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Benefit Cosmetics The Porefessional 0.75oz

why we love it:Quickly minimize the appearance of pores! Apply this silky, lightweight balm for translucent pore coverage and smoother-than-smooth skin. Pores…now you see ’em, now you don’t! Complements all skin tones.what else you need to know:Can be used under or over makeup.Lesson included!Oil-free for a silky smooth finish.

Key features

  • 22.0 mL / 0.75 US fl. oz.

Honest reviews


Item no entregue

Como no achei opo de contato com o vendedor resolvi falar por aqui pra ver se me respondem. Comprei esse e outros produtos e pedi para entregarem na casa da minha tia, que mora nos USA, pois como ia visitá-la pegaria com ela. Assim tudo que chegou ela guardou, porém como no pude ir na casa dela ela me enviou para o Brasil e, demorou muito a chegar, quando abi a caixa esse item no veio…todos os outros que comprei vieram menos ele. apesar de constar como entregue, este produto NO foi entregue. Gostaria de solicitar que o enviem efetivamente para o endereo indicado na nota, pois já foi pago há meses. Aguardo retorno.

Bonita Pax, WV

Pores are GONE!

The POREfessional is wonderful… it goes on nicely, does the job it’s supposed to do, and makes my makeup go on so much smoother than most!

Melody Sharon Grove, KY

Love it

This product is amazing it smells good and makes my pores look less visible and works as a primer. I recommend it.

Tameka Charlton, MA

Flawless Skin!

This product is amazing. Like all of benefits’ products, as soon as they send you a sample you are hooked for life. This primer wears perfect under any makeup, you don’t have to use benefits’ foundation, an aspect I love about the entire product line (so far). It fills in all your pores and fine lines and allows your foundation/concealer to blend in perfectly! Not only does it make your pores appear smaller but it smooths away shine and you can dab it on top of your foundation later on in the day if you have really oily skin. Another reason I am in love with this product is: if you have a blemish (especially on the forehead and cheeks) you can dab extra primer on that area, delicately cover with concealer using a concealer brush, and finish using your powder foundation. Your blemish literally disappears! No more dabbing concealer on a breakout and still having to settle for “it’s still shows in the light, but at least it’s not red anymore” Not to mention it lasts ALL DAY. I recently went on a hiking trip and really put it to the test..I wore porefessional, erase paste, stay don’t stray, and powder foundation (I have really bad dark circles-hence the oodles of concealer) I went to breakfast, hiked and eight mile hike (half of it was climbing up the mountain) in 93 degree weather-a real butt burner, came back took a nap, jumped in the shower with no time to redo my makeup before dinner so I didn’t wash my face while I was showering and my makeup still looked flawless! Now that is high quality makeup! It withstood heavy sweating, high heat, harsh dusty winds, rub-off proof from napping, and high humidity from the shower (side note-I have dehydrated skin with occasional oily T-zone). Benefit Cosmetics knows what they are doing when it comes to makeup. I highly suggest if they send you a sample or you try something and you don’t like it, go to their website and watch a “how-to” video. They are really good at posting them. They give you excellent tips and show you how to use and love each of their products.

Isabel Alcalde, NM

I love it!

I got this along with the powder foundation from benefit, I never knew my pores really were an issue but then I tried this product and it REALLY smoothed things over and gave a nice base for the powder. I get a lot of blackheads in my nose/cheek/chin area and this product smooths out those pores nicely, since blackheads are more just pores and not inflammation. I wish it provided more long lasting matte effect because large pores usually come from acne which comes from oily skin but overall I like it.

Nola Neah Bay, WA

Great for pores!

I have huge pores. You can see them and its really annoying. This primer works great to minimize them. I tap it on my nose, cheeks and forehead. Then I use my foundation and then tap a second layer of POREfessional on. It’s like spackle for the face!!!

Geneva New River, VA


This product was a lot cheaper from this vendor, but it is NOT the real thing..I compared this w/ my older tube & this product did not close my pores, was really dark in colour & dried before completely applied. Guess I will spend the $ next time for the real thing.

Virgie Bearcreek, MT

Actually a good product…

I have really large pores, especially on my left cheek. I’ve tried primers and a couple of other creams which claim to minimize the look of pores…their main flaw was that they’d sink into my pores and clog them or give my skin an oily appearance. I’m normally not one to buy make up that costs more than $10 and I’m always skeptical when I see so many rave reviews for a product. I was a bit concerned the first time I used the product, as it does have a tint to it and I was worried it wouldn’t match my skin tone and I was REALLY skeptical about the size of the tube; with other products which claim to minimize the look of pores I have to use a lot of the product to see any effect. But this product actually dose work! The texture as you spread it on your face is light and almost powder like and it doesn’t feel heavy or oily and all you need is a small amount. I did not purchase mine from Amazon, as I read the negative reviews about the sellers counterfeiting the product and selling it as the Benefit product. I purchased mine at Sephora and my recommendation to anyone who has a large area they are trying to correct is to use this product under your make up. I will most likely buy this product again and maybe try some of Benefit’s other cosmetics.

