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Benefit Cosmetics Stay Don’t Stray Stay-Put Primer for Concealers & Eye Shadows, light/medium

Concealers don’t crease, eyeshadows stay vibrant & true. Contains sodium hyaluronate known to hydrate and Vitamins C & E known to help fight signs of aging. Featuring a new “dip & dab” wand for easier application and less product waste.

Key features

  • This dual-action power primer works around the eyes to make concealers and eyeshadows stay put.

Honest reviews


This stuff is amazing

I use it all the time. It color corrects, it can be used 360 degrees around the eyes. I like using it to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes.

Judi Neihart, MT


I love it. It really works well. I will buy more in the future. I wondering about the other products of this brand?!

Carrie Belle Chasse, LA

Don’t waste your money

There are multiple problems with this product:1- it dispenses too much at a time, you end up wasting half the product.2- it does NOT keep eye makeup from creasing. The color stays, but I still get a crease.3- looks cakey4- for those with fair skin and light bags under your eyes, it is too light to be used as an all day concealer. But, if you use concealer over it you get raccoon eyes.Don’t waste your money on this. There are far better eyelid primers.

Edith Smithville, TX


I’m usually a fan of Benefit products, but not this time. I used this as an eyeshadow primer and was disappointed. It goes on extremely thick and is a matte beige color, which takes a long time to blend fully. I also don’t think it makes my eyeshadow stay put nearly as long as other eye primers, such as Too Faced and Urban Decay. I definitely will not repurchase this.

Deana Meadow, SD

Not too bad

I like it for the upper eyelids, it does gives a clean look. Only draw back is that the properties does separates from each other when pumps out, so must blends well between fingers before applying.

Georgette Salem, OR

Not the best I’ve tried……..

My primary primer is Urban Decay Primer Potion Original. But, that one is a colorless primer. They make a tinted version called “Eden”, and that is what Stay Don’t Stray most closely resembles. I did not know that Stay Don’t Stray was a colored product or I would not have even bothered to purchase it; I don’t need a primer that is also a concealer. I just want some eyelid glue for my eye makeup.*Before you use this, if you plan to leave the house, make sure you exfoliate any dry patches around your eyes, where you plan to use this. I promise that you won’t notice how dry stuff looks until AFTER you are gone and can’t do anything about it.*Expect that no matter how carefully you try to gently press the pump, it’s going to dispense way more than you can use, and there is nothing you can do about it. This was frustrating to me. As expensive as this stuff is and I have to wash half of it off my hands every time I use it? No thanks.Benefit’s product has an opaque coverage that is very fair; even on my pasty face it was pretty light. I can’t imagine how this would show up on someone of darker coloring, it would probably look ghost-like. It was not as drying as the UDPP Eden, however it sure did showcase any dry areas I did have. And it stung all around my eye area!! This made my eyes water. Already by this point I had decided to return it. Nothing short of miraculous color retention was going to make me keep it.Wear: Not too bad. I did notice more emphasis on lines under my eyes after awhile, and I normally don’t stick concealer under my eyes so I can only blame the Stay Don’t Stray. I would say overall I am much happier with Urban Decay’s Original primer for wear. I would not use UD Eden under my eyes, nor am I happy how the Stay Don’t Stay looks under my eyes.PROSanitary packagingCovers discolorationsNot as drying as Urban Decay Primer Potion EdenCONIncredible waste of the product and there’s nothing you can do about itNot as long-wearing as Urban Decay Primer Potion OriginalStung my eyesMust make absolutely sure that you have no residual dry areas where the product will be usedI’m returning it and won’t repurchase or recommend.

Rena Greenfield, MA

Good product coupled with bad packaging

I got this mainly for my eyeshadow (have not used it with my concealer because there is no need to) and it works well with the eyeshadow. I used this when applying makeup for work. It holds the shadow well however it creases almost at the end of the day (8 hours). so it is not that bad after all.However, the packaging is wasting my money and product! It has a dispenser which pumps out too much product with the lightest push, the extra can be for a second day use. It should be a tube for more controlled use.

Terry Sherwood, OH

Does what it says it will

This product works very well.I have oily skin and have darker shadows under my eyes as well as darker eye lids. So in addition to eyeshadow often disapearing after a few hours, concealers also look chaulky and cakey after a while too. A small (and it is hard to dispense a small amount) amount of this on my lid and under my eyes actually keeps my eyeshadow on all day, and I’ve found acts as a light concealer too-in fact some days I’ve managed to go without wearing any concealor some days. There’s no creasing, no chaulky look and no cakey feel either. I really love this stuff and am glad I have it.I bought it at Sephora where it was bundled with Erase Paste and a cream shadow and both compliment the product; although I find the Erase Paste a little heavy with the Stay, Don’t Stray applied and have switched to Boi-ing for concealer. But for the first time ever I’m now able to wear a cream eyeshadow without creasing as soon as it’s applied.

Trina Fair Haven, VT