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Benefit Cosmetics Eye Bright Pencil

This miraculous pink pencil brightens tired eyes for that young, wide-awake look. With a smooth, creamy texture and its perfect shade of brightening pink, eye bright helps conceal and brighten the shadows in the corners of your eyes while lifting the outer corners of the eye, making you look wide-awake and radiant!

Key features

  • a purse sized pick-me-up for tired looking eyes

Honest reviews


Works great!

I have very fair skin with a slight olive tone. Therefore, it is so hard to find a good concealer for my extremely dark circles! Enter the Benefit Cosmetics Eye Bright Pencil. I put it on over my concealer. I put it on the inner corners of my eyes, just under my eyebrows, and I actually color in the whole dark circle under my eye, then blend the edges with my fingertip. It reflects the light and covers about 80% of my dark circles, which is better than any other product I have tried. Most products cover about 20% of the dark circles, so 80% is a big deal to me. I have tried expensive creams, all types of makeup, and more to no avail, until I tried this product. I give it 4 stars instead of 5, because it doesn’t completely cover the dark circles. Until someone invents that miracle product, this is all I will use!

Abby Murrells Inlet, SC

Waste of $-other products can achieve the same result for less

Many people like this pencil and I am baffled as to why. All it is, is one fat, light pink pencil, that looks like an oversized eyeliner stick.It is supposed to *open* up your eyes when places in the corners, and on your brow bone.If you do not take the time to blend this well under your browbone- it looks pearly and garish.I did not like it in the corners of my eyes- it stood out too much and was hard to blend in properly.There are so many other soft pencils in white or this shade, that could accomplish the same task. Why spend this kind of money for a pencil?Yes- it probably will last a long time, unless you like a point that is fine-and then you will find yourself sharpening it often. (To its credit, it is a soft pencil, but soft pencils also mean sharpening more often to keep a fine point.)I have tried quite a few Benefit products and have finally come to realize that what I suspected all along is true: many of their products are gimmicky, come in cute packaging, promise the moon in performance and ultimately are overpriced.If you feel you need a pencil to accentuate the areas that Eye Bright is supposed to do, look for cheaper options first.NYX is very nice make up at fantastic low prices. I am betting they have something quite similar at a much better price.

Lolita Lake Station, IN

Great product, especially for fair skinned gals

The other reviews below sound like the folks a) didn’t use the product correctly (no matter what you use, you have to blend), or b) had a bad experience not with the product, but with the specific seller. So I wanted to post a review to clear that up.I got the Eye Bright pencil on a whim at Ulta, since I was looking for something to cure me of undereye circles. I am up a lot of late nights and dabbing extra foundation under my eyes just doesn’t cut it. Plus, the extra foundation tends to pool in the fine lines around there. I’ve been using this pencil for almost three months and it is without a doubt the only thing I’d reach for if I could only wear one item of makeup every day. The pink color really pops your eyes and makes you look wide awake. Contrary to the other reviewer’s experience, I find it takes about two seconds to blend (just swipe your finger under your eye quickly), and then I’m out the door. I’ve received a lot of compliments lately that I look like I’m getting more sleep and that I look way younger (I’m a hair away from 30). This is the only change I’ve made to my routine, so I know it has to be because of this.For those of you who watch the TLC show, What Not to Wear, this is the stick Carmindy used to use on all of the fair skinned women until she switched to her own line of products. You draw it along the inside of the eye, the bottom of the eye, and then blend with your fingers or dab your dry foundation sponge over it. Really looks amazing.I WILL warn you that if you have tawny or warm-undertone skin, this might not be the product for you. It is PERFECT if you have rosy or even bluish undertoned skin (very common in redheads, etc). Perhaps it’s obvious, but women of color will want to look elsewhere (Mally Beauty Light Wand Eye Brighteneris a bit darker, and more yellow-toned).

Juanita Lukachukai, AZ

Too expensive

This pencil is very soft, therefore you end up using and sharpening the pencil so much it does not last long. It will crease almost immediately and rubs off. Also, does not do much brightening. Definitely not worth the money.

