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Benefit Cosmetics Lemon Aid

What it is:A color-correcting eyelid primer.What it does:Benefit Lemon Aid is a miracle-working soft-yellow correcting cream that instantly hides redness and discoloration on your eyelids.What else you need to know:In a snap, eyes look refreshed, frisky, and ready for fun.

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Honest reviews


Not worth it

I was so happy and excited to try this out after seeing it suggested in several make up tutorial videos, but it seems this product does a vanishing act on my super pale skin…Ok, so… I get this stuff in the mail, now, I was warned in one of the videos that it was VERY thick and hard to work with so I stuck it under my leg for a few minutes until the compact was warm and the product melted some and was easier to work with. (trust me this helps) So I put a little on my fingertip and patted some on my right eyelid, nothing, I look in my magnified mirror, still nothing. I put a little more on my fingertip then on my eyelid, still nothing. Now I know there’s product on my eyelid as I can feel it AND when I blinked I saw a faint yellow crease across my eyelid.I figured ok maybe the product needs time to dry so I try the same method on my other eye, only this time I didn’t blink, I left my eye closed for a few seconds then blinked, nope, still saw the same faint yellow crease and it didn’t cover up any of the redness on either of my eyelids, it just seemed to disappear on my skin.I got better results just using a little bit of my regular (and less expensive)concealer on my eyelids, Shadow Insurance as a primer and some white eyeshadow on top of that, covered up the redness and made my eyes look much better then this waste of money.

Amanda Lonepine, MT

best concealer ever

I was introduced to Lemon Aid at a local cosmetic retailer where I was given a small sample with purchase of something else. I have used every conceivable type of concealer and I keep coming back to this stuff. It really helps with the dark circles under my eyes and I use it on my upper lids when I want to wear a pale eyeshadow. It really brightens my eyes and makes me look rested and healthy. Which I am not. I don’t really care for their other concealers (Boing and Erase Paste), but this one is perfect. I have a very pale complexion with yellowish/greenish undertones. It also works well to counteract the redness of my mild rosacea.I went back to the retailer to get a full size of Lemon Aid and they didn’t have it and talked me into a traditional flesh colored concealer that was okay, but not great. I used it for a few weeks and decided to go back to Lemon Aid. I am so happy I can buy it on Amazon. 🙂

Megan Oran, IA

Came in box, but is not easy to open

I do love this product and I will order again, but the packaging that the product comes in has a defect. It’s very difficult to open, I have to use a pen to Jimmy it open every morning .:-( other than that it’s a great product.

Penny North Salt Lake, UT


I absolutely love this stuff, certainly does exactly as described and easily to apply to eye area, the best buy I made for my discolorations around my eye area, I have seen it but never purchased till now, I will be back again when I run out of it, I totally advise people to buy and recommend it greatly!!

Karla Lincoln City, OR

Very very light, looks natural

It wasnt as creamy as I though, it looked kinda hard but…once I used my finger to apply product on top of the lids and under eyes, miracle! It looked light and natural and not heavy and creamy. Apply lightly using ur finger, dont use brush. Product warms with heat of the finger and a little bit is all u need.

Terri Kill Devil Hills, NC

It does good to even out darkness

However, I find that even the warmth if my finger isn’t enough to make this baby creamy. I like the product, but it’s just too dry for me to use it well.

Myra Northfield, NJ

Pretty Good

This product is just “pretty good”. I would agree with a previous review that without powder this product can look very greasy ( I believe the previous review used the term “like vaseline”)when used as an under eye concealer. Instead, I like to use it has a spot concealer on red blemishes or on the small broken capillaries around my nose-the yellow tone aids in covering these red areas. Final thoughts-I purchased this for a steal ($10 including shipping),especially considering the Benefit brand is fairly reputable, but most likely will not buy again.

Neva Ancona, IL

Does not glide on as smoothly as I hoped it would

The eyes are delicate and should not be pulled on. I sometimes have to wear a primer underneath this primer. Not sure I’d buy this product again.

Edna Ellsworth, NE

a favorite

I absolutely adore this product. It really does cover-up any redness or other discoloration around the eyes, though I do wonder if it would work as well on darker skin tones than mine which is pretty pale. There’s a mirror in the lid, so it’s easy to make touch-ups. It doesn’t last quite a full workday, but it’s better than anything else I’ve tried.

Roxanne Stoneville, MS

I don’t go out of the house without wearing this

I have tried so many other highly rated (and very expensive) concealers, but nothing works as well as this one. I use this as both an under eye concealer and eyelid primer. It never cakes or creases and lasts all day long. The yellow tint helps camouflage any darkness or red undertones. The color works any time of the year, no matter how pale I am in the winter or tan in the summer. If I wear no other makeup, I don’t leave the house without this!

Tasha South Sutton, NH

What’s the Hub Bub?

I’m sure it works differently for different people, but for me it was like putting yellow vaseline on my eyelid. Don’t even try putting eyeshadow over this because it looks heavy and makes it difficult to blend. It’s also kind of greasy and if you have Asian eyelids, it will leave an oily crease on your eyelid line. I used it for one week and I really wish I could return.

Della Rousseau, KY

Didn’t work for me.

Okay, I don’t get it. I applied as directed and honestly, did not see any results. The product seems very thick, dry and cakey. I gave it two stars simply because it’s nicely packaged.

Roxie Nashville, IN


I used this product once and it did not do as promised. I applied a little to under eye and it barely covered the dark circles; instead, it seemed to enhance it. This is my personal experience. I threw it away.

Regina Lone Rock, WI