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Belli Elasticity Belly Oil, 4 fl. oz.

Elasticity Belly Oil is a luxurious blend of medically researched ingredients that helps protect against stretchmarks. Lavender and sweet almond oil soothe and calm the senses, while nourishing and moisturizing to help skin stretch without damage. Features Vitamin E and Gotu Kola extract.

Key features

  • Luxurious body oil that protects against stretchmarks
  • Lavender and sweet almond oil are soothing and calming to the senses
  • Lavender and sweet almond oil nourishes and moisturizes to help skin stretch without damage
  • Features Vitamin E and Gotu Kola extract

Honest reviews


At least twice as expensive as necessary, and at any price of dubious value

Belli founding physician Dr. Jason Rubin includes this useful letter on the side of the box containing this oil:”Some common skincare ingredients are absorbed into your bloodstream, where they can pass into baby’s circulation. Belli PREGNANCY (no explanation of why that word must be capitalized) is the only line in the world that teratology screens each ingredient to help guard against birth defects. Every product is allergy tested, and free of artificial dyes and parabens. I created the Belli collection to help keep my wife and baby safe. Now I want to share our science with you.”I doubt that “I want to sell large volumes of my unbelievably overpriced product” was part of his strategy.This elasticity belly oil contains: sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, lavender oil, gotu kola extract, cocoa butter, vitamin E, safflower seed oil and collagen hydrolysates.Dear reader – you’ve probably heard about the immense birth defect epidemic tied to stretch mark oils and creams, right? What? You haven’t heard of it? That’s because this epidemic doesn’t exist.The amount of ingredients that are absorbed into YOUR blood from an oil or cream is minimal. The amount that is passed on to your baby if you are pregnant is less than that.The “teratology screening” performed by Dr. Rubin is described on his website: “searches through millions of published medical research studies to help women avoid ingredients even remotely linked to birth defects.”Hmmm… do you think Dr. Rubin (or a whole TEAM of medical professionals) actually READ “millions of published medical research studies” or do you think he maybe googled “safflower oil”?The truth is that you could probably bathe constantly in a metric ton of almond oil, vitamin E, etc and not suffer ill health effects to yourself or your baby other than being pretty slippery.Another unfortunate truth is that there are no substances – oils, creams, injections, medications, foods – shown to have any definite improvement on stretch marks. Excessive weight gain is associated with them, but the only other protective effect is genetics, and you’re stuck there.If Belli Pregnancy Elasticity Oil was priced similar to other products and he just added the “teratology screen” to give you a reason to buy Belli over his competitors, I wouldn’t be writing such a skeptical review. But this product is priced at approx $40 for 4 oz, when I can find similar, and similarly safe products priced from $5 to $16 for 4 to 16 oz.This product is not bad on its own accord, but to market it by preying on the fears of expectant mothers, and charging 3 times the price of the competition is, to be generous, a scam.[..]

Ella Fremont, OH

moisturizing oil

This oil has a very nice texture. It absorbs very nicely but is still an oil so you need to be careful with your nicer clothing. It comes in a spray bottle but it can be directed well-it doesn’t spray all wild. The sent is very relaxing and very lavender. Probably the nicest oil i’ve ever used.

Carolina South Gate, CA

A luxurious gift for a mother to be

I have been rubbing this (lavender & sweet almond oil & other plant extracts) on a scar from knee surgery and although it’s too soon to tell whether it will have an effect, I had to write now just to say how divinely it smells and how luxurious it feels to rub it onto my scar. It’s a sensually pleasurable experience. Not every pregnant woman ends up with stretch marks but any mother to be would feel very pampered and wonderful rubbing this oil onto her belly, and if it should prevent stretch marks too, so much the better.

