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Bellus 13 Piece Full Face, Eye, Lip, Brow Makeup Brush Set and Case

The Bellus 13 Piece Makeup Brush Set Product Features Makes a great starter set for all your basic makeup needs Made with all natural bristles and some synthetic brushes each made for a specific use Leathereen case included to keep your makeup brushes protected Perfect for professional salons or personal use Create your ideal look effortlessly with Bellus 13 piece Makeup brush set. This Complete Face, Eye set includes thirteen black wooden handled, silver ferrule Bellus brushes that enable you to create a wide range of looks. Bellus brushes are a mixture of natural and synthetic bristles, allowing you to choose the right brush for your needs. The travel case is imprinted with authentic Bellus logo and includes an individual slot for each of the twelve professional brushes. The case is also easily foldable and snaps closed, safely securing your brushes during travel. Includes: 1. Studio Deluxe Sable Powder Brush 2. Studio Deluxe Kabuki Blush Brush 3. Studio sable Shadow Brush 4. Studio Sable Concealer Brush 5. Studio Angle Taklon Liner 6. Studio Badger Blending Fan 7. Studio Sable Crease Brush 8. Studio Oval Taklon Concealer 9. Studio Detailing Lip liner 10. Studio Oval lip liner 11. Studio brow Comb 12. Studio Mascara Spoolie 13. Studio Silk Spongie 14. Studio leatherette snap case Each brush is covered with a clear plastic wrap for cleanliness.

Key features

  • Makes a great starter set for all your basic makeup needs
  • Made with all natural bristles and some synthetic brushes each made for a specific use
  • Leathereen case included to keep your makeup brushes protected, Great for travel and on the go
  • Each brush is covered with a clear plastic wrap for cleanliness
  • Perfect for professional salons or personal use, Full face, Eye and Kabuki brush included

Honest reviews


Great brushes.

My first experience with these brushes was me pulling the powder brush out of its little holder and having the brush head separate from the handle. However this was the only brush that broke and was a quick fix with super glue. The quality of these brushes far outweighs that setback. They are baby feather soft on your skin and distribute product evenly. I only wish it came with a foundation brush. This is the only reason why it is 4 stars and not 5.

Evelyn Stirrat, WV

Love my brushes!

I can not say anything bad about this brushes they have worked amazingly for me and the price was too good to pass up. Definitly worth the price I paid!

Mattie Bevier, MO

A Fantastic Xmas Gift!

I’ve been searching for a good brush set to buy a sibling for christmas, and everything under $20 seemed to be fake. But after a week of endless searching, I found this set that retails at $50 for $13, and after reading the reviews I had to order.And boy am I happy I did! The leather pouch is exquisite, and the brushes are so, so soft.If I was a makeup junkie, I’d buy three. Get this while it’s still on sale! I love mine!

Helga Fisher, PA

good starter kit

great if you need some cheap brushes, good range of brushes, but man they break apart, always unglue from the handle. you can reglue but it is a pain besides that it works pretty well. the metal to hold the bristles in shape on the fan brush broke but it is okay for a starter kit.

Heidi Summit Point, WV


Nice set, has everything you need, the bristles do not fall out and they are soft but not too soft to not complete the job properly. I love the case they come in as well, the magnetic snap is a plus too! Would recommend to anyone who wears makeup.

Kristi Shattuck, OK

Nice Brush set

Love the brushes. Hate that the glue did nto hold but a little presure to clamp them down issue fixed. So if you have that issue just a quick bite down or use some pliers. love the case its very nice no issue with it. brushes clean easy and dont lose hairs.

Autumn Berryville, AR

Feels good, Poor quality

The brush feels soft and does a great job but when I tried to clean the brushes the head of the brush popped off very easily. I promise I was not that rough with it at all. You could always re- glue, I suppose. Just letting you know in case that kind of thing annoys you.

Keri Chugwater, WY

Soft, high quality

Especially for the price, these are very high quality brushes. They are all very soft, and I have not had any problems with bristles falling out. I have had these for probably a year now, and they are still in great condition.

John Santa Elena, TX

Good Buy

I was really pleased with these brushes, and you cannot beat the price.I use them every day and so far I haven’t had any of the usual problems with value brushes such as them coming apart or the bristles falling out when applying make-up and getting every where (which is the most irritating thing imaginable when you are in a hurry), and they apply everything nicely.The case is very handy as well.I am very glad I came across these!

Ruby Clear Lake, MN

Great for the Price

Considering the price, these are great brushes. I don’t have any problems with bristles coming off. The case is very nice with a double clear protective screen to encase the brushes. The only downside of this set is a lack of a smudge brush.

Cynthia Dyer, IN

Buyer Beware!

The brush tips fall off, at touch of brush! Becaue I needed them right away I didn’t have time to send back. So, I had to buy some super glue to re-attach them.

Jolene Unionville, CT


I love this 13 piece makeup brush set and case. I read some reviews stating that the brushes smell so I took them out of the case and aired it out overnight and voila, no more smell. Most brushes and makeups wrapped tightly in plastic has that smell, but one night in the open does the trick. Also, the brushes are great quality. The picture does not do this set justice. I honestly didn’t realize how much I was getting when I ordered this product. I would recommend to anyone for the price and the prompt shipping and overall great experience with these brushes. Thanks so much!

Adriana Sterling, OK

such a good deal

this product is great, the brushes are super soft and haven’t shed a single hair yet, even through washing. the assortment was perfect for what i needed, only other brushes it could use are large foundation and eyeshadow brushes but already had them. the case has a bit of a chemical smell, but doesn’t linger on the brushes at all and hopefully will fade. also found videos on youtube for putting together an simple brush stand for easier access day to day and a pretty display on your counter. for the cost, you really could not do better!

Shana Wood Lake, NE


I’ve had these for over a year. I found that they work nicely, and they don’t shed at all. The only issue is that after awhile the glue holding the wooden handle to the metal of the brush wears out and they slip off, but adding a little extra glue fixes that.

Kaye Canajoharie, NY

Loving these

These are very soft! They pick up the makeup and apply well, and haven’t shed when applying or when washing. Very nice starting kit for a great value, I’d say!The pouch does have the paint can smell, but for me it wasn’t obvious at all. In fact, I can only smell it if I put the pouch up to my nose. The smell hasn’t transferred to the brushes for me either, so it’s a total pleasure using them. I didn’t even need to air them out. And though I imagine I could air out the smell on the pouch I haven’t needed to since I’m not gonna go around burying my nose into the pouch all the time (I bought from seller Accessories 4 All).

Margie Ironton, MO