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BelleSha Frequent Traveller’s Sleep Mask Black

Comfortable Lightweight Blocks light After a long tiring day, what better way to relax than to get enough sleep. BelleSha Sleep Masks series are ultra-breathable lightweight sleep mask which are best to use during daytime sleep and travel.

Key features

  • Ultra-breathable sleep mask
  • Blocks light to let you have a good rest
  • Comfortable, lightweight
  • Ideal to use during daytime sleep, afternoon naps and travel

Honest reviews


Black travel Mask …

If you notice at the top, there are several different masks that you can order. They are not all "gel" masks. I received the Frequent Traveler’s Sleep Mask.I had seldom used a sleep mask – tried them a few times on a plane. The problem was that it bothered me when I attempted to open my eyes. This one has small cups that allow for that. I can open my eyes and it is still dark. However, they are not nearly as curved or cup like as it shows in the picture.The combination of stretch and velcro made this easy to adjust to my face. And it made it easy to adjust to my granddaughter’s face, too. In fact, she was the first one to try this (age 8). She was having a sleepover at my house and asked to try it. I helped her to adjust it correctly and I was amazed at how quickly she settled down to sleep.AFTER a sleepover by my granddaughter, I was ready for a nap today. I slipped this on, readjusted for my face, and I was amazed at how easily I fell asleep as well. It was completely comfortable for me, unlike the ones I had used in a plane before.I received a complimentary set to test for my review. My only concern involves the name here on Amazon’s page which lists only one of the many types of masks that are available. Five stars – keeping it by my bed to continue to "test" when I need an afternoon nap.

Etta Coffeyville, KS

Works Well For Me – Highly Recommended

This BelleSha Frequent Traveller’s Sleep Mask is decent quality and works well as a sleep mask. I always use a sleep mask since my room has a lot of ambient light, so I was pleased to be able to try out this set. Here are my observations:+ Quality; this is good quality and should last a very long time+ Comfort; these feel good and do not distract while sleeping+ Shaped; this reduces the pressure on the eyes, which is less distractingOverall, this is a nice sleep mask set that works well.Recommended!CFHNote: Sample provided to review

Viola New Waterford, OH

Blocks out the light very well and is very comfortable

This sleep mask is different than the others that I have used. Most sleep masks lay against your eyes so if you open your eyes they might rub against the mask. This sleep mask is contoured and has little cups over the eyes. It totally blocks out the light at night. In fact it blocks 95% of the light during the day. It has a nice layer of cushion and feels comfortable and you can open your eyes without your eyes rubbing the mask at all. It has a Velcro adjustable head band and it fits me very well. You might look a little funny wearing this mask but it works well and is very comfortable.Sample provided for review.

Debra Lowell, NC

Lightweight And Comfortable Sleep Mask

Science has proven that the biggest contributing factor to our sleep/wake cycle is exposure to light. For me, without a sleep mask, it doesn’t matter if I go to sleep at 11PM, midnight or 2AM I am usually up at around 7AM. Why? That darn sunlight creeping in! With the sleep mask, on those nights where I am up late, I can sleep in longer the next morning.This BellaSha mask blocks out the light well, fits great and is very lightweight. The mask is shaped in such a way that there are little air pockets in front of your eyes to give you a bit of room to open your eyes. Some people like this a bit better than mask that come in contact with your eyes because they feel constricted not being able to open their eyes.The mask has an adjustable Velcro strap so it should fit just about everyone. As a big guy, I’m 6’6" and 250lbs, I’m not too sure I’d tell my buddies that I’m using a "Sleeping Beauty" Sleep Mask, but beyond the name I love this product! It fits well, it is comfortable and it blocks out the light letting me get the best possible sleep I can when I want to sleep in or catch a nap on a sunny afternoon.The bottom line is this BellaSha sleep mask is highly recommended!I was provided with a sample product for the purposes of doing a fair and honest review.

Rachel Germantown, NY

No pressure on the eyes!

After trying out many sleep masks this one is great it doesn’t roll up when you sleep nor does it give pressure on the eyes like other masks I have to say after I got out the laughing of the design it’s been a great mask

Kara Garland, TX

The BellaSha travel mask is much better than the two airline masks I own by far …

Although this particular sleep mask is targeted specifically for the frequent traveler, I compared it to another sleep mask I own and tried it out at home. The sleep masks I own were actually acquired while traveling, so the comparison is actually a good one. Both types of sleep masks I have were in travel kits from two different airlines. They are actually quite similar and standard for international travel.Both of these masks have two very thin elasticized bands, one for over the ear, one for beneath it. The BellaSha sleep mask has one 3/4″ wide adjustable elasticized band. It can be adjusted to any size head via Velcro strips. This makes wearing the mask quite a bit more comfortable because I find myself flipping the other mask bands over each ear.The eye cups, if that’s what you’d call them, are much wider than the others. Each cup has an indentation in the center, much like a bra. The soft nylon is infinitely softer than cotton and doesn’t sit on the eye nor chaff it. More than once when using my other masks, I’ve had to remove them because I found my eyes were irritated and watering.FEATURES:► Ultra-breathable sleep mask► Blocks light to let you have a good rest► Comfortable, lightweight► Ideal to use during daytime sleep, afternoon naps and travelIf I wanted to get picky about it, I could say that I could see light out of the bottom. No mask will completely block out the light unless they covered one’s entire face. I’d say this mask is as good as it gets in keeping the light out. Once I shut my eyes, it was as if the light went out in the room.I do like just about everything about this mask, especially the comfort factor. Mind you, I’ve only tried out a couple of travel masks so my comparison is limited to those. The BellaSha mask is large, rather ugly, but really does the trick. I must say, in all aspects, it definitely outshines the travel masks I received from two different airlines.Sample provided for review.