Ashlee Pearblossom, CA

Good Effects if Blended Well, A Bit Dry

I got the Benefit Eye Bright Pencil in a Benefit kit at a Paris Sephora. Didn’t even use it for several months but glad I got to try something I otherwise would not have purchased. I love kits. I agree with Leanne (Oct 2010) that it seems a bit dry to blend under the eyes on dark circles. I feel like I have to take too much time to gently blend so that I don’t stretch the delicate eye skin. (I’m 52, light complexion, oily combo skin) For that reason, I don’t usually use it there. It might different if I use liquid foundation which is more moist instead of mineral powder (I use the pencil on top of foundation). There are soft highlighting powders that work better to brighten under the eyes (Benefit makes one–the pink ball w/ the fan brush. I use Mally’s). But it is handy in a purse for touch ups and sometimes I use it for the inner corners of my eyes. Again, it has to be blended well to get a natural effect instead of a painted on look. So use a light hand.Also, be careful when you sample products in the store, esp. for your eyes, or you’ll pick up germs or an infection. I would advise against using a store sample on your eyes’ waterlines, even if you sharpen it to peel off the outer layer.

June Folsomville, IN

Wake up call

This is an absolute must have for anyone. It brightens and makes your eyes have that come hither look we all want . I even use it on my lips and around my eyes to open up the whole area. You will look like a living doll .

Isabelle Blue Gap, AZ

Good but not great

This pencil does help my tired eyes look more wide awake, but be careful after sharpening it, it is so soft that a lot of it gets stuck while sharpening, also be careful with the pencil “dust” so it doesn’t go in your eyes.It looks good for the first hour, but my experience is that it starts creasing and has an obvious look. Maybe it’s the hot climate or my watery eyes, but just thought I’d post.I do like it, but will probably experiment with a different product next time.

Juliana Kopperl, TX

Perfect Brightner

I gotta say, this is hands down the best eye brightning pencil I have found over the years. You honestly do not have to put much on. It doesn’t have a cakey texture either, making it even more wonderful. I will say if you put a lot on, it will have a tendency to make it look as if you’re downplaying clown makeup. Use in small doses! The last time I purchased this @ Ulta, I paid close to $20, so the price is unbeatable as well! And it also doubles as a concealer for any of those annoying skin imperfections. Since it’s a pencil, you can dab it right on & when you put your foundation on, it really camoflauges!

Estelle Nordheim, TX

brightens without the shimmer! magical..

i cannot figure out what the difference is between this and so many other cream shadows, liners, highlighters, etc. but somehow this pencil is so smooth but firm (doesn’t crumble but not dry at all!) and it instantly highlights and brightens but without the white effect or the shimmery, glittery effect. so it looks completely natural. it disappars into your skin but still brightens. i am in love with it.i have fairly large asian eyes that i wanted to accentuate without getting that “anime doll” look… this does just that!

Cecilia Plymouth, WA

I LOVE this!

This pencil is fabulous. It really makes a huge difference in looking more awake and refreshed. I use it on the inside corner of my eyes as well as below the arch of my eyebrows and above the arches. It blends well and isn’t shimmery. A little goes a long way as it’s heavily pigmented. The matte pink tone isn’t really pink on the skin, especially when blended in correctly. I also have Benefit’s Ooh La Lift, and IMO, Eye Bright works a helluva lot better and stays all day. Sometimes I use them both with just using the Ooh La Lift on my under eye area on days I didn’t get much sleep. Eye Bright is definitely a must have product for me now, and I’ll definitely repurchase when this pencil is done, which won’t be for a LONG time.

Marie Hayden, AZ

When I first bought this, I used it a lot

I use to use this pencil under my eyebrow to highlight my eyes. It was good while I had it, but I’ve found another product in a crème that my fair, dry skin prefers both under and above my eyes. This stick was a good highlighter, but I could never have used a hard stick on my sensitive skin under my eyes to conceal shadows. Other buyers may have great use for this product. I used it, then moved on to something that served my special needs more. Nothing wrong with this product. I used it.

Shelley Hudson, KS

Another waste of money.

This pencil, while not a total loss is NOT worth what I paid at all. First of all when the tip went dull, after only a few uses too, I had a heck of a time trying to sharpen the stupid thing without breaking the tip completely off so after finally getting what looked like a usable point without splinters, half the pencil was gone! They could have at least included a sharpener or directions on how to sharpen the thing on the box…Ok, the product itself, meh…it looked nice when I first put it on but once I blended it a little it looked like nothing was even there anymore and had no affect. So tried again with a primer, same thing, looked like it disappeared into my skin..You can get a much nicer eye brightening affect with some pink concealer or just some strategically placed white eye liner, like NYX, which I use now for half the price and it actually works.

Kimberly Elkton, MD

Love it but pricey

Love this eye pencil from Benefit nothing quite like it however if your on a budget, it is too pricey.

Lakesha Waterloo, IN


I use this every day in the inner corners of my eyes to make my sleep deprived eyes look alert. I rarely have to sharpen it. It lasts a very long time. I will repurchase this item too.

