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Bemaystar Women’s Vintage Crystal Peacock Hair Clip Head Wear

Exquisite vintage style bronze metal hair comb,Great for wedding, parties, special occasions, gifting… or casual wearing…a wonderful addition to your collection!

Key features

  • Use with other hair accessories
  • Fabulous stylish accessory
  • Beautiful rhinestone design Enhance any hair style

Honest reviews


Great price Cute product

This really is a great looking barrette. I also thought it was shipped timely for coming from Hong KongLike another reviewer said, mine was not the same color blue and greenish color scheme as it seems in the picture.Mine was a more mono-toned greenish-blue. I also hesitate to say it has Crystals- they do not sparkle and shine like picture. They are more dull, flat and plastic like.I am still happy with the product for paying under Five Bucks.

Ida Five Points, CA

People love this clip

I have wore this clip in the front and back of my hair, and people love it. It is really pretty. Stays in my hair.

Claudia Angora, MN


This item is Walgreens, to bad they dont sell it there.I think they should..Dont be affraid to buy it .Its not high end ,but I think it is cute.

Lenora Delmar, DE

Bemaystar Women’s Vintage Crystal Peacock Hair Clip Head Wear

i bought 2 of these one for mom and one for the desein also the color.the only thing i dint care for is these are not for adults hair.more like for kids.please state weather its for a kid or adult .it would make it much easier thanks

Trina Kensington, KS

Wouldn’t Buy Again . . .

It is smaller than it looks in the pic and compared to the other clips I found online, it does not match the price point. I’m glad I got it for my cousin for Christmas, but I would not recommend this to anyone.

Mae Corozal, PR

peacock head wear clip

got it and love it to wear them when i go out or around the house they are very pretty and people love them also ask where i got them i tell them amazon…thanks so much cant wait to get the last one i order then my order is complete thanks again….:)

Eliza Eagle, MI

Better Than the Blue or Pink similar clips.

This is pretty, the plating isn’t quite as bright cheap yellow as the blue or the pink ones, and done a bit more delicately than either of those two. I’d stick with this one or the bronze color plated one, they look the best out of all of them. If I had seen the pink and the blue ones in person before ordering I wouldn’t have ordered those ones.

Bette Riverside, UT

Uncloseable bow

This was a beautiful piece. However it could not close making it unusable. This would have been a 5 so sad

Priscilla Fort Valley, VA

Smaller than I expected

This is not very heavy, great quality nor very big. It’s about an inch and half long and it’s not meant to really hold hair. It’s more of a decoration only. Don’t depend on this to hold your hair up. You would have to pin it up and add this to "decorate" your hair.

Elizabeth Vinton, IA


I bought two of them so I could have on on each side. They are smaller barettes, so they work well on thinning hair.

Chandra Monroe, IN

B E A U T I F U L!!!

This Bemaystar crystal peacock hair clip is beautiful. They (I ordered 6 of them) took forever and a day to arrive. I wanted them as Christmas gifts, and they arrived on January 30th. I ordered them on Black Friday. I could not pass up the price. They were practically given away. They are still well made and just gorgeous! I recommend them.

Marina Swan, IA


I bought several styles from this vendor. This one is smaller than the others, a barette, yet plenty of sparkle without taking over the whole side of your head. These are very nice hair clips, great quality. They were well packaged in protective bubble wrapping. Not a single stone was loose or missing. No obvious flaws or visable glue. Product was delivered sooner than I expected it. Excellent price for quality products, these are just perfect. I will be getting more

Iris Bland, MO


Nope. don’t bother. that big black beady eye is weird and it looks unpleasant. I wouldn’t wear it anywhere, seriously.

Erin Hope, AK


I was drawn to this cute hair clip. I have two they are so sparkly cute and unique. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone wear one and I like to be different.

Kelsey Clinton, IN

I love it!!

Very pretty!! Not too big…more of a dainty barrette. I don’t think it would work to pull you whole head of hair back…more of an accent piece.

Susana De Soto, KS

Very, very pretty!

