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Benjabelle Daisy Brush Tree

By drying your brushes vertically, you protect their bristles and keep water from the ferrule. The Benjabelle Daisy Brush Tree can hold 2 large brushes, 4 medium and 8 of your thinner eye and lip brushes. The same size as the Mini Brush Tree, the Daisy is compact and perfect for drying your brushes in any space. When collapsed, the Daisy is the size of popular e-book readers. It stores flat so you can tuck it away for easy storage. We use only American made material in our Brush Trees. The super soft silicone grippers are peroxide free and meet FDA safety rules. They will safely hold but never damage your brushes.

Key features

  • The Daisy Brush Tree dries all sized brushes.
  • Big or Small Brushes Fit!
  • Smaller and more compact than the Original
  • New Tab Lock Leg Design makes the Daisy even more stable
  • Holds 14 brushes

Honest reviews


Great Makeup Brush Holder Invention

Greatest invention since sliced bread, wished I had thought of it! I used it the moment it arrived and enjoyed putting it together, dried my washed brushes within a few hours and then I disassembled it, put it back in it’s white fold in box and stored it away for next time. Needed this years ago! So glad the company thought of different sizes, I could only afford this one and it’s enough for my collection of makeup brushes. Bless Benjabelle!

Ruth Mc Lean, NY

Love this brush tree for my watercolour brushes!!!

I am an artist and I have to say that this is fabulous!!! As we all know we must keep out brushes with the tip down and this works well, especially since one Kolinsky hair brush will cost you about $300!!!!! I have the mini tree for my regular size rushes up to 12 and this one has larger circles for my brushes with thick handles, for instance my Da Vinci Mix B in size 30.The only thing is I wish it was twice as tall, but then again it was made for cosmetic not art brushes and the handles on cosmetic brushes are only about 5" tall, where as mine an be as tall as 12".To whoever sells this, you should list it in the art section under paint brushes, you will sell a tone of them I am sure.

Annette Springville, IA

Just what I needed!

Does exactly what it’s intended to do and my brushes dry twice as fast as just laying them out, plus with them hanging from the handles there is no need to worry about moisture getting into the ferrule and ruining your brushes!

Rachel Crittenden, KY

OMG I love it!

Makes drying brushes easier! I don’t have to worry about the water flowing into the brush handle, Perfection! Extends the life of brushes, I highly recommend!!!

Jennifer Robinson, IL

A must for makeup lovers!!!!!!!!!

I have many brushes and this tree has reduced my drying time and sit perfect on my bathroom sink. For my smaller brushes I put three in one hole and the hairs don’t touch. You won’t regret buying this if you are all about preserving your makeup brushes.

Katharine Sweet Home, TX

Great Invention!

This was a little tricky to put together, but once I figured it out it just seemed so simple after that. Anyway, I love this device it is very compact but holds a lot of brushes. For the smaller brushes I can put 2 in a slot. I’m glad I invested in this!

Sondra Calais, ME

No more ruined brushes!

So happy someone finally came up with this. It works perfectly!My only gripe is that I wish it was sturdier for the price..The bottom wobbles when I move it from my bathroom to bedroom after washing my brushes and I’m afraid of it falling apart..I wish it looked into place and stayed in that place!

Marquita Orange, TX

Must Have For Makeup Lovers

I purchased the Daisy model and I love it. I have a moderate amount of brushes and this was perfect. For those that are inept at putting this together like I was, you really have to jam the stand piece into the crevice of the flat top. It looked to me like it wouldn’t fit, but it was just because my touch was too gentle. You won’t break it. Also it’s actually pretty sturdy, I’m not quite sure why people are calling it flimsy, mine isn’t anyway.

Ester Port Aransas, TX

So useful and in expensive!

These are fantastic brush holders. Everything I read says to store make-up brushes bristles down, especially when drying. So now when I shampoo my brushes (which is almost everytime I use them), I just place them bristle side down in these handy dandy brush holders – Yes, I got two!!

Hester Green Pond, AL