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Belloccio Fair Shade Airbrush Makeup Foundation Set

Belloccio’s Complete Professional Airbrush Makeup System with FAIR Foundation Set Includes: Super Quiet Premium Mini Airbrush Compressor with 3 Airflow Control Settings, 6 Foot Push on Rubber Airbrush Hose and Airbrush Holder. Operates at 12V DC with a 110V AC plug Professional Precision Single-Action Gravity Feed Airbrush with a 0.4mm Tip & 1/16 oz Cup. Airbrush is designed to provide an ultra fine mist of makeup, allowing you to achieve a flawless, soft natural complexion User Guide Manual – Detailed steps for getting Professional results when using the Belloccio System Belloccio’s FAIR Color Foundation Shades for fair or light skin tones with pink and yellow undertones 4-1/4 oz Bottles Colors: Blanc, Vanilla, Alabaster and Buff Anti-Aging Moisturizing Primer 1/4 oz Bottle for use before, during or after makeup is applied Belloccio’s Limited Edition Carry Bag & Special Bonus Items Radiant Bronzer (1/4 oz Bottle) Rich bronzer with golden pearlized effect to help achieve that healthy radiant after sun glow Charming Lily Blush (1/4 oz Bottle) (Peachy Pink), natural healthy-looking color that instantly brightens your complexion Champagne Shimmer Highlighter (1/4 oz Bottle) (Peach Shimmer) to create a radiant pearlized effect 1/4 Ounce Complementary Gift Belloccio Opulence Premium Sunless Tanning Solution (1/4 oz Bottle) Belloccio Airbrush Cleaner (4 oz Bottle)

Key features

  • Belloccio® Cosmetic Makeup Airbrush & Compressor System with 1 Year Free Replacement Warranty
  • Belloccio® FAIR Shade Airbrush Makeup Foundation Set with 4 colors to assure a Perfect Match.
  • Anti-Aging Moisturizing Primer (1/4 oz) With Radiant Bronzer, Blush & Highlighter bottles.
  • Free: Belloccio’s® Limited Edition Cosmetic Carry Bag & bottle of Blush
  • User Guide Manual – Detailed steps for getting the best results when using the Belloccio System.

Honest reviews



I purchased this because it was the only airbrush system available to purchase through Amazon and I had just gotten $75 worth of Amazon gift cards. I’ve tried all kinds of makeup and nothing covers properly without making my skin feel smothered or caked. This airbrush system had mixed reviews, but I decided to give it a shot. The first day I used it, it was absolutely wonderful. My skin is not the greatest and it looked flawless! I was so happy I had purchased this kit. After use, I cleaned it as advised by the instructions and was so looking forward to using it again the next day. Well…the next day (the 2nd time I used it) it did not work properly. I cleaned it again thinking that would help…it didn’t. It was only blowing air and no makeup. I cleaned it again…left it alone for about an hour and tried it again…the same thing. It would blow makeup for about 10 seconds and then nothing, but just as I would release the trigger a big sputter (blob on my face) of makeup would come out. I am so disappointed because I loved how the airbrush makeup looked on my face. I am sending it back TODAY!!! A side note…the makeup itself is good (the one time i got to wear it). If you want to try the Belloccio makeup I do recommend it, but whatever you do-do not buy this airbrush system! And if you decide to ignore my review (as I ignored another similar review) and purchase it anyway make sure you purchase through Amazon, so you can easily send it back as I am 100% positive you will.

Cheri Alleyton, TX


The air compressor came scratched up. I wonder if the item was used, returned and restocked. Even on high, not much came of of the air brush. When it did come out it was huge splatter, not a fine mist. It did not cover my skin no matter how much color mixing or primer I used. After application my face felt sticky. This did not cover anything on my face. I returned mine. Save your time and money and skip this.