Odessa Breckenridge, TX

Too Bad, Had Great Potential.

I was so excited about this product after seeing so many good reviews. It went on dry, cakey and clumpy for me, and didn’t last past 3 hours. Threw into my "unloved makeup drawer" after a couple of sad uses. NYX has a very similar product for a fraction of the cost. Will not be repurchasing this product, but seriously considering the NYX version.

Kendra Marsland, NE


Originally I had the eye bright in the travel boing set and I did like it. I didn’t think it was quite worth the $20 you have to pay in store and so I looked online. Glad I did as it was much cheaper. The product itself is just as good, but I did find the black siding chipped quite a bit when I would put the cap on. Not a deal breaker since the product is the real thing and I am satisfied.

Tamara Hope, NM

loooooveeee this pencil

I was tired of trying to use some kind of shimmery eyeshadow to highlight my eyes like some kind of 14 year old. I saw this product recommended on a blog, and I will definitely buy again (in a couple years when it runs out… use it every day and have only sharpened once in the 2-3 months I’ve had it). I love this. Not too shimmery & not obvious (when blended obviously) and I use it under the upper brows for highlight and inside corners of my eyes as well. LOVE this pencil.

Holly Garrard, KY

Perfect Makeup Tool

This pencil is amazing. I typically do a low key make-up look, and this product on the inner corners of my eyes and on the brow bone looks completely natural and gorgeous. I also use this on my cupids bow and long the lower lip line to enhance lip fullness-just gorgeous.

Christian Oconee, IL

I love how my eyes POP!

This is a great addition to any girl’s makeup bag. I couldn’t be more happier with it. It’s my favorite eye highlighter. It’s soft and blends very nicely. It’s shimmery and catches the light perfectly. I use it every day. I also put some on my cheeks to highlight them too.A definite must buy!

Cynthia Andrews, IN

Decent product

I bought this item to help brighten my eye area. So far haven’t noticed anything to amazing, but I think I need to use more of the product to get the desired effect. Also, check your makeup in natural like, I found this looked like it blended well in my bathroom mirror but had to do some additional blending once I saw myself outside.

Mina Sneads Ferry, NC

Expensive, but lasts forever

I’ve had my Eye Bright stick for a few years now, and, because you only need a little bit of this, it really does last forever. The Benefit brand sharpener that holds a fat pencil keeps it sharp and sanitary.I use it mostly in the inner corners/tear ducts of my eyes. I apply a bit in a sideways V-shape, and then either use a small brush or my finger tip to pat it into place. I’ve also tried it under the arch of my brows and at the outside corner, but tend to be rushed in the morning, so usually just stick to the inner eye area. It brightens that whole area!Some reviewers mentioned that they use this under their eyes, too; I’ve never tried that before since it seems like the pencil would be too drying to smooth into your skin.So, yes, this is pricey, but it’s one beauty product that is a must-have! A dab of this each day, and you’ll look like a bright-eyed beauty, regardless of how little sleep you got the night before! 🙂

Marie Edgar, NE

Great product!

I love high lighters for the area around my eyes and just below my eyebrow. This pencil does the trick and is not sticky or greasy. It’s tough to blend in and requires a brush not just your finger. I’ve used many high lighters from many different brands before. My other favorite high lighter is by Stila.

Lacy Felton, GA

Really works!

I have very dark bags under my eyes. I used this then put my foundation on and you couldn’t see them any more. Love it!

Abigail Turtle Lake, WI

use everyday

I use in inner corners of eyes to hide darkness. Goes on without dragging and I put my makeup on over it. Good product.

Elva Woodbine, IA


This is pretty good tested it as soon as I recieved it’s a good fix for tired eyes it brightened my eye area gave me a diff look I like I’d say def give it a try for added brightness came fast

Cornelia Lomira, WI

Great! Makes you seem really awake.

I love this! I draw a line under each eyebrow and blend with my fingers and do the same for the inside corners of my eyes. It makes you seem well rested and youthful. Easy to use, great tool!

Brittney Carbondale, CO

really great, especially in photos

It really does reflect the light upwards, making eye circles invisible, especially in flash photos! I love this little pencil! I only use it under my eyes.

Ladonna Calumet, MN

Love the color but it’s kind of dry

It’s a great color and looks great to help the eyes to pop but it’s a bit dry and chalky. Also the lid didn’t fit and wouldn’t stay on which my be the reason for the dryness.

Georgina Leona, TX