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BelleSha Moisturizing Gel Heel Socks

Turn that dull dry cracked skin into lovely feet! Pamper yourself with BelleSha Moisturizing Gel Heel Socks. Give your feet a spa treatment at the comfort of your home! Recommended usage: After taking a bath, apply moisturizing lotion and wear BelleSha Moisturizing Gel Heel Socks for 30 – 60 minutes. What are you waiting for? Push that button and grab yours now!

Key features

  • Bellesha Moisturizing Gel Heel Socks – spa treatment at the comfort of your home!
  • Special formulated gel lining inside
  • Best if paired with BelleSha Spa Moisturizing Gel Gloves
  • Hand wash or machine wash; do not expose to direct sunlight
  • Purchase only from authorized seller: Bellesha

Honest reviews


More Comfortable For Larger Feet Than I Expected

I wear a size 9 shoe and when I first received these heel socks I thought they would be very uncomfortable but actually they fit my feet quite well at least before washing. They do provide moisturizing for dried, cracked heels and in my case even some degree of comfort from the pain of plantar fasciitus. However I don’t think I would buy these as using some good moisturizing cream with tight fitting regular socks works just as well. I was given this item as a sample to review from the manufacturer.

Michelle Addieville, IL

Good for moisturizing dry heels

At first, my wife thought the BelleSha Moisturizing Gel Heel Socks were too tight, but now, she says they are tight, but not too tight. She likes how they have been working. She says she can tell a difference with the skin on her heels, and that these are comfortable to wear and work like they are supposed to.She says she would recommend them to others with dry heels who wanted some extra moisturizing for this area.

Leonor Fostoria, OH

I am in love!

I received these just as sandal season started … So my heals were not as bad as they have been. Still, I could feel distinct moisturizing effect by morning.The second night I wore these, I added my favorite moisturizing lotion, and the results were even better. My heels felt like a soft little baby bottom.As far as fit, I wear an 8 wide, and these stretch onto my feet easily. They cover the heel, arch, and low ankle of my foot with the gel covering the heels only. They are actually very comfortable, and since I have hot feet, I am glad to have my toes open.These are washable, I am hand washing mine. If you want to wear them every night, I suggest you buy more than one pair.An interesting little note – my young granddaughter found these sitting in my bathroom. She must have found them fun, since when I walked in, she had the gel part stuck to my wall. I guess we all have fun with these the way we can.I received a complimentary sample to test for a review, and my heels are grateful.

Judy Pinehurst, GA

worked but run small

The BelleSha moisturizing socks were provided to me for review. I have extremely dry heels, but thank goodness for heeltastic! Still, I felt an extra boost could be helpful. The socks went on, but they are tight! I wear a size nine shoe (not wide) and boy, these were a bit of a struggle to get one. Once on though, they did boost the heelstastic and my heels were smoother than ever. I would use these, but If you were over an 8 or 9 they are going to be snug to say the least.

Nelda Cavour, SD

Good — but too tight for her

My daughter tried these for a couple of nights and reported that, while she wasn’t the biggest fan of them the first night, she changed her mind by the second, and has been wearing them on and off – as it were – ever since then. But the size were a continual problem.She said the socks were very hard to put on…her feet are about average sized or maybe a little bigger than average. She said that they were not much easier to get on the second time, but she has either gotten better at them or else they have indeed gotten easier to put on from the third try on.As she didn’t like walking in them, she wore them primarily to sit around in pjs at night and to go to bed with them on, and she said that they “felt weird,” but she did not dislike them. She said she could feel a rather thick layer of moisturizer inside them, so much so that when she took them off rather soon afterward her feet “felt slippery.”She did not report that feeling the following morning, but instead felt that there had been some positive effect upon her cracked heels the next morning…and it was a feeling she had on the subsequent days.While she said she liked wearing the socks, and felt they did do a good job repairing some of the feelings sje had with cracking of the dry skin on her heels, she would like to have had the socks be a little more comfortable to wear. She found it difficult to sleep at first, and was glad she had tried them on at first some time before sleeping with them her first night.All in all a decent experience, and the product worked…she just wished there were different sizes.NOTE: I was supplied this product free of charge with no other conditions other than my writing a fair and honest review — which this is.

Terri Shenorock, NY

Great for those with foot or back trouble

I had a friend of our family try these out since he has a problem with his arch ever since he has used these for about a week he has a bit more energy and feels his arch is rebounding better

Felecia Bronson, KS


These socks feel a little weird at first but they do a fantastic job at softening up your feet! I play ice hockey so my feet get abused and look terrible. This is a great way to make your feet look better for the summer months and get rid of those gross calluses.I would not recommend wearing them with shoes or the will slide around a lot. I just wear them sitting in bed or on the couch

Caroline North Salem, NY

Made for little feet

I think this is a great idea, and I assumed that one size would fit most foot sizes: You know, like socks normally fit up to a size 9. But, no way! Not even close! So disappointing.Keeping moisturizer on my heels is always a dilemma, I’m envious of those with small feet!The moisturizing gel that is on the inside of these heel socks smells wonderful! It’s not going to last forever, but the material is thick enough so that your own moisturizer won’t soak through.I really think that BelleSha should be straightforward and state size on the product page.*I received a sample product from BelleSha

Marguerite Perry, IA

Gel socks…

If you’ve got dry and cracked heels, these just might be the ticket. These are a pair of gel socks. They have cotton on the outside and a gel lining. What you do is to put moisturizer on your dry and cracked heels, then put these on for 30-60 mins. The moisturizer stays on your skin to get absorbed while the gel kind of massages your heel and prevent the moisturizer from getting rubbed off. It’s a what-will-they-think of next invention but it works good! The only caveat here is that the socks are kinda small. I would recommend these to small to medium feet. A sample was provided to me for review purposes.