Daisy San Bruno, CA

Minimal ingredients for an excellent product…

Belli Elasticity Belly Oil has just a few ingredients:Sweet Almont Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Lavender Oil, Gotu Kola Extract, Cocoa Butter, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) , Safflower Seed Oil, Collagen Hydrolysates (Marine Derived).As a person with fairly sensitive skin, I prefer simpler concoctions for my skin care, which is one of the reasons I chose this product.I do know a thing or two about stretchmarks, having been through a pregnancy that stretched my belly quite a bit- even though my son was a singleton, due to excess amniotic fluid I was measuring 48 weeks when I delivered at 33…Or, to give you a more current reference- my belly was around the size of Kate’s in Jon and Kate Plus 8. Huge. So my skin was stretched quite a bit… I knew from previous weight gains and losses, that my skin is prone to stretch marks, and pregnancy definitely delivered plenty more.From my understanding, stretchmarks are not preventable- some women get them, others do not… But caring for your stretching belly skin is very important- even just for comfort, as stretching and stretched pregnant bellies can be unbearably itchy. (some itching is cause for concern, and I suggest a call to your midwife or doctor if you are getting itchy or rashy)There are a zillion formulas out there on how to sooth and pamper your stretching skin, I don’t think judging one because it didn’t prevent stretchmarks is fair because nothing prevents them.I am not pregnant now, but I still have a lovely hammock in front and I cannot afford plastic surgery or the downtime I do moisturize the belly skin and I find that certain formulas actually seem to make it look and feel less like an extra appendage and more like part of me.BELLI does that. It comes in a generous 4oz glass bottle (I’m not crazy about glass in the bathroom, but with various oils and essential oils, plastic would probably contaminate or degrade too quickly) with a handy pump… It is oil, so it is greasy when you first squirt it into your hand and rub it in… And then it’s gone. The grease, the oil is gone, rapidly absorbed. In it’s wake it leave behind the softest, silkiest skin. Belli oil truly feels like a decadent splurge but also a responsible one, due to the company’s mission statement (a doctor made this for his wife, keeping in mind the effect of skincare ingredients on a growing baby and mom), and the minimal ingredients.I would definitely suggest this to anyone, not just pregnant women, who would like a little simple, at home pampering and is looking for a product to nourish stressed skin…I really like the gentle softness it gave my somewhat dry and very sensitive skin- my clothes slipped on without the wet grabbing that a not totally absorbed lotion can give…This absorbed so quickly that I was not greasy at all once I finished putting on my facial moisturizer and went to put my clothes on…Also, if you do not like lavender at all, you might want to steer clear of this…The lavender smells like a Bulgarian Lavender (more clean, fresh, and light and not perfumey) and it does fade shortly after application, but if one has a sensitive nose (as is common in pregnancy) perhaps an unscented preparation would be best….I liked this best after a shower…It’s easiest (for me) to incorporate this sort of thing in my regular routine…

Mayra Almyra, AR

A Good, but Messy, Concept

As a nursing mother, I was thrilled to try this product…because we all know the stomach is not the only place a mother gets stretch marks. I think the idea is great, and of course the ingredients used are wonderful for pampering the skin, but I have two complaints that detract from the success of this product.First, the smell is rather unpleasant; it is reminiscent of reconstituted lemon juice. In other words, it has a very tangy scent that begins to grate on the nerves after a few minutes.Second, and more importantly, this product is treacherous for the clothes! The spray nozel delivers a hard blast of product that bounces off the hands and onto clothes. Being that this is a very oily product, your great skin might come at the cost of ruined clothing.This is a product that you must rub in very well in order to safeguard clothing, and furthermore, be sure to wash your hands well immediately after.While I think extended use of this product would likely deliver on its promise to prevent/reduce stretch marks, I think the scent and overly oily nature of it are unattractive “side effects.”

