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Best Hair Growth Vitamin to Grow Hair Faster with Fast Grow Black Hair Growth Enhancer 90 Vegetarian Capsules 30 Day Supply

If you’re serious about faster growing hair and the healthy hair growth, Fast Grow hair vitamins are the smart choice. Fast Grow hair vitamins are the most essential ethnic hair growth vitamins available for faster growing hair. Fast Grow’s revolutionary formula provides essential vitamins,minerals, essential oils and amino acids in the proper balance and strength necessary to nourish hair for faster hair growth and healthy hair. We guarantee that Fast Grow are the best hair growth vitamins made for fast hair growth. You’ve dreamed about longer, healthier, shiny vibrant hair and now is the time to make that dream come true. Rescue your hair and start your hair journey with Fast Grow hair vitamins today!

Key features

  • World’s Leading Faster Hair Growth Vitamins for Ethnic Hair Growth
  • Vegetarian Capsules
  • Formulated with Essential Oils for Moisturizing Dry Hair Types, Amino Acids to Strengthen Hair and Key Nutrients to Grow and Nourish Healthy Natural Hair
  • Safe and Effective; Formula; with Proven Results up to Double Your Normal Hair Growth Rate
  • Specially Formulated By Hair Experts with Extensive Knowledge in Ethnic Hair Growth and Faster Growing Hair

Honest reviews


NOT for non-ethnic hair

I am white as snow but I was born with pretty funky curls. (I have since relaxed it and what not) I decided that since this is working so well for so many, it must do wonders for my hair. Well, I do admit that I felt good while using them (vitamin Bs can help mood levels) my hair didn’t grow as magically as has been reported. I should have known because it clearly says “For Ethnic Hair Growth” but shame on me. I can’t de-rate the product because it wasn’t marketed for me in the first place, but I must warn any non-ethnic gal to stay away.

Lorraine Montmorenci, IN

No Hair Growth Upset Stomach

Sorry, not a lot to say about this except I used it as instructed and there was absolutely no change or growth in my hair. The only thing I got from this was a really and long term upset stomach. I use Biotin and Mane ‘N Tail now and my hair has grown about 3.5 inches in a little over a month.

Polly Chadds Ford, PA


I had to return this product because it is basically a placebo. You have to take it too many times and the results arent anything less than what you would normally get> I gave 2 stars because maybe I did not use it long enough to see the “miracle”. I stopped using it in February and have since just focused on nuturing my hair, scalp massages and no heat and I have already grown 2.5 inches. Don’t waste your money.

Agnes Central, SC

Did not deliver expected results

Will never purchase again. Zero results and I was very disciplined in taking these tablets. No difference in nails or hair. None!!!

Latisha Clare, IL

Complete waste of money!!!

I took these vitamins for more than six months and during that time I did not notice any enhanced hair growth or any noticeable improvement in my skin and nails though I was on a very healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and exercising regularly at the time. I stopped using them and decided to try getting the needed nutrients from natural sources so I turned to eating a breakfast consisting of wheat germ, wheat germ oil, milk, an egg and fresh fruits daily followed up with healthy servings of vegetables and yogurts and plenty of water for the remainder of my meals, and it was only then that I noticed improvements in my skin, hair and nails. My hair texture has improved, it is growing above average, my dry skin and scalp have normalized, my complexion has cleared and I have a lot of energy. It is more than one year later, and these improvements are still there, and it is cheaper on my pockets.

Gabrielle Longstreet, LA


I can’t say anything bad or good about this product because, I don’t know if it worked. I used it for a few months, but didn’t see any improvements in my hair growth. I was also using other hair growth prodcuts as well so…I just don’t know. To each it’s own.

Kathie Chinchilla, PA

It is an interesting product

I am not sure if it works or going to work. The only problem I have with the product is I don’t like taking vitamins all day. I prefer to take vitamins and supplements in the morning and be done with it. This product requires you take it morning, noon, and evening a no go in my book, all because I have a bad habit of forgetting to take them or just don’t feel like so it is best that I go back to my original hair vitamins. I will finish the bottle because I bought it but afterwards I will go back to my other hair vitamins that has worked for me. If you want to try it go for it if it works stick with it. I give it 4 stars because I do believe when I finish the bottle I will see results and that is what you look for when you buy products is results so if you are okay with 3 vitamins a day and are more committed to the direction buy this product and enjoy.

Aisha Burlington, WV

Great Product…I am growing hair again!

I was attracted to this product because of the reviews and ingredients. I am in my 40’s and was thinning at age 26. I also recently bought nulockz (with a z) and the two are like magic! nuLOCKZ is a topical that I think helped the hair follicles to be stimulated again, and the vitamins were what my body was lacking I guess. Not sure how it all works but IT DOES! My husband laughs at me because I show off all of the new little hairs I am getting that we both haven’t seen in YEARS!

Jessie Forest Hill, LA