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Benefit Cosmetics High Beam

The celebrity makeup artists secret… this satiny pink highlighter creates a young, radiant, fresh complexion on all skin tones. Use it as a spot highlighter or blend all over your complexion…the soft-focus sheen is enticing and sexy. Great soft blush and moisterizing lotion cream.

Key features

  • Benefit Cosmetics High Beam
  • Luminescent complexion enhancer (highlighter/luminizer)
  • It’s “supermodel in a bottle!”
  • Full Size: .45 oz (13ml)

Honest reviews



THEY RAVE AT 40 YRS. OLD comparing it to ‘sex in the city’ ? Well, sex in my life is over, however I am extremely attractive according to the mailman, bartenders, church priest, family members, and my dogs. I search the internet for products that keep me up-to-date and make me feel good about myself, also look the most attractive I can for my age. Not exactly older than dirt but close in my age, lets select a number over a healthy 65 plus. Heard that women preach about over 40 yrs. (like to be that again), so I plundged into the sea of cosmetics and purchased it. I see what the over 50ish appear like, see the photographs of models, and check out QVC’s chatter box on their site, very interesting. Well, back to the product – used it, thought about it, sort of liked it, certainly never thought of sending it back. Use it every once in awhile going to Mass. have tried it going shopping during the day – haven’t checked out the kids yet – BUT believe it or not did receive a few complements to my amazement. Listen gals, I’m old so I don’t say go get it. I say if you can afford it – give it a(s h o t) – giggling to self.

Lucile Sunland, CA

Not making a difference

I bought this with high expectations considering this is called “Model in a Bottle”. I have been using it a for a few months on my cheek bones and brow bones. I notice no difference on my cheek bones- I have tried it under and over foundation/powder because I thought I was using it wrong, but it looks like I didn’t put anything on. However, it is nice to use on my brow bones as a highlighter. Maybe because the skin is thinner there?

Fran La Jolla, CA

A classy way to do glitter – without the glitter!

I use Benefit High Beam with my Benetint, but only at night. It gives my cheeks a nice creamy gleam and works well with the blush color of Benetint.I could not and would not use this at my job or during the day. It is the classy way to do glitter without having any glitter. I HATE glitter and I do not feel like it should be on any one’s face, unless you are 8 and in a tap recital. If I am going out to a dark or dimly lit place, like a restaurant, bar, or night club, I would put this on. It highlights my face very nicely and the color compliments my complexion and is very flattering. This is a pretty universal color of pink and everyone that has borrowed or tried this has been surprised that it worked so well with their skin tone as well.This is not a product that I would just pick-up and buy. When I was at Sephora, one of the employees showed me how it worked and I was hooked. It really did transform my face and made a difference. I put it on my cheeks, under my brow-bone, on my chin, and sometimes on my nose – depending on the occasion.It’s a winner but you have to have a “need” for it to buy it, definitely not for everyday use. I have had mine for two-years now and only a little bit is missing.

Audra Curtis, AR

Perfect for porcelain skin

Like almost all of Benefit’s product, this stuff is truly amazing. I have fair skin that tends to look rather dull. I had always wanted a nice, healthy glow, but it seemed to me that most of the products that were formulated for that purpose were either bronzers or just too glittery. I didn’t want bronze skin, nor did I want to look like I came out of a time machine from the nineties. High Beam is perfect. It really illuminated my face and made my skin look so beautiful. It’s neither glittery or shimmery; it just glows! I really think you can use it for any occasion, but I tend to wear it in the colder months when my skin is a bit lackluster. It may seem expensive, but one bottle of this lasts for a really long time. I’ve have mine for just over a year and I’ve only used half of the bottle. It’s well worth the price.

Benita Monroeville, OH

One of my favorite Benefit products

This is one of their most versatile products. It’s a highligher that doesn’t have too much shimmer and that blends very well.I use it on the inside half of my eyelids from nose to above my pupil. It blends with my eyeshadow but opens my eyes up, making them look more alert and awake. My eyes are a bit too close together, this works well and gives a natural brightness to the inner eye. Much better than a shadow for that.Additionally, when I use blush (either Nars Orgasm or Benefit’s cream blush), I use this above directly on my cheekbones. With the blush below it creates a contour that looks good. I’ve also used it on top of lipstick on my bottom lip for brightness. And it lasts FOREVER.

Tammi West Stewartstown, NH

Great product!

I have a very fair complexion, but High Beam always looks great. I dab a bit on my cheeks and then blend it in with my finger. It gives me a youthful glow without too much shimmer or shine. It is subtle enough that I wear it to work, but I also apply it for evenings out. The color is perfect…not too pink, not too peach. It also lasts forever – I bought my bottle over a year ago, wear it almost daily, and I still have 1/4 of the bottle left! I feel that it is well worth the price!

Bobbie Clifton, IL

It’s OK.

This isn’t mind-blowing, and I probably won’t buy it again. I do like that it isn’t glittery or shimmery; it applies subtle, natural-looking illumination. It isn’t my favorite highlighter, though — this is the only liquid I use in my makeup routine (foundation and all else are either mineral or pressed powder), and applying it reminds me how I don’t like the wet feeling of liquid makeup. It can be gloopy and I have to wait for it to dry. I use it over my foundation because it doesn’t show much otherwise, and it can make things look a little streaky. And frankly, it doesn’t illuminate as much as I would like (and I have a golden-medium skintone). I’ll be looking for a different highlighter when this runs out.Also — if I apply it on my browbone, it tends to give my brown eyeshadow a red tint, but that could just be particular to me. Regardless, it’s a little annoying.