Jeanette Crown Point, IN

Loving it

I purchased this system after doing quite a bit of research about airbrush makeup. I wanted to find a foundation that would cover redness and not rub off onto my clothes. I have very dry, clear, unblemished skin with some redness around my nose that needed light coverage. Regular foundation was okay, but I was getting tired of constantly having to clean my brushes and getting makeup on my clothes. I was always worried about blending and sometimes I wasn’t doing that great of an application job. I was all set to purchase another well known airbrush brand, but their website was broken (they wanted me to call my order in) and I knew I could rely on Amazon.I am very happy with the system. It took a couple tries to get my correct color figured out – I mix roughly equal parts of two colors of foundation. I use the foundation and blush and sometimes the shimmer. I did find that the moisturizer/primer isn’t quite enough, I have to pre-moisturize my skin with squalane and a bit of jojoba oil before applying the makeup. Once you get the hang of it, it is quick and easy. I use 8 drops of foundation with 3 drops of moisturizer. For blush I use 4 drops of the Charming Lily color that came with my kit. I wish it was a more instense pink. It’s a very soft, natural color and looks nice. The radiant bronze shimmer is far too dark for me and I sometimes use it as an eyeshadow, but usually it gets ignored. The champagne shimmer is darker than you’d think, but makes a nice highlighter or glimmer mixed with blush. In general, I don’t use the shimmers. After foundation and blush, I apply lip and eyemakeup and a dusting of translucent powder on my T-zone. Finally, I follow with a makeup setting spray which I think makes a HUGE difference in the wear time of this foundation.Initially, I was excited to use airbrush for everything. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, lips. After using it for awhile, I think that’s more trouble than it’s worth to learn the techniques and run different colors through the brush. I am doing those things the regular way and probably will not switch to airbrush.It takes about 7 – 10 minutes for me to apply the foundation and clean the brush. I run a bit of cleaner through it, followed by distilled water. Occasionally I take the airbrush apart for a more thorough cleaning.This system is not for you if you have no mechanical inclination. You need to be able to adjust, clean and troubleshoot your airbrush. It’s not hard at all, but could be daunting for folks who don’t want to mess with stuff. If you’re willing to spend some time with it, I think you’ll be happy. Look around at some youTube videos – there are many.

Donna Newberry, MI

Wouldn’t give this thing up for anything!

I bought this figuring I would try it out and decide it wasn’t worth the money, since I’m kind of a cheapskate. However, it’s so wonderful that I’ll NEVER give it up! I have very dry skin that is starting to look funny when I apply cream or powder makeup. It just doesn’t look right anymore. This product looks flawless. It’s thin enough not to cake, but covers flaws beautifully! I don’t use it every day (because it takes just a bit longer to apply than powder foundation), but when I want to look extra good, I definitely get it out.Do yourself a favor and buy this. You deserve it.

Dessie Gibbs, MO

Love the coverage

I love the coverage this system provides. Would give it a higher rating but the air gun that came with this kit fell apart on the second use and without the original packing could not be returned. Sadly I had to spend more to purchase a replacement

Patrice Weesatche, TX

It works

It does an alright job, though cleaning it you have to be pretty careful. I didn’t clean it well enough the first time and the small trigger to release makeup didn’t work — makeup came out regardless (made a bit of a mess). Just be sure you clean it well!Also, applying the makeup takes some practice (as expected). I’ve only played with the foundation colors — I feel that for me applying blush or any other accent is going to be too difficult for me, though I am no expert.

Sondra Lynx, OH


Now in all fairness I am writing a review for a product I did not use. My wife got it. Here’s why she is returning it.She said that she could not get through one application…or one usage without stopping to clean it and then start again.She feels that it does not deliver on it’s promise.Plus she said that the hoops you have to jump through to clean it after each usage just made it worthless. Her words not mine but since we have been married for almost 40 years now I am not sure there is any difference anymore. 🙂

Heather Aguila, AZ

Didn’t work out for me.

I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to use this product. I tested the colors to find my shade and it irritated my skin. Even after I washed it off I was still itchy.

Jerry Colon, MI