Juanita North Baltimore, OH

A Great Facial Primer

The POREfessional is supposed to create an illusion of smaller pores by filling them in. Does it succeed in doing this? Perhaps for some. For me, I didn’t notice much of a difference in the size of my pores after using it. However, as a facial primer, I thought this product was great. I have combination skin and found the POREfessional to go on light and non-greasy. It created a nice smooth base for applying my mineral foundation and when using it my foundation stayed in tact longer.

Billie Lyman, UT

i like it

makes my skin more smoothy and flawless with foundationand actually my skin pore disappeari used it only before foundationsso i like it

Mayra Poteau, OK

Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional

This cream is working properly, you used to occasions,Reduces the appearance of poresI have benefited from it so much and I loved it a lot .. Thank you very much

Jewell Yarmouth, IA

Pores disappear & so do small wrinkles! AMAZING!

I love this! I tried it above my lips where tiny wrinkles are starting and they disappeared from view! It actually fills the wrinkles! My red nose with huge pores turns my skin color too, within a few seconds. I don’t put my foundation over it since it’s not needed. It seems like a moisturizer with lots of talc and it dries fast. You pat it on instead of rubbing it in. It’s expensive but I’ll continue buying more before it’s gone because I never want to be without it.

Celina Smithville, MS

The best!

This is the best pore cover I have ever tried. It feels clean on my skin…not greasy and looks great. I have used Clinique in the past with less satisfying results.

Marlene Petersburg, TX

Like Magic, EVEN FOR MEN!

I was walking around in the mall and saw a tester for this, I thought what the hay why not see if it even works. I was thinking I was going to put it on laugh and walk away. That is not what happened. I showed my friends husband who also tried it and we both ended up buying one before we left. He loves the way it works, and I love how it also makes me look 5 years younger just from reducing (not really reducing but somehow amazingly hiding them) the size of my pores. AMAZING I TELL YA!

Mable Elkader, IA

Thank you

Woooooooooow this product is so so amazing I really liked it so much. It helped me keeping the foundation smooth and poreless

Cortney Funkstown, MD

Wonderful Product but not from here

Porefessional is a great product as a spot corrector, primer, or mixed with a little foundation, all you need for full cover-up. That said buyer beware. Why would you pay MORE for a product than Benefit themselves and their authorized sellers charges? Porefessional, the real stuff, cost $30.

Gertrude Wellsburg, WV

Not impressed

I wasn’t thrilled with this product at all. I only have enlarged pores around my nose, so I’m not dealing with a big area or in need of a lot of coverage. When I put this product on, at first I thought it was a miracle. The color match was perfect. It felt like a silky lotion. It seemed to totally camouflage my pores. Then after a few minutes (before I put any other makeup on), it separated on my skin and sat in oily dots. Not only did it not do its pore minimizing namesake, it looked awful. It looked splotchy, which is worse than enlarged pores. I attempted to use it on two occasions before giving up. Maybe I got a bad batch, but I was not at all interested in exploring its use further. I have other skin issues that I really need my makeup to address and pore minimization isn’t a priority. For that reason, I didn’t try again with a replacement of this product. I see that some people rave about it, so perhaps my experience was a fluke. Nonetheless, it also has a very strong fragrance, which I found overwhelming. In short, no thanks, and cannot recommend.

Esmeralda Windsor, MA

I had a mini version and had to buy a full size asap!

I’ve used quite a few foundation primers but this one is by far the most versatile. I use a tinted moisturizer with SPF instead of foundation and although it gives my skin a nice, even look, it does leave it looking a little greasy. So I use POREfessional over the top and it gives me a flawless, matte look that is fresh and not cakey. I have also used this alone as a sheer foundation and it works great. I use this more and more, and it’s becoming my “go to” product for making my skin look good. I will tell you that my sister tried it too and it gave her a boil on her nose 🙁 So it isn’t for everyone. But luckily, it works well for me and has become my new favorite Benefit product.

Beulah Morton, PA

Too liquidity

Absorb into pores immediately then make the pores more obvious. i’ll stick with clarins for better result but they are pricey though

Adriana South Plainfield, NJ