Rae Walker Springs, AL

I adore High Beam

I love my little bottle of high beam. After an unfortunate incident with Nars Albatros at work, I knew I needed something more subtle, pinker and dewey-er. This product by benefit fit the bill perfectly. It is really sheer. Looks great on foreheads, cheeks, eyes, chins….its lovely. I mix mine with foundation sometimes.

Lou Bellamy, AL

Not a standard beauty product for people- but should be! Who knew I had cheeckbones?

Most people consider things like mascara and lip gloss beauty staples; this needs to be added to the list! I put some on right above the apples of my cheeks all the way to my temple (just a little bit) and it makes my cheekbones pop. A lot of people don’t use highlighter because they think highlighting and contouring is a more advanced make-up trick, don’t be afraid. I swear. There are a ton of youtube videos on how to properly use highlighter and you can do it in a way that is very subtle but really creates a beautiful effect on your face. I promise you that this is a simple product to use but it does a special little something to your look.

Noelle Ferguson, IA


This product is really wonderful. I was looking for a highlighter to get the dewy, brightened look especially in the winters. I am fair and this product gives me the glowy look. It is a shine with a slight pink undertone. I would highly recommend it. One concern that I have with the product is that I noticed that it does not blend that well sometimes, but overall, it’s great. Several people have commented on how my skin looks really healthy after I started using this.

Lola Ore City, TX

not good on top of powder finish

i love this product if i didn’t have to wear powder foundation on top, but since i do, wearing this on top of it cakes my foundation and leaves streaks. i only use it underneath and it doesn’t shine through as much as i would like.

Josephine White Water, CA

Perfect for a subtle glow, no sparkles

High Beam works just right to get a bit of glow going without looking sparkly when the sun hits your face. If you’re having a less-is-more makeup day then just mix a little high beam in with your face lotion and you’ll get a very natural looking all over glow; you know the one you’re supposed to be able to get by eating salmon every day like Jennifer Lopez…because we all love salmon so much.It can also be used for some subtle highlighting in your every day/work makeup. Once all my standard makeup is on, I run a few dots down the center of my nose, a V shape around my eye and cheekbones and a small dot at the cupids bow on my lip. I then just smudge the dots a little, you want to blend them in enough to remove the line but not so much you rub the high beam off. Voila there’s a little bit of light/eye catching going on where I’ve used the high beam and I don’t look like I ran into the glitter corner of the arts and crafts store.I’ve tried several other brands of highlighter and primers intended to give you a glow, none of them look as natural as High Beam and the price for high beam ends up being pharmacy brand level given how long a single bottle lasts even with daily use. Comparable products that did not hold up as well when I’ve tried them: Dior shimmer star (rose), Bobby Brown shimmer brick, Tarina Tarintino pearl glow, Benefit that girl, Benefit watts up.

Audrey Greeley, NE

Don’t buy on Ebay FAKE, buy from Amazon/Benefit only!

First of all DON”T BUY THESE PRODUCTS ON EBAY THEY ARE FAKE Garbage!!! Buy your Benefit here on Amazon from Benefit only!I had this in my wish list on amazon for a very long time because I don’t spend a lot on cosmetics and this seemed just a bit too frivolous to me. I finally jumped off the fence and went ahead and ordered it. This product is simply amazing! It added that little extra glow and radiance you see on the movie stars but can’t figure out how they do that. This is it! I am in my late 40’s and this made my skin look so much younger. Before using it wash your face with an exfoliating cloth or use baking soda and a mild facial soap. Then apply your usual lotion and then just a few dabs of this on the apples of your cheeks and below brow and wow, amazing happens! I had three people tell me how nice my skin was the first day I wore it including a man! Get it you will be amazed how great you look with this product. The lip tint is just as great too, really all the makeup you need in two little bottles and a good mascara your good to go. Please don’t even go to Ebay you will waste your money, buy the real products from Benefit through Amazon.

Althea Gillett Grove, IA

why wouldnt you

I dont see how anyone could not like this product. even though it seemed pricey i thought id try it. i love trying all kinds of make up ive been wearing make up since i could walk. i love this product. a little goes a long way and it really adds the brightening fnishing touch to make up! makes my face looks flawless and glowy without glitter.stays on all day. i like to put it over my cover up on my whole face.

Claudette Gardner, MA

fun to apply, but a silvery eyeshadow has the same effect

I like the packaging on this and it looks pretty in my bathroom. I like applying it because it has a nice silky smooth texture. It’s obviously a high quality product, but in terms of how it looks, I haven’t really seen a difference between highlighting my brow bones with a shimmery pinky eyeshadow (or silvery eyeshadow) and using this.

Stacie Gilford, MI

Great Product! A Must Have!

I bought high beam about 3 months ago. I absolutely love it. You can wear it day or night. It gives you a subtle glow that makes your skin look great. Just one thing you cannot over do it…. I wear it in the corners of my outer eye and on my cheek bone. I blend with my finger because if you don’t it will looked stained. There is no wrong way or right wear to wear it. All of us have different tastes in make up and how we apply it so all I can say is it is a must have in your make up kit!

Mallory Big Bear City, CA