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BelleSha Round Facial Sponge pack of 12

How can I live without you? Daily facial cleansing regimen must have! It removes excess oil, dirt and makeup revealing a healthy youthful skin. Undoubtedly your money’s worth!

Key features

  • Facial sponge for cleansing face or removing makeup
  • 3 pieces per pack
  • Size: 9 x 9 x 1.5 cm
  • Best to use with facial cleansers or makeup remover

Honest reviews


Great Cleansing Scrubs!

I love using these BelleSha facial sponges with my favorite cleanser. These round sponges are long lasting and work very well to thoroughly cleanse your face and neck or anywhere you’d like some exfoliation. My teenaged daughters have had good results with these sponges too, using them with an acne scrub. Any type of face cleanser can be turned into an extra powerful scrub using these durable facial sponges.I have been using these for a couple of weeks and I really like how they work in conjunction with a good face scrub as well as with a gentler cream facial cleanser. This 12 pack will last months. These are a nice quality and hold up very well to daily use.Sample provided for review and my results with the BelleSha facial sponges have been very beneficial for a smoother, cleaner complexion and they hold up great with daily use-excellent product for teenagers, too.

Megan Tully, NY

Better then other abrasive sponges

I’ve used many different methods and sponges for my face most are way too rough it just makes the task of cleaning my face plain and simple a task one that I rather not do with the BelleSha sponge it’s a lot easier

Sheri Evanston, WY

Just right

These are just the right balance between soft and abrasive. When you have sensitive or acne-prone skin (I do), you shouldn’t use anything too abrasive or it’ll just irritate your skin more. These are soft enough that they don’t bother my skin, but they still do an effective job of makeup removal in conjunction with my gentle skin cleansers.They’re holding up well, and feel like just the right size and shape for me.

Sadie Eureka, MI

Good sponge but a bit rough

The Bellasha Round Facial Sponge pack of 12 contains twelve small circular facial sponges. My wife tried these, but they are a bit course and rough for her skin. She doesn’t wear much makeup and doesn’t care for the rough texture. She will let our daughter use them, as she is entering the age with acne starting. They should be good to help her keep her face clean.Good facial sponge if you don’t mind the roughness, but if you are wanting something soft like my wife, this might be a bit too much.

Geri Mequon, WI

Great for gentle facial scrubbing not not the size indicated

These are great sponges for gently scrubbing your face. They work really well without being too abrasive nor too soft.I have to knock off a star though because they are significantly smaller than the advertised 9 x 9 x 1.5 cm. Even when soaked and fully expanded, they only measure about 7 x 7 x .8 cm.NOTE: I received a free product sample for review.

Addie Watertown, WI

Facial sponges leave skin feeling fresh

My wife commandeered this package when it arrived, and she has been very happy with it. While she wished either the package OR the Amazon page had a little more information on it (on their use or preservation or makeup), she still is extremely happy with the product.While she said that these facial sponges have a nice “feel” to them, it’s their after effect she likes best: her face feels thoroughly scrubbed, and her pores feel open and “fresh.” She feels that the sponges do a great job of exfoliating without being rough, and her skin feels far better for it. She believes that these sponges are good abrasives that leave no residue behind except the sensation of being clean, and of being “awake and alive.”I’m under orders to give this pack of sponges a five.NOTE: I was supplied this product free of charge with no other conditions other than my writing a fair and honest review — which this is.

Jennie Wingate, NC

Nice for face washing

I didn’t think I would like these as they arrived like little dried crackers, thin and I expected them to be rough. Now I LOVE washing my face with these. They triple their size at least when moistened and can be used for anything that you would use a little cosmetic sponge for.Good price, nice products.Sample provided for unbiased review.

Helga Port Lions, AK

Good makeup removing sponges

The texture and absorbency of these sponges is good. Some may like it with more roughness, others with less.The size wasn’t as large as the description led me to infer. Other than that, no complaints. Product provided by BelleSha.

Consuelo Newport Center, VT

Great for Men!

I do NOT have bad acne, but I do get the occasional breakout and blackheads around my nose. I use this every morning with a little face wash on it to exfoliate my face and it works wonders! My face feels smoother but NOT dry like some other tools the literally scrap all of your skin off. This is very delicate however exfoliates well.

Nola Frankford, MO

Nice texture!

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the "in-between" texture of these facial sponges. I guess I’ve been exposed to something softer and smoother in the past–and I didn’t get much use from them. These, however, really serve a purpose: The slightly rough texture leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft. But it is not so rough that it causes skin irritation.I don’t think these are perfect, though: For me, they are a little on the skimpy side, being only 11/16" thick and 2 3/4" in diameter.*I received a sample product from BelleSha.

Julie Clearlake, CA

Perfect for daily use!

After using these sponges for several weeks I have been very satisfied. They are gentle enough to use daily without leaving my skin overtly red. Each sponge lasts about a week with moderate daily usage. The 12 pack is an ok value, just plan to replace the pack quarterly. I received these sponges for reviewing purposes, I would suggest the sponges to be made slightly thicker and somewhat larger for more durability and easier use.

Rosemary Sodus, MI

Great for Washing Your Face; Great for Teens

I was not sure about these sponges at first. They arrived packaged tightly as little hard disks. However, they expand to about three times size once wet and provide just the right amount of abrasion and softness. My teenager immediately took to using the sponges and says her face is cleaner because of it. She especially likes the ability to remove cosmetics. We use them everyday for facial cleansing. These are not disposable sponges. Each sponge can be used repeatedly for quite a while. Strong recommendation is to let the hydrated sponge dry between uses to avoid bacteria build-up.Another nice aspect of the sponge is that it is bio-degradable. Based on our usage, each sponge, once hydrated and in normal use, will easily last at least two weeks.

Dayna Orchard, NE


These are great little sponges. Anyone who combats acne could benefit from this sponge. It feels like you get such a deep clean. After using them every day for a a week or so my skin felt softer and looked noticeably brighter. It feels like it has a light exfoliating effect, but not scratchy or harsh feeling. The pack comes with 12 sponges. I guess you could reuse them but I did not. I received this product for a fair and honest review.

Lilly Robert Lee, TX

OK For Rosacea Plagued Skin

I have developed some problems with rosacea in middle age and too abrasive of cleaning products aggravate the condition. These sponges have a nice balance of gentleness and cleansing action so that they do not cause my rosacea to flair while keeping my skin clean when used with my favorite gel pore cleanser. I received a 12 pack of these sponges in return for an unbiased review.

Ladonna Winton, NC