Jacklyn Wellborn, FL

Only product for stretch marks that is safe during pregnancy

The big difference with this stretch mark oil and all others is that this company tests each individual ingredient to make sure it is safe during a pregnancy. All other stretch mark creams/oils do not test each ingredient for birth defective ingredient and recommend that you do not use them during pregnancy. Creams/oils can absorb into your blood stream and potentially affect your growing baby. This one is safe, which is great since during a pregnancy you get huge stretch marks. wonderful product that works great and you know is safe for your baby

Jayne Fort Stewart, GA

Great Moisturizing Oil

I was very happy with the BELLI Elasticity Belly Oil because it is a great moisturizer for my skin. The main use for this oil is to prevent stretchmarks caused by pregnancy. I am not pregnant, but I did try it out and liked it. The oil is extremely moisturizing and is absorbed fairly quickly into the skin. Not only is the oil moisturizing, but it also has the very calming scent of lavender. I can’t say for sure that this oil will definitely prevent stretchmarks, but if you’re looking for a lightly scented moisturizing oil, this is for you!

Nora Pinellas Park, FL

Feel like a salad!

Smear yourself with this lotion and feel like a salad! BELLI Elasticity Belly Oil looks like a bottle of a olive oil. The bottle is designed so you can spray the oil on, but my bottle was defective. I was unable to use the spray function and instead, I had to unscrew the cap and pour it on my hands.I actually recommend applying it by hand since this oil permanently stains cotton clothing. I accidentally got some of this oil on my shirt and it stained my shirt. I tried getting the stain out, but I had no luck.The oil itself actually did seem to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and left my skin feeling nice. Still, this is a messy product.Lastly, I wrote to BELLI to enquire as to whether this product was tested on animals and never received a response. I was disappointed at this lack of concern for customer questions. I researched this topic on the internet and it appears that BELLI products are NOT tested on animals. However, the label of the belly oil does not indicate whether it has been tested on animals.I’m not quite sure how to rate this item. It is what it claims to be – a stretch mark reducing oil. This was my first time trying a body oil though and found I did not like it. My dislike of body oils does not mean this is a bad product and those who like body oils will likely be satisfied.

Sandy Puunene, HI

Real smooooth

This is a very nice skin product. Many of the ingredients are conducive to skin conditioning and repair. Belli contains several kinds of oils: Vitamin E, Almond oil, Grape Seed oil, and Safflower Seed oil. It also contains Lavender, Cocoa Seed Butter and Collagen Hydrolysates.The product has a very pleasing scent, with the obvious presence of lavender. It is not overpowering but pleasant and long lasting.Belli does adhere to teratology screening for their products, including this one, so pregnant women can feel assured that the ingredients are safe in general. There are also no man-made dyes in the product.Like any other skin product, I am not sure the product will do too much to get rid of existing stretch marks, however the Vitamin E and Collagen Hydrolysates are known to help skin elasticity and firmness. So the product probably will help to minimize new stretch marks some and will contribute to overall skin conditioning.The product is pricey, but the ingredients are all natural and/or high quality. Those seeking to minimize the effects of stretch marks might be able to get the same benefit by applying Vitamin E oil. Belli does have a wonderful scent that plain Vitamin E does not.All in all a nice product, albeit a bit expensive.

Althea Topinabee, MI

Seems nice

I am going to come back and update this review after I give birth to my second daughter, so I can tell you how well it worked. It’s a bit oily, which may be good for it working but makes it more difficult to want to put on. It has a slight perfume scent and I wish it did not but it’s pleasant enough. The question is, does it work? Will update in a month months!

