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BelleSha Spa Moisturizing Gel Socks

Turn that dull dry cracked skin into lovely feet! Pamper yourself with BelleSha Spa Moisturizing Gel Socks. Give your feet a spa treatment in the comfort of your own home! Recommended usage: After taking a bath, apply moisturizing lotion and wear BelleSha Spa Moisturizing Gel Socks for 30 – 60 minutes. What are you waiting for? Push that button and grab yours now!

Key features

  • Bellesha Spa Moisturizing Gel Socks – spa treatment in the comfort of your own home!
  • Specially formulated gel lining
  • Hand wash or machine wash; do not expose to direct sunlight
  • Best if paired with BelleSha Spa Moisturizing Gel Gloves
  • Note: Please ensure you buy from BelleSha to avoid buying counterfeit merchandise

Honest reviews


Feel strange at first, but better once used to them, and they do help moisturize feet

When my wife first tried the BelleSha Spa Moisturizing Gel Socks, she said they felt funny, and were so squishy. However, after wearing them a bit, they became more comfortable, she started to like the feel, and she says they did make a noticeable difference with her feet.So for now, she really likes them. The packaging didn’t have much as way for instructions or care, and we don’t know how long they will last, or are supposed to last.If you have dry feet, these are recommended to take care of them, moisturize them, and make them feel better. Good product that does what it is supposed to.

Doreen Charlestown, MA

A foot spa at home …

I am on my feet a lot in my job and sometimes they need a bit of attention, especially during the sandal season. And I can’t really afford a spa pedicure very often. These fill in.I fill my tub with a hot bubble bath, including bath salts, and soak. You can just use one of the foot baths if you aren’t into a bubble bath. Then use your favorite foot moisturizer (or just these) and put them on for an hour to work on your feet. You don’t even have to leave a tip.They are washable, I am washing mine by hand. They have a very mild scent, somewhere in the range of baby powder. I wear a size eight wide in shoes, and these feel comfortable to me.Because of the gel, these do feel hot to me, so I usually only wear them for the hour.I received a complimentary sample in order to test these for my review. The only problem I discovered was that when leaving my gel products in the bathroom inside out, my granddaughter stuck all of them up on the wall.

Alexandra Madison, KS

They look nice, smell nice, feel weird, but really work!

Appearance – This “Gel Socks” look quite cute, pink booties with little footie-prints on the bottom for traction.Smell – When first out of the package, they smell quite heavenly – flowery and sweet.Feel – OK, I must admit that these are a bit odd feeling. On carpet, you don’t feel much, but on a hard floor, you feel like you’re walking in jello!Effectiveness – What can I say? They actually do work. You start with some cleaning and soaking, some pumicing, and then put on the gel socks before you go to bed. When you wake up, the socks have done their magic, and your feet feel soft and moisturized.Conclusion – I like these gel socks, and think that they are really neat. They look nice, smell nice, feel weird, but really work!Sample provided for review.(Review of BelleSha Spa Moisturizing Gel Socks)

Lynn Ferguson, IA

Soft feet

I slathered moisturizer on my feet, put these on, then stuck my feet under a heating pad. Oh heaven. These gel socks feel funky just to touch, but they really made my feet feel wonderful and soft. The sides of my feet, my heels, and that little spot under the big toe and middle toe from wearing flip flops all responded well to these socks.Product provided for review

Jamie Clarksburg, OH

Comfortable – has enough gel

This review is from: BelleSha Spa Moisturizing Gel Socks (Misc.)In the product photo these almost look like hospital socks with the no-skin bumps. But they’re thick, relatively heavy and with volume. There is gel to cushion the feet.These were made to use with lotion to smooth out one’s feet, perhaps on the heel. They’re breathable so it’s possible. My wife likes them. Product provided by BelleSha.

Esther Harmony, MN

They smell like household cleaner

Even though the first time I had a friend of mine try these they smelled but they did like them even though I haven’t tried these personally I think if you want to wear lotion you could just put on a regular pair of socks on

Eleanor Grays Knob, KY

Size 9 feet will stretch it to the limit

These socks are very thick, too thick for me to wear them to bed and for my feet to be comfortable all night.They don’t come up far enough on the back of the heel.The gel moisturizer they line the sock with smells wonderful, but after a few washings it accumulates "stuff" on the inside–attracts it like a magnet.*I received a sample product from BelleSha.

Dee Greenbank, WA


These feel SO WEIRD. They’re kind of chilled, and like sticking your foot into… well, a sock full of gel. It’s hard to describe the experience, but when I walk in these, my feet kind of slosh. To be honest, I don’t like the feeling much… it makes me feel gross, even though there’s nothing actually gross happening. Maybe it just reminds me of camp, when they’d stick your hand into a bag of spaghetti and tell you it was a brain.Anyway, the thing is that it works. All weirdness aside, it does make your feet soft and more moisturized. You have to wash these a lot because your feet will sweat in them (at least mine do), but it’s a really effective treatment for dry and cracked feet. So I take off one star for the icky-squicky feeling I get from them, but give four stars for the effectiveness. As for size, I’m a size 7 and they fit just right.I received this for review.

