Benefit Cosmetics Boi-Ing – Light

why we love it:This industrial-strength concealer camouflages dark circles, shadows and discoloration for a seamless, natural-looking finish without creasing or fading. You name it, boi-ing helps hide it!what else you need to know: in three shades to suit every skin tone. See-through lid helps you easily locate boi-ing in your makeup bag or handbag!

Key features

  • 3.0 g Net wt. 0.1 oz

Honest reviews



The item I received today was FAKE. I have a Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in 03 that I purchased from Sephora last year and there is a HUGE difference between the color of the real thing vs. this fake product on Amazon. I am very unhappy with this purchase and never expected Amazon to let people sell fake products on their site. This color is a pinkish beige color while the real color should be yellowish tan. No pink tones whatsoever! And the packaging looks cheaper like it was replicated in China. The glue is visible on the inside and there is no number stamped into the bottom sticker like on the real thing.

Rene Wyncote, PA

This stuff is amazing!!

I was originally going to buy the Benefit Erase paste but I’ve heard good reviews about this stuff on youtube and on Amazon so I figured I’d give it a shot. I was blessed (more like CURSED) with dark undereye circles. I’ve tried every concealer out there but it’s always been a complete waste of money. I’ve tried anything from Covergirl concealer to Hard Candy Glamoflage(which actually works pretty well but can feel a bit sticky & heavy) to StudioGear concealer, Stila, but I find that Benefit Boing works the BEST! ( I use the Light time I purchase I may get it in Medium!) A little bit goes a long way. I’m STILL on my first pot of it & I’ve already purchased a 2nd so I don’t run out of this stuff. It covers sooo amazingly! & I also love that it doesn’t break me out.. & I have VERY VERY sensitive skin. This is definitely a miracle product! I set it with a Baremineral Multi task but it isn’t really needed. I found that baremineral products break my skin out but Benefit products actually don’t do that! Loose powder works just as well to set.(I use L’oreal Loose Power with Vitamin C) I find that this lasts anywhere from 5-6 hours but I keep it in my purse just to refresh the application. Just make sure if you use this product, that you don’t use too much & that you moisturize the under eye area very well or it can crease! But I haven’t really had that problem. 🙂 I will DEFINITELY purchase again, & I hope that they never stop using this stuff!! It’s also amazing that I found this on Amazon for less than $10 (+ shipping costs) but that’s still less than the department stores (it retails for $19 I believe) I love love LOVE amazon !! & I love this product 🙂

Andrea Alden, IL

Pretty good but not for the price

I bought the “how to look your best at everything” box at sephora. Bo-Ing does a fairly good job but my biggest problem is that it doesn’t look very natural at all. For that price I’d expect it to vanish dark circles and look some what natural. I will defiantly try out other concealers a before re purchasing this one. I did love everything else in the box. Their primer, foundation, and powder are excellent if ur going for a natural look. It is not a full coverage foundation and too orangey to build on for pale skin like mine. It is very light weight and doesn’t brake my skin out though.

Alicia Canandaigua, NY

Not worth the price

Ok, so, I gave in to the urge to splurge on trendy packaging & marketing gimmicks. I have really dark circles beneath my eyes (family trait), so I’m always looking for the next best concealer. And full disclaimer…I’m pretty much a “less is more” type. I don’t want to have to use 15 different products before I leave the house – I’m searching for a concealer that I can put on & go, without having to use bases & primers & powders & so on.This one is supposed to be “industrial strength” and that’s exactly what I thought I needed. I LOVE the ease of application…no waste involved here! As soon as you touch it, it warms & liquifies. Glides right on, no sticky pastes, no tugging on your skin – feels luxurious! And the 01 Light color matches my skin pretty well – looks natural, NOT cakey. I REALLY wanted to love this product!But that’s the end of the good stuff. Once it’s on, it’s SO glossy…looks like lip gloss!! I waited ten minutes to see if it would set or dry, and no luck. I had to use powder over it to tone down the shine – and I don’t have to do that with some other concealers. It settles into fine lines like you wouldn’t believe – totally magnified them, made them look ten times worse!Additionally, the coverage isn’t all that great – and it certainly isn’t going to last a whole day. Might be good enough for occassional dark circles cause by a night of lost sleep, but it’s NOT enough for those of us who have permanent, genetic dark circles.I say save your money. You can get better for less.

Maryellen Falls Of Rough, KY

Best concealer

Came in original packaging. This is the best concealer out there! I will order again and again for sure 🙂

Jordan Holderness, NH

Great coverage but tends to clog pores

I love the coverage and consistency of this concealer but it does tend to clog my pores and break out my skin if I leave it on too long. It’s not as much of a concern as long as I’m diligent about cleaning my skin very well after using it though.