Ashley Gallup, NM

Belli Prevents Stretch Marks, Moisturizes, and Smells Great

Stretch marks are a problem for many different people and most people wait until they have stretch marks to do something about them. Of course, by that point it is often too late. The stretch marks may itch and they may leave a permanent mark on the skin that no over- the- counter treatment can ever correct.Prevention is the key with stretch marks and one product designed to stop stretch marks before they start is Belli Elasticity Belly Oil. This product is specially formulated to help the skin stretch more readily and thus prevent or reduce the formation of stretch marks. This oil is heavily marketed toward pregnant woman since they have an obvious need to prevent stretch marks. With greater elasticity in the skin, it is therefore able to stretch more easily, thereby reducing the instance of stretch marks in pregnant women.I don’t have any immediate plans to get pregnant but I have found there are still uses for this oil. This body oil super- moisturizes the skin and this fact alone could make it a worthwhile alternative to ordinary body oils. From my experience, I have found that Belli Elasticity Belly Oil works wonders on dry elbows, and it could be very useful for other patches of skin that are prone to dryness. It leaves the skin feeling soft, clean, and moisturized.Belli Elasticity Belly Oil is promoted as a product designed for the special needs of pregnant women, but it can actually help anyone who would like some added protection against ugly stretch marks. If you lift weights or have any other reason to worry about the formation of stretch marks, then Belli Elasticity Belly Oil can help. Pregnant women have the greatest need and represent the largest market for this type of product, but it can be used by anyone who worries about stretch marks and, as mentioned above, by anyone who would like a little therapy for their skin.Belli Elasticity Belly Oil does seem to have many great things to offer. It does moisturize the skin very nicely and it does eliminate dryness, as well as preventing the formation of stretch marks. But there is one fact that could cause many potential customers to change their minds: The high price. Belli Elasticity Belly Oil carries a price that will place it out of reach for many and even those who can afford it could find the cost unacceptable. There are alternative oils that are priced at half the cost, so one really has to consider whether or not Belli Elasticity Belly Oil has enough special qualities to justify a purchase.Stretch marks are an ugly, itchy reality for those who are pregnant and for others who partake in any type of activity that could result in excessive stretching of the skin. Belli Elasticity Belly Oil won’t eliminate exisiting stretch marks, but it will control the ones that could appear in the future and it effectively moisturizes the skin to eliminate dryness. If you can get past the price, you could find many things to like about this product and it certainly ranks as a highly useful oil treatment for anyone who anticipates excessive weight gain or other stretching of the skin in a short period of time.

Phoebe Waycross, GA

Best one we’ve tried

We’ve tried a few of these types of products and this is our favorite so far. It’s easy to apply and not too oily. It also has a very subtle smell that my wife doesn’t find offensive. I can’t say that applying this stuff will actually prevent stretch marks, since we’re only at about 16 weeks, but it certainly seems possible.

Christine Hanover, VA

Smells Great; Makes Your Skin Feel Great; Didn’t Keep Away the Stretch Marks

I love the way this oil smells, and it makes skin feel super soft. The lavender and almond oil does truly have a great scent & relaxing effect. A little bit goes a long way. Two bottles will likely last for the pregnancy.I bought a bottle of Belli Elasticity Belly Oil for my sister-in-law, who loved it, and used it throughout her pregnancy. She ended up with quite a few stretchmarks. I used Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, which did not have as good of a scent, nor did it feel as good on my skin as a sample of Belli. But I ended my pregnancy with no stretch marks, spending quite a bit less than a Belli user. This clearly is not a scientific study, as nobody knows what would have happened with no oil/lotion applied, but it is simply my experience. I’m planning on using the Belli oil on my next pregnancy (Lord willing), and I will report back on the results.For the pregnant woman who wants to pamper her Belly, Belli is an excellent, albeit expensive and not 100% effective, choice.(Guest review by Kiki Hantla)

Esperanza Cima, CA

Good Product, Just a Little Pricey and a bit Greasy.

I got this for my wife and she only used it a few times before saying it was a little to greasy for her tastes. I think it has the potential to work if used as recommended. Is it worth the price? I’m not sure.

Matilda Port Alexander, AK


ANOTHER REVIEW BY “MRS. KNOW IT ALL”The product smells of sweet lavender and has vitamin E to protect the skin. After a few trys it already seems the skin is softer, which may help with allowing it to stretch and not leave stretchmarks later. The 4 oz. bottle seems like to would last throughtout the pregnancy, as the bellie oil applies smoothly and easily covers a large area. I would recommend this product to other women, of course, check with your doctor first as with any type of skin care when you are pregnant.

