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Benefit Cosmetics Some Kind-a Gorgeous

This cream-to-powder formula means silky, even perfection for your complexion. So translucent, its THE finish for most skin tones. Its an instant beauty boost any time of day!

Key features

  • an amazing foundation faker

Honest reviews


Finally a new shade for the pale people in the world

I am VERY fair. In every cosmetic line I am usually the lightest shade. I was so excited when I saw benefit finally made a lighter shade of some-kind-of-gorgeous. The original shade made me look orange. There really is no such thing as one shade fits all. If your fair I would recommend this over the original color. This product does give a sheer tint of coverage to even out your skin tone. Its a cream to powder finish. It truly lasts all day and is light weight. It should be set with a powder after it is applied. If it isn’t I noticed it does have a tendency to rub off.I have heard this product’s color described for use only on red heads because they tend to be so fair but I am a brunette with fair skin and it works just fine for me. I hate any orangey-ness in make up and this product has none of that like the original shade does.Awesome product! Great color. Wish they made this shade in the travel size!

Jacklyn Stockville, NE

Not the best product for mature skin

I tried this product after reading about it in a fashion magazine. Others gave it high marks, but at 62 I found that this product tends to settle in any wrinkles you might have as the day wears on, so not a plus for me. I tried it with Smashbox makeup base and that worked better but still not something I will continue to use. I’m sure it is great for younger women. I found the same problem at my age with a lot of the mineral powder productsBenefit Cosmetics Some Kind-A Gorgeous.

Briana Kenai, AK

Not too impressed…

I am porcelain skinned- (very fair) and found this a little dark and blotchy looking on my skin. I got it at the same time I bought Bare Minerals and am so impressed with that, that I dont really need anything else with it anyways. Maybe this stiff works well for some, but as for coverage- I dont think its too great.

Penny Troy, NH

My go-to foundation

I don’t need anything heavy weighing me down, but I do like a nice sheer layer of foundation to keep me looking fresh faced. This is the best product I have found for that purpose. It goes on easily and makes me look refreshed without looking made-up. The only drawback is that there isn’t much product for the price. It runs out after about a month when not even using it daily.

Catalina Ridgecrest, NC

Not For Me

I really wanted this to be for me. It sounded like a winner! It sounded like I could be Some Kinda Gorgeous, but it just didn’t work out that way. I liked the consistency, it isn’t cakey or overly perfumy. It applies silky smoothe. The coverage is what it lacks. If you like ultra light, nearly translucent coverage, then this product is for you. If you need something heavier to blend the skin tone and mask some of those blue veins that appear beneath the skin, then forget it. I tried everything to make this work for me. I applied layers, I used a different applicator sponge–although the one it comes with is very nice–but it just failed to do what I wanted it to. I have yellow undertones and it made me look that much more yellow. What finally caused me to return it, I knew I was getting a nice refund since this product didn’t come cheap.

Jodie Johnstown, CO