Bobbi Versailles, IL

Too small for my size 8 feet

I was looking forward to giving these heel socks a try, since my heels are the driest, crackiest things on my body and I use cream on them almost every night. I’ve been enjoying this seller’s Spa Moisturizing Gel Socks, and I thought these heel socks might be better for the hotter summer months.Unfortunately I couldn’t tolerate them on my feet more than about 15 minutes. The design of them is nice – silicone gel that holds cream on your feet for a deep treatment. The outer layer keeps your cream from getting all over the bed, too. The color is something I’d pick for myself, and the scent is lovely. But even after stretching them as much as I could, they were just too tight and left indentations on my skin from the border elastic.If you have smaller feet (size 5 or 6 I’m guessing) these will be perfect for you. But with my size 8 feet I couldn’t really give them a good test.I received a complimentary pair of Moisturizing Gel Heel Socks for testing and review purposes.

Charlene Kyburz, CA

Hard to Believe These Would be Comfortable for Large Feet

I have a small foot, and I even have difficulty finding shoes in my size. So I was surprised to discover that these heel socks were much to tight around the just-before-your-toes section of the sock. Although the gel section around the heel was nice and comfortable, the elastic ribbing around the foot was so uncomfortable that I was unable to wear longer than a couple of minutes. I suspect these heel socks are missized for just about everyone.Rather than deal with these uncomfortable socks, try the BelleShas Gel Socks. They’re nice and stretchy with no binding elastic ribbing, and they work well to get feet quickly moisturized.

Olive Coleharbor, ND

Good for your Heels

I believe many people have trouble with the heels of their foot, keeping them soft and without cracks leading to a lot of pain. Unfortunately as we age the problem truly becomes a concern, even problems with walking at times. These little socks are perfect to help fight that problem. They only go on half of your foot, mainly targeting your heal, as that is the problem that is being dealt with. I did not have any problem with the size of them, however I wear a size 51/2 shoe. I can see where if your foot size is larger than a 6 you may have a tight fit.These Gel socks have a very pleasant smell and they are machine washable, which is great. I have used them now for about a week, and truly have seen a great difference in my heels. They no longer bother me when I walk and they look and feel wonderful. I am thankful that I received a complimentary pair of these socks for an honest review.

Audra Umpqua, OR

Works, but Very Tight Fitting

These do what they are intended to do, if you can get them on.Granted, my wife has fat feet, but they aren’t huge. She takes a size 9 women’s shoe and these things were a real struggle to get on. Once they were on, they were uncomfortably tight and she ended up removing them eventually. We’ve sampled this seller’s gel socks and much more luck with them.If you have petite feet and cracked heels, then these are probably a good product for you. Take a hot bath or shower, or soak your feet for a bit, apply lotion to your heels and put these on. Leave them on overnight if you can tolerate them that long and you will be surprised at the results. If they were a little more accommodating for larger feet, they’d be a four or maybe even a five star product; but since they seem to be designed for a select size feet and not marketed that way, I can only give them three stars. If BelleSha relists these and labels them as size small or medium, then they would merit a higher rating.

Kathie Couderay, WI

They Really Help, But are Incredibly Small

My feet callous often and sometimes the heels crack quite badly. Therefore, when I had the opportunity to try a pair of the BELLESHA MOISTURIZING GEL HEEL SOCKS I couldn’t pass it up. You just slip these heel socks over your bare feet so that the gel covers your heels. If you would like, you can wear other socks over the heel socks. The BELLESHA MOISTURIZING GEL HEEL SOCKS really do help in moisturizing a person’s heels. I could notice a huge difference in my feet after just wearing these gel heel socks for one day. With that said, the socks can be incredibly difficult to get on. I wear a size 9 W shoe and these socks were very tight on my feet. They were so tight that despite the benefit and help it gave to my feet, I stopped wearing them after two days because they were so tight they started to cut the circulation in my feet. Overall, although the BELLESHA MOISTURIZING GEL HEEL SOCKS work, but they are not one size fit all. I’d only recommend them for people with smaller feet. I received a pair of these BELLESHA MOISTURIZING GEL HEEL SOCKS from the manufacturer to examine and possibly review.

Gale Nicholson, GA

Great concept

OK, up front, we were given these products from the manufacturer asking us to try them out and post a review. My wife has been using them, she has very dried out heels. The fit was a bit tight, but it did go on and felt snug. They worked well, they are moisturizing her heels and helping them to not crack as much.They leave no marks or moisture rings on your shoe, but they give your feet a perfect moisturizing treatment while you wear them.Enjoy!

Brittney Harviell, MO