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Ben Nye Banana Luxuary Powder – 1.5 oz. ‘kim kardashians powder’

Highlight and contour your face with this great powder

Key features

  • banana powder
  • ben nye
  • Highlight and contour powder
  • Used by Kim kardashian to contou
  • Top selling powder on the market

Honest reviews



I have tan/olive skin, acne prone, sensitive skin, so a lot of the acne medications and washes makes my skin really red, the yellow undertone really cancels out the redness, looks great in sunlight and photo light. I found applying it with a brush in a stippling pattern and not wedge, spraying fix plus, and then buffing it out works best. It comes out really yellow at first but after spray fix plus by MAC and blending and when it sets it look so natural not cake.

Greta Dixie, WV

Know your skin tone!

Awesome product but I would definitely recommend this to darker skin tones as I think I may have had to go a little lighter for a true highlighting effect as the product advertises. Nevertheless, awesome airbrush finish to my face!

Marlene Fairland, IN


This is the best powder EVER!! It leaves you with a smooth, flawless finish. Ready to take pictures and ready for TV! I also use the Topaz powder, but since using this I have not touched the Topaz in weeks. I will always use this powder. It is better than any setting powder out there on the market.

Krystal Bagdad, FL

Five Stars

Love this face powder! Pores disappears and makes your skin look smoother and younger. Apply over your make up!

Mitzi Albertville, MN


This power really light up your face in a good way…looks awesome someone told me about this power and I am glad I listen

Staci Cathedral City, CA

Beauty in a bottle

I chose this here product because is one of my favorite, there’s nothing that I don’t like about this here product..

Johnnie Homosassa Springs, FL