Rocio Bridgeport, NY

Too loose for us!

I was a bit disappointed with this eye mask. Though it is soft and big enough to cover my eyes, it is very lightweight and fits loosely. My wife says that she doesn’t like this because when she wants to take a quick nap during the day she likes eye masks that have a tighter fit and feel snug and keep out all light. No matter how tightly you pull the Velcro, you can still see out from the bottom. Unfortunately, this just wasn’t the item for us.

Francine Eastsound, WA

A great travelers mask.

This would be a fantastic sleep mask for trains or traveling. ( I received the black one pictured)Pros:Weight is just .5 oz’sIts a soft smooth material. Polyester?Has a wider elastic band so it is more comfortable and sturdy.Has Velcro so its easier to adjust on the fly.Can be made into a ball for storage and it keeps its shape.Cons:lets in the smallest amount of hair around my nose. (could be because I have a narrow nose)Just so you know:I received this item free in return for an honest review.Great product I would recommend for anyone wanting to travel.A Heather Stanhouse review.

Geneva Pilot Station, AK

A Rather Basic Sleep Mask: You Can Probably Get Something Very Similar For Less

The BelleSha Frequent Traveler’s Sleep Mask is certainly a perfectly acceptable alternative if you’re shopping for a rather basic sleep mask. It is lightweight, it is relatively comfortable, and it is somewhat adjustable with a Velcro attachment. There is nothing particularly fancy or unique about this model, though. The form contours out over your eyes and you can get it to be snug without losing comfort. It is soft material and not abrasive. The mask doesn’t provide for 100% darkness. As it is a one size fits all model, there will be variations on how it wears on your features. I never could close out the light completely around my nose, so I would try to tighten it, and then it would be too close to my eyes.My reservations about this sleep mask come largely from its perceived value. You can get similarly useful sleep masks for a lot less of a financial investment. If I were to pick this up for a few dollars, I’d be perfectly happy with its performance. Once, however, the price point edges over the fifteen dollar mark, I start to expect a little more bang for my buck. Perhaps your perceived value will differ from mine. I believe this basic, but not bad, mask is fine. It just isn’t anything special. KGHarris, 6/14.Note: I was offered a sample of this product in which to provide an honest review.

Jana Orchard Park, NY

Serves its purpose.

I was somewhat disappointed with this mask. I was expecting a hard formed mask however it is soft and although it is shaped it’s not exactly what I was expecting. That being said, it did keep out the light completely, and it fit well. It is very lightweight and it stayed put throughout the night. I received this product for a fair and honest review.

Carey Cooks, MI

Does What It Is Supposed To Do

This is a reasonably comfortable, decently fitting sleep mask that does a great job of blocking out excess light so the wearer can sleep. I got the one in black which I much prefer to the pink heart pattern pictured. I received this product free from the reviewer in exchange for a fair review.

Alana Pontiac, MI

Comfortable eye masks and they block out all the light I exposed them to…

I had a request to try out the BelleSha Therapeutic Eye Gel Sleep Mask for review purposes, and it meshed with one of my goals to improve my sleep patterns. There is some light in my general sleeping area (based on how I choose to fall asleep), and I wondered how eye masks might help. It turns out they work well, and this BelleSha model was a good choice.They are comfortable, both for their light weight and the foam-like material. They’re easy to adjust, and I found them perfect in terms of how they fit and adjusted to my head. The slight molding in a convex fashion meant that they didn’t sit tight against the eyes, so they weren’t irritating if I blinked while wearing them. Also, the molding tended to give them a better seal against the light. Basically, things were pitch black once I put them on.These eye masks did everything I expected of them, and I’m happy with the product. I can also see where they’d be nice for travel purposes, too. I have a red-eye flight coming up in a couple of months, and these will be in the carry-on.Disclosure:Obtained From: PublicistPayment: Free

Kim Palermo, CA

Okay Sleep Mask

I received one of these for review, and used it a few times before reverting to a another model I have (one that I also reviewed for BellaSha).The mask is okay, but compared to the other model I reviewed, it is poorly constructed. The stichting isn’t the best and it doesn’t fit quite as well as the other model I reviewed. The padding in the mask would be better used if it were moved out a little more to the sides.

Letha Rufe, OK

Quite Comfortable

There was a period of time when I lived with roommates who were not only quite loud, but who also liked to leave lights on late at night. To help me get some sleep, I purchased a sleep mask. It really helped. With that said, the BELLESHA FREQUENT TRAVELLER’S SLEEP MASK is a much better sleep mask than the one I once used. The material is thicker and feels quite comfortable on the face. The way the mask is molded makes a kind of seal around one’s eyes that completely shut out the light. I also like the elastic band of the mask; it’s really nothing fancy, but it doesn’t chafe against the back of my head and it’s very easy to increase and decrease the tightness of the mask. Overall, I have found the BELLESHA FREQUENT TRAVELLER’S SLEEP MASK is an excellent sleep mask to use not only while traveling, but at home when you need or want to take a nap during the day. I received a sample of this item from the manufacture in exchange for examination and possible review.

Tanisha Drums, PA