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Benefit Cosmetics “Take A Picture…It Lasts Longer…”

why we love it:This shimmering, glimmering body balm adds a seductive golden-pink sheen to legs and body. It’s pure body luxury!what else you need to know: Comes complete with Bathina’s puff for a smooth, velvet application.

Key features

  • 42.5g Net wt. 1.5 oz.

Honest reviews


the wife unit likes this

being a clueless, retarded husband, i still have no idea what this product is, what it is made of, or what it is used for – but the wife unit likes it and was very pleased to get this as a gift…. now if only she’d get as excited about the gas-fired portable nail gun i got her for working on the roof…

Teri Tioga, TX

it is okay

I like itI thought it is with color like a foundationbut it just a shiny colorthe smell for it wounderful

Heather Clarksburg, OH

Needing a different smell

Didn’t enjoy the smell. The applicators ok but so miss the cream in the jar from Benefit! Much better! Bring back the body cream Benefit!

Jana Lismore, MN

The perfect bit of sheen for every season

I am guessing that my mom bought this for me when it first came out. I wasn’t even sure what it was short of decadent and I was afraid to use it daily because it seemed so precious. Now, nearly 10 years later, I am still smitten with everything about it. The glimmery sheen is the opposite of trashy and it feels so posh. It’s subtle and perfectly appropriate for daytime wear at the office. The scent is lovely, but incredibly light and therefore does not clash with my perfume. I am an avid sunless tanner and I love how a swipe of this down the center of my shins acts like a highlighter on cheekbones. And while I miss the very large original tin, I find that this smaller one is easier to travel with. I hope they never discontinue this item. No combo of products I own can recreate the magic in this lovely tin.

Madelyn Lecanto, FL

For picture-perfect skin

This is not a moisturizer. If that’s what you are looking for, than don’t buy this product. What it does do is create an amazing dewy glow on your skin, that doesn’t look like glitter or fake. It makes your skin look AMAZING for pictures if you have a special event coming up. I used to use this all the time in college when we would go out on the town and I was showing some skin. I just ordered this to use on my wedding day to get that dewy glow for pictures. This also leaves your skin feeling silky-soft, though it more of a I-just-applied-mineral-oil to my skin sort of way (it doesn’t really moisturize, like I said before).

Roseann Santa Margarita, CA

It smells nice

I purchased a benefit to get GWP, very disappointed. It smells nice, goes on nice and your skin is soft. But it does not give you that pinky peach glow. Your better of with a body BB cream for a smoother skin look.

Juliette Whitewater, KS

Not as I Remembered

I used to use this product religiously in my 20’s and for whatever reason, stopped and switched to other products. I have severe chemical allergies and usually only use organic/natural body products. But during the time I used this product, I never had a reaction – so when I stumbled upon it here on Amazon, I was excited to see my "old friend" and added it to my shopping cart immediately!Maybe my tastes have changed – after all it’s been 10 years (heck, maybe even 20) since I last used this stuff. But this is not the product I remember at all! The scent, which used to be a very soft, powdery floral just smells odd now. Like grandma’s closet.The tiny applicator makes it take forever to apply to your legs (think major production) and after applying, aside from the funky smell my legs looked no different than they would have had I applied L’Occitane 100% pure Shea butter (more expensive, but all natural and a full sized tin will last all winter with daily, full-body application).You now get less product than you Did before, and I’m pretty sure they changed the formula!Before you blame the seller, I did go to Ulta and Sephora and tried their testers to see if I had simply gotten a bad batch. but nope! This indeed is the real deal product.I’d advise you to shop around, plenty of companies sell 100% pure Shea butter, unscented that will give you the exact same results as this, with an added bonus of major hydration.Benefit: I’m not sure what you did to this product, but please un-do it!

Dolores Molino, FL