Sheri Port Jefferson, OH


I am 6 months pregnant and have been using this for 3 months. No stretch marks yet and better yet, no itchiness that I had from my last pregnancy. It smells so good. More like vanilla almond to me. I use it on my boob, butt and saddlebags. Keeps them nourished without feeling greasy. I plan on using this after my pregnancy as well. It is expensive but I have been using it for 3 months and have only used about 1/4 of the bottle.

Myrna Brohman, MI

I’m not pregnant – but I love it for my dry skin!

Okay, I’m not pregnant (my kids are teens!) so I can’t speak to whether or not this oil prevents stretch marks. It states that it prepares skin for stretching by keeping it moisturized, which I’m sure is true. I personally also think that whether or not you get stretch marks is somewhat genetic. But keeping your skin soft, itch-free, and nicely pliant and moisturized can’t hurt and should help. Further, Belli says that it screens it’s products for teratogens (ingredients that could cause birth defects) which I think is great. It also has a soothing lavender scent which every tired cranky pregnant woman needs!I use this oil because I’m middle aged, and it’s winter, and my skin is dry and flaky and gross. I need a heavy-duty moisturizer and this does the trick. It contains several oils (almond, lavender, etc) and cocoa butter, which really keep my skin soft. I particularly like this oil (over the many others I’ve tried) because it has a pleasant scent, it’s not too thick or heavy for an oil, and it comes with a spritzer which makes it easier to apply.I use it every day in the winter – it feels great, it smells great, it keeps my skin soft. There is no bad here.

Barbra Boonton, NJ

A nice way to treat yourself during pregnancy

I tried a few different stretch mark prevention products when I was pregnant with my son and sadly none of them work. I ended up with lots of stretch marks anyway! I had heard that continuing to use the products after delivery would help to lessen the appearance of the stretch marks but this wasn’t so for me. I decided to pick this up in hopes it may help, but again, it did not. I’ve heard a product called Mederma has some success on lessening the appearance of stretch marks (it’s made for reducing the appearance of scars) and I will try that next.As for preventing stretch marks, so far I don’t have any new ones and I will update after delivery. I don’t know if this was because my skin has already been stretched or if the product is really working. I guess there is no way to know for certain as some women can use no product and have no stretch marks at all. It’s all in the genes, baby!Honestly, for the price, you’d be wise to assume it’s just going to be a really nice, high quality body oil that smells great and really helps you to feel tranquil and at peace. It’s awesome before a meditation or yoga session or after a long, hot soak in the tub. If it works on stretch marks also, it’s just a bonus. 😉

Ester Paradise Valley, NV

Highest Quality Ingredients

My wife is just starting to use this BELLI Elasticity Belly Oil for her growing baby oven. The smell is pleasant and mild enough not to trigger her now-oversensitive gag reflex and it feels very smooth and rich. The ingredients are a list of natural and luxurious skin treatments, including gotu kola and cocoa butter. The glass bottle makes for easy dispensing and preserves the oils for a long time. The oils definitely soothe and moisturize. Plus it’s nice for a little massage on the ol’ tumtum. I’ll report back after things run their course regarding stretch marks.

Whitney Millen, GA

Good moisturizer, even if you’re not pregnant

Ok, so my baby is already here. The oil is wonderful to use right after a shower or bath, and really helps moisturize. My skin has been dry to the point of scaliness/cracking ever since my baby was born, and even shea butter has not really helped keep my skin supple. This oil, applied before drying off, has really helped (I follow up with lotion).Even if you’re just battling extremely dry skin, this is a very nice product. It smells wonderful– but be careful about the scent if you’re pregnant (I don’t know that I could have tolerated it, as I was very sensitive to smells during my pregnancy.) A nice bath treat.

