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Belson Pro Universal Tourmaline Ceramic Dual Diffuser

Universal Tourmaline/Ceramic Dual Diffuser Fits most Hair Dryers Tourmaline Infused Two Styling Surfaces: Flat and Volume Fingers

Key features

  • Fits most hair dryers
  • Tourmaline infused
  • Two styling surfaces: Flat and volume fingers

Honest reviews


Good for the price

This was the first diffuser I have ever owned. I was excited to use it, being recently informed that a diffuser is a great product for wavy hair that sometimes doesn’t want to be wavy, or attractive. I was shown by an Aveda associate how to use the diffuser after putting in some great product (their ‘be curly’ line), and it worked wonderfully in the Aveda store. However, once I tried it myself, I was disappointed to see very different results.Pro: A much better price on Amazon than you’ll find in most stores.Cons: It slips off the head of the hair dryer at least 5 times during a 10 minute session.-It does not deliver as much as it says it will: at least for my hair, the curl intensity does not increase when using this product, nor does the frizz. I’m willing to give it a good rating for now because I’m imagining it has potential and that the real problem is my lack of knowing how to use it effectively. If anyone has tips, please share 🙂

Catalina Hooper Bay, AK

Defines My Curls

I was a little anxious at first when I received this diffuser because I worried that it wouldn’t fit my Chi Rocket Hair Dryer. Also, the cup of the diffuser is a lot larger than I expected. When I first tried to use it, it kept popping off every few seconds. Then, I realized I hadn’t pushed it down on my dryer nozzle far enough. Once I did, it locked in place and stayed on until I was done diffusing my hair. The only con I have is that it is a little difficult securing it/locking in place and removing it when done. But, once on tight, it really grips the end of my Chi dryer nozzle like a second skin. But, I guess that’s a good thing. Better than popping off incessantly. Overall, I am happy with my purchase. This diffuser works great on short or long hair. I have short, very curly hair (5.5 inches when straightened), and I love my results! Considering the Chi diffuser attachment for my dryer retails for $40-$50 a la cart, I’m glad I found a comparable universal diffuser for 1/2 the cost!

April Stout, OH


i was so disappointed when I lost my old one that had fingers. I love the fingers because they make sure you keep the hair far enough form the blower but also help to either straighten or boost the curl.

Rhonda Jamaica Plain, MA

Couldn’t be more pleased

I somehow had lost my diffuser and bought this Universal diffuser. Upon receipt, I was convinced it did not fit and would likely not fit any hand held dryer. It came with no instructions but my husband played with it for a while and it turns out it simply has some rubberized parts in it that appear to be unyielding. However, all one has to do is apply brute force and the nozzle of the dryer will snap down into the rubber. It fits great and works great.

Kristen Needham, AL

Great item

I am simply impressed that it fits my 20 year old blow dryer. I have had the same blow dryer for over 20 years and it still works great and this is an awesome addition to it…

Miranda Clarksville, IN


Probably works fine IF it fits your dryer. It did not fit mine so I sent it back. Check the diameter of your dryer before purchasing.

Miranda Laquey, MO

It’s okay

I have naturally curly hair and I have been through my fair share of diffusers, I do like the way it fits on my blowdryer but I’m not to keen on how well it diffuses my hair. I noticed that it may let to much air out at once, which makes my curly hair frizzy when it blows everywhere. So the stars are based on the fact that it does the job, it is a universal diffuser but as far as the product I don’t care much for it.

Elena Scott Depot, WV