Darla Farnham, NY

Gel socks…

This is one of the weirdest things I’ve seen. I was offered these as a review sample. These are gel socks that you slip on your feet. When I first got them, I didn’t want to try them on because the weather was still cold and the last thing I wanted to do was the put on cold socks. But after the weather turned warmer I decided to try them again.They have a cotton exterior with non slip tread on the bottom and gel on the inside. It feels weird right when you put your foot in but the weird feeling fades away after a while. I have largish feet and I found the gel socks somewhat tight. I recommend these socks to those with small to medium feet.You can put moisturizer on your feet before you put them on or without. What I can say is that they work. Anyone with dry feet and cracked heels should try this. They’re also washable. Quirky but useful invention.

Susanna Mount Lookout, WV

Almost too small for my size 8 feet, but they did a great job helping moisturize my feet

For 20 years I’ve had trouble with my feet being too dry, and my heels sometimes crack and bleed unless I keep them slathered in creams. I put a heavy cream on my feet before bed, and usually use plain cotton socks to keep the cream off of the bed sheets. I was intrigued by the description of these socks, and hoped they would help my feet absorb more moisture.First of all, the size of these socks is a little small for me. I wear a women’s 8 shoe, and I could barely get these on. I stretched them a little and they were better, but I would have liked a little more room in them. I liked the non-skid bottoms, since it’s dangerous to get up to go to the bathroom at night with slippery feet in gel socks. The silicone lining in the socks takes a little getting used to – they’re cold and clammy when you first put them on, but they do warm up with your body heat.I applied my foot cream and gently eased these socks on over the top, and slept with them on three nights so I could write this review. I felt like my feet were a little wrinkly when I got up in the morning, much like your fingertips get when you swim in a pool for a while. But once I had showered off the foot cream and walked around a while, I noticed that my feet looked great. The skin looked moist and healthy, especially the cuticles. The second night I used a ped-egg type thing to sand my heels, and again applied lotion and then the gel socks. I can really tell that the socks are helping my lotion do a better job. They also smell nice – probably the moisturizer in the gel.I haven’t washed these socks yet, but I’m sure hand washing and air drying them will keep them nice for a long time.I received a complimentary pair of BelleSha Spa Moisturizing Gel Socks for testing and review purposes.

Adrienne Green Camp, OH

Forget about walking on air…

Walking on gel is better!At first, the sensation is a little strange. If you don’t go to a spa and haven’t worn these babies, the first steps are squishy and strange. After a while, it just feels good. The way to do things is to get your feet nice and moist. Start with a bath, if you can. Soak away all the stress in your body, let the hot water relax you and your tired feet. Scrub them well to get the blood circulating and to exfoliate a little bit. Next use a really good penetrating moisturizer. You can buy a pricey one…and if you do, anything with Macadamia nut oil is supposed to be great for feet. Or you can go with one of the Vaseline Intensive Care lotions…they work beautifully and cost very little. The important thing with moisture is to find one that sinks in quickly, doesn’t feel greasy, and shows results on your skin. I buy cheap and work my way up. After you moisturize your tootsies, slip on the gel socks. It’s like walking on a cloud. In a perfect world, we’d have nationalized pedicures and footrubs. Anything that makes feet feel good is worth having, and this does.Wear the socks overnight and you’ll be surprised at how good your feet look and feel when you wake up. If you have really bad heels, cracked and calcified,it may take a week, but you should see a huge difference. After two overnight uses, I’m so thrilled with how soft my feet are, I’m tempted to sidle up to folks at the supermarket and say “feel my feet.”The socks are washable, by hand or machine. I just opted for the machine after the second use and they came out fine. I’m not sure how long they’ll last…but for $10, I’ll want at a lot of use out of them. If they fall apart, I’ll report back. There were no accompanying instructions on care, by the way. I used cold water in the washer and a low dryer temp.Caveats: The size is a moderate ‘medium.’ I wear a size 7 or 7 1/2 shoe, and usually take an 8 slipper for comfort. The socks fit me perfectly. Roomy but snug so there’s no bagging or dragging. If your foot is much bigger, I don’t know if they’d work. I see no information for larger sizes either. Also, I was offered these for review. I have had mixed results with gel socks, and was not included to be generous. These were thick enough to be effective, the socks themselves well made, the fabric soft and comfortable. I had no problems with these socks and they’re as good as the best spa gel socks I’ve tried…and the price is acceptable compared to spa product. I am going to buy myself a couple of pairs of BelleSha Spa Moisturizing Gel Socks. For ten bucks, I’m getting a little bit of luxury and a lot of comfort, my feel are silky soft, and the socks fee soooo good when they’re on…and they deserve five stars.