Elvira Eureka, SD

Fragrant and Moisturizing…

BELLI Elasticity Belly Oil is a fragrant blend that feels heavenly on your skin. It seals in moisture after a bath, making your skin soft and supple.The packaging states that BELLI Elasticity Belly Oil is formulated with ingredients that will not leach into your baby’s circulatory system in vitro, which is something that really appeals to me. Products that are safe for baby are safe for mommy!The scent of lavender is very soothing and I also liked the convenient spray applicator on the glass bottle. BELLI Elasticity Belly Oil is something that I’d definitely recommend to expecting mothers and/or anyone who would like a deep moisturizing product made with safe ingredients.

Muriel Great Mills, MD

GREAT Belly/Body Oil!!

When I received the Belli Oil, I was surprised on how much Belli oil you actually get. I thought this was a good value for the money. Then I thought, if they give you so much oil, then it must have some weird-do ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce. To my surprise I could read and understand all the ingredients in this product. I am very conscious of what I put on my skin and how it could affect the baby.The oil is light but highly moisturizing oil that claims to reduce the incidence of stretch marks during pregnancy. I’m currently at 19 weeks and remain stretch mark free so far. I’ve only been using the Belli Oil for about 6 weeks and I have no stretch marks and no itchy belly that I read so much about! During my 1st Trimester I could not stand the smell of anything so I was not able to use the Belli Oil. The oil is easy to apply and so far has been effective. Scent is not outstanding, but not bad either. I am NOT a fan of the spray bottle. The spray bottle could be worse but it could be A LOT better.Other than the spray bottle, I have no complaints. GREAT PRODUCT!

Claudette Sinnamahoning, PA

Great product, but expensive

Sweet almond oil is a really great product for the skin. It absorbs quickly into the skin, making it less greasy than other oils. Almond oil can be used for just about any skin concern, not just stretch marks, because it also promotes youthful skin, and since it doesn’t clog pores, can even be used on the face.I also like that this product is natural and doesn’t contain preservatives or other suspected carcinogens. Research has shown that mothers do pass on well over 100 different toxins through their breast milk to their baby. Toxins like pesticides and hormones from the food we eat, and chemicals absorbed through the skin from the products we use. However, these toxins remain in your body for years, perhaps even a lifetime. So even if you ‘go organic’ and use strictly ‘all natural’ products during your pregnancy, you’re still likely to pass on toxins to your baby.[…]

Doretha Collinsville, OH

Smells Great, Feels Good But Very Expensive

Belli Elasticity Belly Oil smells great and feels even better. The light lavender scent will relax you while the smooth oil will moisturize your skin and possibly erase stretch marks. To be honest, I’m not currently pregnant but I do have stretch marks. After several days of applying this oil the stretch marks are smoother but still very visible. The glass spray bottle makes for easy and direct application to the problem area. I see multiple uses for the oil – massages, softening stretch marks, moisturizing the skin and relaxation. There were two issues that I found: 1) the glass bottle becomes slick after the initial use which could lead to breakage and 2) the oil is quite expensive.

Celeste Orrtanna, PA

Nourishing but flowery

My husband got this product for me. I liked the spay dispenser on this product, it made for easier and more uniform coverage when applying. When it soaked in it felt very moisturizing, however since it is an oil you do have to be careful to make sure it is well absorbed before getting dressed. I thought the lavender fragrance was a bit overpowering and lasted for most of the day, but I had friends who thought it smelled great. I would recommend this product only to someone who really likes and doesn’t mind smelling like lavender.

Isabel Galloway, OH

Smells Heavenly

Every pregnant woman should get one of these, this smells so good, and feels so smooth. My wife used it throughout the pragnancy and find it very effective. She strictly followed the “massage my belly” regiman, She had less itchy skin and very few stretch marks. My wife loves this oil, even after 5 months post partum she is using it as body massage oil.