Mari Boulder, UT

Dark circles…you have met your match!

Being a product junkie with dark circles that she gained from her parents (thanks), I have tried dozens of concealers to cover those bad boys up and they have finally met their match with this product. A little of this product goes A LONG WAY! And I have found that using my ring finger is a much better applicator than a concealer brush…you almost need the warmth of your finger to make the product pliable (otherwise you end up pulling at your undereye skin or too much product on the brush). The only reason why I gave it 4 out of 5 stars is due to the color. I have light skin so I ordered the product in light. The light is too light, particularly in the summer time once I get a little color on my skin. Also, it has a tendency to appear extra bright in pictures where a flash was used – strange, I know. The only other minor downfall (that about every other concealer does) is that it settles into fine lines…but it is MINIMAL.Other than those two minor downfalls, this product is amazing for covering dark circles! Thanks Benefit!

Alisha Bowdle, SD

A little goes a long way

Strictly as a concealer, this stuff is great. It’s best used with a finger, you need to sort of warm it up a bit so that it’s not super thick like clay. I use it to cover up dark spots, pimples and around my nose. I learned the hard way that this is NOT an under eye concealer. If you’re young and have no dark circles or fine lines, I’m sure you can use it as an under eye concealer (but then again if you’re that young you might not even need to conceal under your eyes).I’m in my mid/late 20s and I’m getting some dark circles and a couple of lines under my eyes, not a big deal. But when you use this as an under eye concealer, you accentuate all the lines, all the creases, EVERYTHING. I usually use primer, then concealer and then powder on top to set the concealer. Halfway through the day, I saw my reflection and almost broke the mirror. It was like I had tissue paper than I crumpled up over and over throughout the day and taped it under my eyes. TERRIBLE. I learned my lesson.Bottom line: Used as a concealer, it’s great, maybe a touch oily. Don’t use this as an under eye concealer.

Mindy Kings Mountain, KY

Love this stuff.

It covers very well. Very creamy… maybe a little too creamy? I just wish it lasted longer. Still my favorite concealer out there.

Mollie Whittier, CA

I bought this based on feedback that I read, but I gave it away after trying it

My skin is dry, and I have always believed that I look better without face make-up than with it. Unfortunately, as one grows older, the hunt begins for help to revive a less young face. You may have a very different experience with this product, but I found that it was hard in its container. It pulled my skin to try to apply it, and I didn’t care for the match to my much lighter skin. This was just my experience. All kinds of women of all ages shop Amazon. My feedback is honest, I don’t mean to hurt the seller. The color wasn’t a good match, and I may have just received an old product by chance.

Rocio Prudhoe Bay, AK

Love this concealer

I really love this concealer it hides everything that I need it too, and its not a really heavy feeling concealer which I love!! 😀

Mary Ethelsville, AL

love, love, love this!

I tried this before purchasing when I was up at the family cabin. I have pretty dark undereye circles and it conceals them really well. It is perfect for hiding imperfections with or without foundation. Did I mention I love it?!

Mayra Millington, MD

Great for medium coverage

non cakey, great for blending and medium coverage. Works well with several foundations and even a touch-up with a heavier concealer.

Ava Wallingford, KY

Covers scars and dark spots very well!

I ordered this directly from Benefit to insure i got the real deal. Be aware, there are fakes everywhere especially on ebay so order this direct from Benefit.I had neck surgery two months ago and it left me with an ugly scar on my throat. This Boing product covered it so well you can’t see it at all. Also works great on spot cover for dark and red spots, in an instant they are simply gone!I have medium tone skin with a bit of redness and 03 was perfect.Note, this looked way too dark for medium and I was tempted to send it back for a lighter shade but on my skin it was perfect! I will buy this again, it is very effective for hiding flaws.

Melissa Greene, IA

does the job

This is a good concealer that is thick and effectively covers all my blemishes and fixes my uneven skin tone underneath powders/foundation. I’m relatively tan and my color fluctuates drastically throughout the year because of sun in the summer and staying in during the winter but this shade works very well under makeup throughout the year.

Tammie Arendtsville, PA

Conceals acne in a flash

Spots and dark circles are easy to conceal, but when it comes to acne, the real challenge begins. I have occasional breakouts of cystic acne and Boi-ing is the only concealer that I’ve ever used that, first of all, works, and second, stays put. When my skin is bumpy and speckled, I reach for Boi-ing, and within minutes, I look nearly flawless. It doesn’t feel heavy or oily, and hasn’t aggravated my skin.I believe the colors are fairly specific. I have porcelain skin and the lightest color is perfect; it’s very pale. As soon as I get a little sun, though, it looks a little to light. This is definitely something I would look at in a store before pulling out my wallet.

Nellie Bluejacket, OK