This hair clip is so pretty!! It was a little smaller than I thought it would be, but I’m still able to get great use out of it! It’s more of a "barrette" size than a hair clip. I complimented on it all the time…

Blanca Lakeland, MI

Very pretty barrette

I like this barrette a lot, it’s way prettier than the picture. I have long heavy hair and it works for me. I wore it out and about all day and evening yesterday and it held just fine. At this unbelievably low price (one dollar, free shipping!), I’m ordering more as gifts.EDIT 9-3-13: I liked it so much I ordered 4 more for gifts. They arrived today. Surprise surprise they’re about half the size of the first one. The first barrette that I liked so much and reviewed above is 3 3/4 inches long, has very pretty turquoise, lavender and “diamond” stones, with a black stone for the eye, and is actually prettier than shown in the picture. The 4 I received today are much smaller, about about 2 1/2 inches long and smaller all around, and all turquoise stones, small black stone eye. They’re still pretty for 89 cents. I ordered these 4 as gifts for 10 year old girls, expecting to get 4 more like the first one. These smaller ones are nice and will make nice little gifts for the girls, but they wouldn’t be big enough to hold my long heavy hair. Even tho they aren’t like the first one I liked so much that I ordered more, they’re quite nice for the price. But I really wanted 4 more like the first one. Because of the switch to a lesser item I’m changing my review from 5 to 4 stars. I’d change it to 3 stars but I really really like the first one.

Sandra Shohola, PA

Bemaystar Women’s Vintage Crystal Peacock Hair Clip Head Wear

Guess I’ve too fine and little hair for the pin to hold. Love the color but was of no use to me. Donated it away.

Beulah Carlock, IL

smaller than picture

this hair clip was wayyyyyy to small for me to use on my maid of honor’s hair. I had to hurry and buy a different one

Diann Marlboro, NY

Not as bright as shown.

It is a cute hair clasp. One my daughter finds lovely, and that is all that matters. For the price combined with the speedy shipment, it’s perfect.

Callie Sterling, IL


this is so pretty and just the right size for a childs head or an adults head…it is sparkly and I love the color

Adela Babcock, WI


It is so pretty. I love it! The blue really stands out. It looks just like the picture when you open it.

Erna Holly Springs, MS

Nice and worth the price

This looks like the picture and is nice. But it is smaller than I thought it would be. My husband says it looks playful and bright. I do have red hair and sometimes that makes colors look brighter. It is good quality and it was a good price overall I like it. This clip is gold based that’s something to keep in mind when you purchase it. I have a shirt that has a peacock on it that has a turquoise body and this matches it. I would like it better if it had a silver or metal colored clip most of my jewelry is not gold colored.

Cheryl Castle, OK

I ordered two…

Pretty clip! Ordered 2, 1 for a friend. I’m pleased with the items, attractive and stylish. Recommended for sure! thanks

Regina Ohlman, IL

nice little hairclip

the weight for me is just right, it’s not heavy or light to put on your head. the only thing is the smell of metal, so I spray it with some perfume to get rid of it.. works great

Mattie Livermore, CO

cute – but TINY

this is adorable – the problem is – it is REALLY small! I have UBER thin hair, and I could not get it to close on a pony tail. Most of the time, I cant get a bigger one to stay in my hair because it is too thin, and they slip right out. This one unfortunately, was too small to do anything except get placed above a ponytail holder as a decoration with a portion of the hair.

Lenora Williamsburg, MA

beautiful accessory

looks exactly like the picture, it holds up very strong doesn’t fall out of my hair, absolutely beautiful I love it

Maribel Stout, IA

very pretty.

These are very pretty. I have worn them a few times but i hesitate because they are not very well made. Many of the stones have fallen off. I really love them & would reglue the stones but they are so small that when they fall off, they are gone.

Laura Elkton, FL


This hair clip is small but so cute! You’ll like it too I’m sure. Then of course the price is right.

Melisa Winner, SD


very nice and classy. fits perfectly for my 10 y/o daughter. she loves to collect cute hairpins and clips, this one adds to her collection.

Leonor Cambridge Springs, PA