Noemi Glendo, WY

Great product!

First of all I was surprised by how big the bottle is. Sometimes with these types of specialty products you pay a lot and then get a teeny amount. Not so. This bottle should def. last thru the pregnancy and post-partum but I guess if you use it several times a day you may need a second one. I also am very conscientious about using green products while pregnant. No parabens, no fragrance, no strange chemicals. This product has none of those ingredients and the doctor who invented it seems to have gone out of his way to make sure everything in the bottle is safe to use. The oil has a light lavender scent. It is also comes in an easy to use squirt bottle. The oil left my skin very soft! It was nice. Not greasy, just soft to touch. I have to say that this is my second pregnancy and I only had temporary stretch marks with my first pregnancy. Right after my baby was born I looked down on my tummy and was surprised that I had a bunch! And on my breasts. So I think maybe I should have used something like this and they would have gone away faster (I think genetics plays a lot in if they stay or go). So hopefully with this pregnancy I won’t get them at all. Anyway, I think for anyone who is pregnant who wants to try and prevent stretch marks or any other lines post pregnancy, this is def. a product to use. It is safe, there are simple ingredients, and it leaves your skins very smooth and soft. Yay!

Randi Caguas, PR

very thick…

This oil feels very thick and covers your skin nicely with lots of miniaturization. I have my doubts about it getting rid of stretch marks, but maybe it would be useful for preventing them, if you use it very regularly.There is a warming sensation when I put it on and the scent is quiet strong. Definitely a very “feminine” product. I am not pregnant, but I have “stretch marks” from gaining and losing weight on my belly and around my waist. I probably won’t buy this product at the store because I don’t love it due to the strong scent and the price, but I don’t dislike this product either. I have dry skin and it makes me feel good when I put it on. (I normally use the all natural pure almond oil from whole foods).Again, I’m not sure how well it’d work with what it claims to be used on, but as a moisturizing oil it’s not bad.

Lupe Little Orleans, MD

pregnant co-worker used this

I had a co-worker of mine who was pregnant use this product. She said it was smooth going on and made her stomach feel less “stretchy” and it seemed to itch less when she used it. She still got stretch marks, and is not sure whether this product helped her get fewer than she would have gotten otherwise. She said it was kind of sticky, so she used it when she was staying home so it wouldn’t stick to her clothes. Based on her recommendations, I gave it three stars.

Lenora West Point, NE

Luxurious product…I’m a fan!

My first thought when I saw this was that it would make a nice gift. The packaging is very classy and it’s a glass bottle with a pump spray. It looks expensive, which is nice given the price.I was a little disappointed with the fragrance, which is pretty much just lavender. I was hoping for something a little more complex, but maybe that’s not necessarily a good idea for most pregnant women. It’s just so easy to mix lavender essential oil with any natural fragrance-free body oil, so I was hoping the fragrance on this one would stand out. Still, lavender really is a calming scent, so it is a good choice–even in labor, when that particular scent can help bring calm in a stressful situation.I will say the consistency of the product is great. Maybe because the pump spray does not dispense too much, or maybe it’s some magic in how it’s put together, but this does not feel oily. They say to apply twice a day, which worried me because usually oils are best on damp skin (like right out of the shower). But unlike, say, plain grapeseed oil (likeAura Cacia Natural Skin Care Oil, Grapeseed, 16 Fluid Ounces (473 ml) (Pack of 2)it does not have a heavy, greasy feel, even on dry skin. It just smooths right in.I also really appreciated how the ingredients of this are all natural, and I’ve never seen one with Gotu Kola added. If the packaging is right about that plus collagen reducing stretch marks, then this product is a real winner.As far as reducing stretch marks, time will tell, but this is a nice enough skin moisturizer/conditioner that I’ll be using it religiously for the rest of my pregnancy!

Georgia Leewood, WV