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Benefit Cosmetics Hello Flawless! – Never Settle

What it is:A custom powder cover-up with SPF protection for the face.What it does:Benefit “Hello Flawless!” SPF 15 is a blendable powder foundation with SPF 15 that goes on beautifully sheer and layers easily for customized coverage. Find your perfect shade and sweep it on with the accompanying brush for a sheer, natural finish; or apply with the sponge for full coverage or spot cover-up.

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Simply the best foundation!

I think I have used every foundation on the market from liquid, stick and mineral. This is by far the best foundation I have ever used. I love their Erase Paste for my undereye concealer as well. Great products!

Ana Fort Valley, GA

I’m impressed!

I’ve used this 3 different ways so far. 1-Applied with the sponge over a tinted moisturizer (Stila’s Illuminated Tinted Moisturizer) 2-Applied with the brush several hours later after the initial application with the sponge as a touch up. and 3-With the sponge alone, touching up with the brush hours later.Which I suppose is really 4 ways. Anyways, in all of those instances, I got excellent coverage-it’s on the sheer side-as powder foundations tend to be, but it’s been nice and long lasting. I have oily breakout prone skin and I prefer coverage that’s long lasting so touch ups are kept at a minimum but I do not want a cakey made up look either.The price was a bit steep considering that this isn’t a very big compact, but I’m happy with the way the product works so I’ll buy it again for sure.

Tammy Vandalia, IL

Can’t live without

Before Benefit, I’d always used liquid foundation and had to mess with concealers you smeared on. With Benefit, they have great coverage and never feels caked on. If you have acne, you may want to invest on a spot corrector (the green color combats the redness), and use Benefit over it. I will never buy another brand of pressed powder again.

Alexandria Lynch, KY

flawless light coverage, not too cakey

I’ve been using MAC powder for years, but i always noticed how i looked a little cakey. Plus, i live in a hot climate and any time i wear makeup i sweat and it just looks wrong. anyway, i thought i’d try this little powder, i like the other benefit products i’ve tried, so i gave this a chance. i do like it better than the mac powder i’ve used for so long. it’s not cakey at all, it doesnt feel heavy or look heavy. i have fair skin and frecles and lots of red spots. this covered up my red spots nicely, and still let my freckles show thru. it definatly gives a nice smooth finish with out looking like you have a bunch of makeup smeared on your face. I’d say it’s worth the price.

Myra Elkton, OH

I can see how some would love it… but it’s not for everone

I ok. It’s a nice versatile powder because of the sponge factor. But since I bought it based on the reviews, I feel I should add my own to the mix.I have beige-toned, combo skin. I am still looking for a better powder for me… 2 days after buying it. I’m experiencing a wee bit of buyers remorse on this. Just a wee bit. Not worth returning, though. I don’t believe in returning this kind of thing since it’s close-enough… but I won’t be reordering. Let me tell you why.The beige color if applied with the sponge for full-coverage didn’t make me look like all the world was my stage. It made me look like I was really beige – like the walls. Putting on full coverage with the sponge commits you to a full face of make-up because you gotta add all that color back into your tone that this powder covers up. When I first put it on with the sponge I was a little shocked. I looked like a stage actor from the ’40’s. Ok… so then I put a full face of color on top and it looked good, it stayed well, and to some people it might have looked normal, but to me it looked ‘made up’.The one good thing is that it didn’t feel made up. It was light in texture and I forgot I was wearing it. I think that’s why I got shocked when I saw myself. Anyway, there was a time when I might have liked this powder a lot. I used to have/choose to wear full coverage and it always felt so gross and heavy. If I had/chose to cover marks on my face I am sure I would be happy with this. But my face is clear now except for some red marks around my nose – which this didn’t seem to cover that great because of the location – and some dark circles around my eyes – ditto. But the main thing is if you don’t need full coverage – why go there? It’s so much more work. Maybe as a spot treatment it might be good. But the stage beige is not working with my beige skin in that usage.So why am I keeping it? Well… as a setting powder with my big fluffy brush it works fine. It’s a little pricey for that, especially because this thing seems to highlight the existence of my pores. I’m not loving that at all. Hence, the search continues.My recommendation is if you choose to wear a full-coverage powder that will cover red/purple acne marks with a sponge that you can also sometimes use with a fluffy brush, this will probably be fine. I emphasize probably, because that’s not my need right now. Just make sure you’re happy with the color. This is not the ‘beige’ I’m used to. If you want to use this strictly for dusting and were also hoping to sponge it in to conceal around the nose and eyes, like I was… you might be disappointed like me.Like I say, I can see how some people would love it, but it’s not for everyone.

Carly Orla, TX

So incredible

I cringed when I read that this was a whopping 34$… but I went to Sephora and tried it out. I was impressed, so I gave it a go and brought it home with me. Honestly, I didn’t have much hope for it. I don’t have experience with powders (I usually just wipe on my MUFE HD or Korres foundation). I was very worried about cakiness and getting enough coverage for my naturally red nose & cheeks.Well… a week later, there’s no way I’m returning this! I swipe this on in the AM, super quickly, using the included brush and the sponge for problem areas… and my skin DOES look flawless. I don’t know how it does it. I couldn’t be happier with this product though. I haven’t noticed any caking, and my makeup is still great at the end of the day. It shockingly provides my nose with enough coverage. I’ll be buying this again.

Felicia Bliss, NY

not for dry skin

I was worried about the color being right for my skin. The color ended up being perfect and the coverage was nice. My only gripe is that with dry skin it really accentuated that. Next time I will try using a primer.

Jeannie Maydelle, TX

Not for Dry Skin

I tried this on at the Benefit counter (the person working put it on me) and I thought it looked great. The more I used it, the more I noticed that it dried out my skin. While it offers nice, natural looking coverage, it is not for dry skin in my opinion (even though the lady at the counter said it was for me). I ended up returning it.

Gilda Strykersville, NY

Missing something

I bought this thinking I could use it alone, but I now think that it should be used over liquid make up. The powder by itself does not last long on the skin.

Suzette Lower Peach Tree, AL

Hello Flawless

I have dry skin and am impressed with the finish of this foundation. Is a powder but it doesn’t make your face look powdery or cakey. It has good coverage if used with a sponge. I would suggest to be used with a face primer before applying the foundation and a setting spray after for longer staying power. The only bad thing is that I feel it doesn’t have a whole lot of product.

Gladys Howell, UT

Best Powder!!

I have oily skin and this is by far the best powder foundation I have tried and I have tried a lot! It gives a natural matte finish. Looks like skin. I apply using the included sponge and it gives me great coverage that never looks cakey. It is so finely milled that it feels like silk. If I have any blemishes I just take my finger and dab it on as a concealer. I use it with a face primer (that gal) and it lasts all day. I also like to use it as a finishing powder and apply it with the brush on days I use a tinted moisturizer (you rebel) and it truly gives a flawless finish.

Effie Spencerville, OK

truly flawless

If you need serious coverage, one of the other Benefit products might be better for you; but what I love about this is that it feels really light for the coverage you get. You don’t need much so it’s worth the price.

Millie Ortonville, MN