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Benefit Cosmetics That Gal Brightening Face Primer 0.37 FL OZ

Go from dull to darling with that gal. Its a silky pink primer that makes skin appear smoother and brighter. Wear alone for clear complexion radiance or apply before makeup for smooth, effortless application. Re-brighten during the day with that gal. It’s “that gal” perfection for a happy complexion.

Key features

  • brightening face primer

Honest reviews


I like to wear this alone

I use this along with Benefit’s Erase Paste, Benetint on my lips and cheeks and High Beam for a “no makeup” look. Yeah, I’m at that age where I want to wear makeup even while home alone, lol. This is a quick way to have a healthy, more youthful appearance.

Casandra Trimont, MN

Cute packaging, disappointing product

I was really torn between trying this and Watts Up. I don’t think Watts Up would be much better as this product disappointed. I’ll just stick to highlighter powders. That Gal has a funky smell and I can’t really tell what it does when I layer it under my makeup. Too expensive for something that does so little. Sad because the packaging is uber-cute!

Patty Croydon, PA


I really love this stuff and will continue to buy it. I think it’s WELL worth the price (same price at Ulta) since it really brightens my face and makes me look far more awake and alert than I really am! It’s got a really nice pearlescence to it. I usually wear it alone over my moisturizer, but if I’m going somewhere special, I might mix it in my palm with my foundation. It seems to give me a bit more glow that way rather than putting it on first and foundation next.I do agree with another reviewer who said that if your skin has an underlying natural tint to it other than pink, then it’s possible that this product might look unnatural on you (because it IS pink), so think twice about buying this if your skin has a yellowish undertone. I wish I could recommend a product for those with that undertone…sorry.

Lela Grand River, OH

nice suble color

I liked this product a lot. Natural look and easy to apply. Benefit products are always high quality and worth the money.

Lucia Ariel, WA

eh….not impressed.

i was given this as a gift, and i dont find it all that impressive. i have yellow/pink toned fair skin, and this makes the pink look red. not attractive. it isnt really a good primer, which surprised me because i love benefit. id skip this and go with smashbox.

Shannon Eustis, NE

Cannot say enough good things about this product

I first discovered Benefit’s “That Gal” when I got it as a sample in a cosmetics order. I was immediately hooked and ordered more in order to get my fix. That Gal goes on smoothly and lightly. Worn under foundation, it doesn’t get cake-y or heavy, and it brightens the skin so that foundation isn’t even always necessary. Yes, it’s that good. My skin feels fresh and clear every time I use it!

Luella Bude, MS

Great on it’s own

I have so far only used this by itself and not as an actual primer. I have Normal/Dry skin and I thought it went on very smoothly and brightened my face.

Violet Pottersville, MO

Feels Great!!

I love this primer because it feels so lightweight. It doesn’t have that heavy silicone feel like most other primers. I enjoy applying it because it smells so delicious and gives my skin a nice glow. Works well under Benefit makeup to make it last.

Dee Evansville, MN

It’s alright

I love pretty much everything that I have purchased from Benefit. I was on the hunt for a primer and I found this. I thought it smelled good but it seemed when I would put some on it would start to chalk off (not sure how to explain it). Not sure if I was putting too much on or what but it was weird and now I don’t want to use it because it starts to get gross the more I try to rub it in.

Naomi Lester, IA

i like it

its good u can use it before applying makeup it give shine n smmothness i love it its nice product

Viola Emden, IL