you just work the left over into your hands and cuticles. After one use I noticed a dramatic difference.My hair did not get fried and is actually soft and shiny! I keep playing with my hair because of how healthy and soft it feels. I am already getting rid of all the other products I have tried and am sold on Argan Oil! I will pass this on to all of my girlfriends! Great product and super fast delivery.Within two days or ordering it was already here!TRY THIS PRODUCT IT WILL NOT DISAPPOINT YOU!

Freida Kerkhoven, MN

Healthy nice product with directions included in fancy looking box just like could be seen in picture with fast shipping too

This a must buy! It works great and makes my hair so smooth and shiny. I just found out about argan oil recently last year . Used 4 Winds of change 100% pure argan oil Moroccan High in vitamin E and essential fatty acids nice 4 oz size bottle ,and it works great so far . My hair looks so much better. I have been getting lots of compliments since using. My hair type is thick, fine and wavy. A little of this goes a long way. My hair is pretty long and I use only 2 dropfuls on damp hair . It helps cut down on fluffy hair for sure,without adding any weight. It was trial and error to see how much I needed, used 4 dropfuls for example and it looked greasy too in other words for everyone is different on use age the spots on my arms faded. My skin is soft and smooth. The texture on my neck and chest looks much better, too. I use this after shaving my legs – and a Again, just a couple drops on damp skin works. Don’t need a lot! The condition of my nails has also improved–after I use it on my face or body, I always rub the excess into my nails and cuticles. I had ridges in my nails and they disappeared in about a week. My cuticles are also healthier–easier to push back and no hang nails.This brand you can also use on your face because it is 100% pure. You got to try 4 winds of change argan oil Moroccan, the product is great, and a reliable shipping courtesy of 4 winds of change .

Shirley Springboro, OH

Excellent for hair

I bought this for my wife. She complains a lot about how damaged her hair is from always straightening it. I told her she should just stop ironing it, but apparently, that’s not an option.The product came in about two days and she immediately opened it and put it right on her hair. She has been using it for a few days now and says it is like magic. I have noticed that her hair looks more smooth and healthy. I am sure we will be buying more of this, and soon. Thanks for making my wife happy!

Erika Elsberry, MO

I buy this regularly

This stuff is amazing.I took out a drop and rubbed it on my arms and my skin glistened it reminded me of how gold shines.I started using some Argan oil in my wet hair and it is amazing how much healthier and shinier my hair has gotten.I live in a very dry house (wall heating system) and adding the Argan oil to my moisturizer keeps my skin softer and well moisturized longer than just using the lotion.I also add a few drops of this to sweet almond oil as a facial moisturizer every night after I wash my face.Really great stuff for a reasonable price.I am very pleased with this product.

Jimmie Salem, NM

Good stuff!

Wife loves it! Thank you!Makes her skin feel so much better!Great product with pleasant smell,says shell buy again definitely!Fast shipping!

Michele Kivalina, AK

help the dry hair !

I love that this is Chemical and Additive Free and the stunning glass bottle with a pipette dropper ensures you control the recommended amount to apply – a drop goes a long way so this will last for yonks. Without weighing my fine hair down or making it greasy, this oil provided shine and shape – defining my cut so it looked like I’d just stepped out of the salon. Love it.perfect for me and i use a lot the hair straightener.

Estelle Dundee, FL

A Quality Product!

I have been using this Organic Argan Oil on my face, neck hands and feet. I absolutely love it,it absorbs well and feels wonderful on the skin.Although it only takes a small amount,it does a big job in helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.I would honestly recommend this great quality product.

Ella Sharps Chapel, TN

Love this Oil

This has left my skin renewed. Living in Minnesota the weather is cold and dry in the winter. This makes my skin moist and smooth again. I can not say enough good things about it. There is no smell to it I will continue to use this product for a long time. I will probable not go back to lotions. My skin is so soft. Love it. Keep up the good work. Best part of all it is made in the USA.

Brenda Wawaka, IN