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Benefit Cosmetics 10 bronzing & highlighting face powder duo

Bronze and highlight in one sexy sweep. For a supermodel glow and sleek, sculpted cheekbones, this duo of satiny pink and bronze powders tantalizes your complexion and d?collet?…and makes you a perfect 10!

Key features

  • highlight and bronze in one sexy sweep

Honest reviews


Great color combo!

The combination of a very sheer pink and an bronzer like color make this look very natural. Most blushes look either too pink or dark like bruises on my pale/yellow complexion. I would not rec for tan or dark skin tones, it may be too subtle. Overall great natural looking product!

Graciela Emerado, ND


I’ve looked at the reviews, and the one bad review makes me sad. It arrived broken and she never even tried it 🙁 That’s a bad review on shipping!! Not the product!!I LOVE this product. I will agree, it can break. I threw mine in my makeup bag, in a suitcase, on a plane, and arrive at my destination with dust. Bummer. So I put it in my purse when I travel now. Lesson learned. The same could happen with any pressed powder though. I’ve purchased many of these, and that’s the only one that’s ever broken.The product itself though, is fantastic. I have a thin face, and don’t need to do crazy tricks to give myself cheekbones, but let me tell you it really is like night and day after I’ve applied the makeup. You could do a before and after shot for an infomercial.I am a pale redhead and the colors are not too dark at all. Often bronzers are crazy dark on my pale skin… or just too sparkly! But this one is neither. It’s just perfect. I almost always wear it alone, but from time to time I’ll use a brighter blush just on the apples of my cheeks first. Depends on my mood.What I do is 3 swipes across the box with the brush, then 3 or 4 swipes (back and forth over the same spot) over my cheekbone. After that I use a blending brush to blend by the hairline and around the bottom edge. I didn’t used to do this step, I’d just try to blend it out with the same brush. I thought it was fine until I saw pictures of myself, whoa. So blend.I’ve also used the highlight side under my eyebrow arch or around my temple, even in the inner corner of my eye. It works perfectly if you’re in a pinch and don’t have all of your “tools.” Perfect 10 has a lovely very light smell as well 🙂 Very fresh.I will say, my mother is fairly tan, and she tried it because she liked it on me so much, and you couldn’t even see it on her face. I don’t know how much she used, I didn’t watch her, so it may be that she barely touched the product to the brush, I don’t know, but she did not like it for her. she uses a different one, it has four colors in the little box, like a quad. Same shape and size little box, all four colors are shades of pink. I’ve never used it, but she loves it. Also a Benefit product.

Viola Manhattan, KS

Worth the price

***This review is for the Perfect 10 Bronzer, NOT the Hoola bronzer. I’m seeing a picture of the hoola instead so i just wanted to clarify thatThis is a great bronzer! It’s definatly worth the price. I dont wear a lot of make up, I like the natural look, and this bronzer definatly has a natural look to it. The pink/bronze duo gives my face some conture adn the colors dont look “clownish”. You dont have to be a proffessional makeup artist to get the contoured look just use this product. I’ve used alot of benefit’s products and this is one of there best.

Lydia Cleverdale, NY

Not so much for fair skin

This product is a great idea but it is not the right shade for fair skin and also it is a little more shimmery than would be ideal for a bronzer if the point is to contour your face. If you are trying to contour you want to use a more matte bronzer. I do like the blush though and just use it separately.

Dorothy Cleo Springs, OK

terrific bronzer and now one of my favorites

This is my second time purchasing this and I am loving it. It provides the right amount of bronze and highlight with such a little effort

Sabrina West Stockholm, NY

Perfect 10!!!

I love this little set.Easy to master and quickly becomes an essential.I prefer to use a powder brush for the bronzer for an all over sun kissed glow and a blush brush for the high lighter.The sexy sweep brush is very handy for on the go.Definitely a must have 🙂

Alana Hamilton, IA

The best beauty item to have! Makes you beautiful!

This is the best make up item I have ever had!! I am so sad it is discontinued, still hope for it to come back, it works wonders! Just put it on and the face is completely transferred, on pictures you look with beautiful cheekbones. I cannot say enough about this product. Have tried number of other ones, but nothing compares!

Andrea Coin, IA