Hillary Gainestown, AL

Comfortable, Effective Treatment for Dry Skin on Feet

Here in Texas we’re suffering a drought, and drought makes a dry skin condition even worse. I’ve tried the old home remedy – vaseline and cotton socks — with less than stellar results, so I was anxious to give these get socks a try.So how do they do? Great. Moisturize feet after your bath or shower, and slip into a pair of these gel socks. They are quite comfortable to wear and the results are the best I’ve ever had. I highly recommend these for the dry skin of feet.FIVE STARS!

Alissa Mont Belvieu, TX

I Really Like These!

I really love these socks. They are light weight but pack a punch when it comes to moisturizing your tired feet. They may feel a little strange when you first put them on as you squish around in them, but believe me you’ll soon love how they feel. You are safe walking around as the bottom has a design on it to keep you from sliding along the floor.Now do they work? I really believe they do. They are like a wonderful massages to your feet. To me they are soothing and relaxing and I am seeing a difference. My feet are much softer and actually look healthier. They do take a little getting use to, and I wasn’t crazy about the smell. It isn’t overwhelming, just not as pleasant as I would have liked. Another good point, you can machine wash these to keep them fresh and clean. I like them and will continue to use them. I was very happy to receive this product for an honest review.

Cheri Diller, NE

Relief For My Aching Feet

As I march through my fifties I often come home from work with very aching feet. These BelleSha Spa socks feel great and really do help with both moisturizing dry skin and providing relief to aching muscles and joints. The little feet design at the bottom will hopefully keep the wearer from slipping. The gel lotion smells OK and is reminiscent of Baby Lotion. I realize these need to fit snugly but I wear a size nine and while I can use these socks if my feet were any bigger I would have difficulty. I received this item in exchange for an unbiased review.

Shawna Meredith, CO

They left my feet feeling softer and less rough after using them for an hour or so…

My feet are a mess when it comes to dry and rough skin areas. My wife tells me I’m very mean to my feet. The chance to try out a pair of BelleSha Spa Moisturizing Gel Socks came up, and I thought “what do I have to lose?” So when they arrived, I slapped some lotion on my feet and then slipped these on. It’s a unique/strange feeling in a number of ways, but they do work…My socks are pink, which mean I’ll never be wearing them out in public. 🙂 They’re styled like anklet socks, so the cuff area sits right below my ankle. The inside is made of a gel-like substance that’s a bit hard to describe. Probably the best I can do is imagine a sock that has gel insoles completely covering the inside. When you put on lotion and pull the socks on, the initial feeling is one of cool massage. The longer you have them on, the more they start to “cling” to your feet. At that point, you’re not sure whether they’re clammy or still just mosturizing. If you walk around in them, you feel like you never quite have a solid foot placement on the ground. Your foot is floating around on the gel, and even just standing still you could move your feet on the floor a half-inch or so based on the gel moving. As such, be VERY careful going up and down stairs… your footing will not be as solid as you expect.The BelleSha Spa Gel Socks are a decent option if you want to work on getting your feet less dry and rough from years of neglect. It may take a bit of time to get used to the feeling, but it does do the work it was designed to do.Disclosure:Obtained From: ManufacturerPayment: Free

Leeann Herscher, IL

Only Thing that has Fixed my Wife’s Cracked Heels

When I was offered these to review, I jumped at the chance because I’m always on the lookout for foot care products for my wife. She has the most persistent and acute case of cracked heels I’ve ever seen.She applied her favorite foot cream after a hot shower and then put the gel socks on. She thought they felt weird at first. She likened it to walking on jello. But after a few nights of sleeping with these things on, the cracks in her feet have really healed up. They aren’t a hundred percent yet, but her feet are probably in the best shape I’ve seen them in our nine year of marriage.I know they are supposed to be machine washable, but we’ve been hand washing the gel socks and allowing them to air dry, just to be safe. We’re very happy with these things and would give them six stars if it were possible.

Greta Inkster, MI

Got them for my wife, now I wear them 🙂

OK, so they are pink, as long as I wear them around the house who will know?Pro’s:1. Fit my foot well2. Comfortable3. They truly have started to moisturize my feet which I needed because of very dry skin4. They are fun to wear because they feel squishy as you walk and that is kind of cool5. They grip the floor well because of the pattern on the bottom. No slipping, no slidingCon’s:1. They didn’t fit my wife. She broke her ankle very badly (compound fracture) two years ago. But her ankle and foot swell terribly. Unfortunately the sock did not fit her well so she is not wearing them.2. Did I say "Pink"! Why not "Blue" or "Purple"OK, so not many Con’s. My wife will suffer mainly because of her injury.I give the socks a five star rating.

Darla Eagle Pass, TX