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Ben Nye Topaz Face Powder

Soft and light Powders are naturally matte and durably set creme makeups. Apply to cheeks and eyes before Rouges, Shadows and Lumiere Grand Colours for smooth, even application. Match to skin tone. Neutral Set is colorless for all applications. Expect 50-125 applications per 1.5oz.

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  • Ben Nye Topaz Face Powder

Honest reviews


need lighter

I should have bought a lighter shade. Make me look Orange not a fan art all, suits on counter not being used

Anne Chicota, TX

A bit orange

I ordered the banana powder and I love it! This powder is a little bit orange so I have to mix it with the Banana powder for darker skin tone.

Leigh Palmyra, MI

Five Stars

I like the texture of this product and the smooth finish I get from it.

Lakeisha Chico, CA

I like it

Nice powder, bad packaging. Worth the price! Makes you look very put together. I use it on my brown skin as an all over, and as a bronzer and contour on my best friend who is white. Looks great on either complexion.

Beatrice Greenville, TX

Weird color

The color is more orange than I thought it would be. Not sure if I will ever use it cause I have no idea who to use it on.

Lou Java Center, NY