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Best Anti Aging Eye Cream – Revitalizing Eye Gel By Optimal One 30ml 1 Oz. – For Wrinkles, Dark Circles, Bags Under Eyes & Puffiness – Made with Organic & Natural Ingredients – Great for Men and Women

TURN BACK THE CLOCK, NATURALLY! The condition and appearance of your skin is a big deal, and we get that. As we age, our bodies ability to defend against the ravages of time slowly diminish. There comes a time when reinforcements need to be called in….enter Optimal One Revitalizing Eye Gel. Don’t let the unassuming appearance of this jar fool you. While it has all of the elements of a premium skin care product (including top shelf organic ingredients and environmentally conscience manufacturing), it’s also chock full of age defying essentials that mean business. We’ve combined highly effective organic and wildcrafted ingredients like Jojoba Oil, Gotu Kola, and Eyebright with cutting edge ingredients that include Matrixyl 3000, Plant Stem Cells, Multiple Complex Peptide Blends, Hyaluronic Acid Spheres, and Fiber and Cellular Rebuilding Amino Acids. The result is a delicate and powerful gel that helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles, bags under eyes, and puffiness. We know you’re going to fall in love with our Revitalizing Eye Gel. We’re so confident in this wonderful product that we are offering a 90 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee! You’ve got enough on your plate without having to worry about those dark circles, fine lines, and the inevitable ravages of time. Grab a jar, apply it once in the morning and once at night, and get on with your life. Please Note: Due to popular demand we tend to run out of inventory regularly. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Key features

  • We source only the finest natural, organic, and wildcrafted ingredients for our products, and you won’t find any parabens, artificial fragrances, synthetic dyes, or GMO’s in our formulations.
  • No added fragrance, although cucumber hydrosol imparts slight cucumber scent that is light and clean, barely noticeable.
  • Ships with a pouch for added container protection. Feel free to use this for jewelry storage, etc.
  • We include a cosmetic spatula because we want our customers to enjoy the benefits of a jar along with the hygene of a separate applicator.
  • Proudly Made in USA.

Honest reviews


Excellent results in just a few days

I noticed visible improvement in reduction of dark circles under my eyes after using Optimal One Revitalizing Eye Gel for just a few days, with further improvement after another few days.Optimal One Eye Gel feels cooling to my skin when first applied, and then I noticed a gentle tingling sensation that was almost to a level of feeling burning… with no indication on my skin of rash. I take these sensations as indications during use that something is actually happening, which is nice to know on the first few applications before visible results are clearly evident.The directions on the cardboard box suggest that this eye gel can be used all over the face as a facial treatment, and while out of town one weekend I gave that a try, with delightful results. The tingling sensation I feel as the gel dries reminds me of a facial toner, and my skin looked vibrant, radiant, healthy and more even-colored with a reduction in fine lines.I should mention that I have sensitive skin, and am very cautious about the types of skin care creams, lotions, and salves I use, so the tingling sensations I feel might not be felt by all users of this gel. Those with more sensitive skin may be reassured that I applied this twice daily for two weeks with only positive results noted.Highly recommended!* I received a complimentary sample of this product in exchange for my review.

Krista Cairo, OH

Cooling, refreshing … feels like a spa treatment!

Upon opening the little jar, you get a lovely waft of cucumbers. The label lists all kinds of "wildcrafted" ingredients that come to culmination in a lovely, soothing eye gel. It provides a cooling sensation immediately upon application. The package includes a velvet bag and a small spatula that is used for easy application.After time in the sun or a long day of work … this is a soothing treatment to the eyes and the face in general. Although it feels great on the face, it may be more cost prohibitive for such liberal use. It does feel absolutely wonderful though. Soothing and refreshing.

Betsy North Easton, MA

An amazing product that does what it claims

This is a truly amazing product. So often you don’t get what the manufacturer promises in their description, but in this case, you will. First of all, this eye gel comes packaged fantastically, in a decorative box with a velvet bag covering the jar. The jar is small enough to fit inside a makeup bag so it is perfect for travel.The eye gel itself has a very mild and pleasant scent and feels good on the skin. I have very sensitive skin and have to be careful which products I choose. I have been using this now for the past week without a single issue. The gel is cooling and after just a few minutes, you can see a visible difference in the way the skin surrounding your eyes looks. The puffiness and small lines and wrinkles look reduced and after a few hours look even better.Used morning and night, this has made a huge difference in the dark circles under my eyes and the tightness and texture of my skin. The product is easy to use and comes with a simple applicator so you don’t have to get it all over your fingers and under your nails. I wear it under my usual makeup and you can’t even tell that it is there.I definitely recommend this eye gel to women who struggle with trying to keep the skin surrounding their eyes looking young and bright. A wonderful product, well worth the time to use.

Tamara Buttzville, NJ


This eye gel feels so good. It’s a cooling, soothing product, more of a gel than a cream. It has a light smell, one I would compare to cucumbers.I have used all around my eye area with noticeable results. I put it under and even on my eyelid and it’s reduced fine lines and puffiness. Most products say to put under your eye, but not on your eyelid, but I found this one gentle enough to use on the crease of my eyelid as well.It absorbs easily, so applying makeup is no problem.**I received a free product in exchange for my review.

Elda Hunker, PA

Nice light eye gel that really works

As I get older, I get more serious about my skin care. I am constantly on the lookout for good skin products. I am delighted to be introduced to this eye product.Why I love this product:
• It works. This is the most important thing for me. Even after only a few uses, I noticed that the dark circles under my eyes were less obvious. Of course, nothing will completely get rid of the dark circles, short of surgery, but this product does a nice job of making them less noticeable.
• It’s gentle on my skin. My skin is very dry, especially around the eyes, so I have to be careful with what I put on my skin.
• It’s natural. I wasn’t completely sure what “wildcrafted” meant, but according to Wikipedia, it is the “harvesting of plants in their natural or wild habitat for medicinal or food purposes.” When I read the ingredient list for retail skin creams, it’s all unpronounceable chemical names. This product has things like: aloe vera, geranium, and periwinkle. Sounds like a delightful herb garden.The smell is medicinal, which might take some getting used to. But it is a lot better than the heavy, perfumed and artificial smell of most skin creams.If you are looking for a natural product, that works, this is for you!
• I received a free sample of this product for testing and review.

Hillary Elm, PA