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BelleSha Eyeshadow Applicators 2 dozens

Master the art of applying eyeshadow. Smooth padded durable and long lasting dual sided eyeshadow blender, applicator that works perfectly well in applying eyeshadow. Great product great buy!

Key features

  • Dual sided eyeshadow blender, applicator sponge tip
  • 2″ long
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Works perfectly well in applying eyeshadows

Honest reviews


These Work Well – Highly Recommended

These BelleSha Eyeshadow Applicators are good quality and work well for applying eyeshadow. My daughter is fairly picky about her makeup and accessories, so it high praise when she goes out of her way to tell me that she really likes a product.An unexpected use (at least to me) my found was to use these to apply paint to candles.Highly Recommended!CFHNote: Sample provided to review

Berta Convent, LA


These aren’t expensive yet not the cheapest double sided eyeshadow applicators.The sponges on both sides are soft. The sponges don’t fall off. That’s all good, the women in my house tell me. They tried them and like them.There are cheaper applicators but those probably aren’t as good. Sample provided.

Abigail Shawano, WI

Great for eteshadow lovers

*Disclosure: I was contacted by a rep for BelleSha and provided a free sample for the purposes of giving my thoughts on it.*Ideally, every different color of eyeshadow you own should have its own applicator. This keeps the colors from mixing, creating mismatches. But for whatever reason, cosmetics companies only include one applicator no matter how many colors are in the case. So here are these BelleSha applicators. I found the foam to be much more dense than the typical free ones that the cosmetic companies include with their products. This suggest that the will hold up a lot longer, but only time will tell.

Jannie Hainesport, NJ

Good quality applicators

These eye shadow applicators are 2 inches long and are made of plastic with soft foam tips. They come in a pack of 24 and each one can last quite a while so this isn’t something that you should have to purchase very often at all. They blend well and they are dual tipped with a large end on one side and a skinny tip on the other side. They are simple but as good as any other applicator that I have used.Sample provided for review.

Constance Keaton, KY

Solid Yet Comfortable Applicators

Since I know absolutely nothing about applying eyeshadow I am relying on my wife’s experiences with these BelleSha Eyeshadow Applicators for this review. She told me she really likes them for the fact that the tips are very solid and don’t come off easily and also because they feel very comfortable when applying eyeshadow. Overall, a quality product.I was provided with a sample for the purposes of doing a fair and honest review.

Ramona Oraville, IL

Worth it

I had a friend use these and she liked them when I told her the price she couldn’t believe it she likes that you can order this online instead of making a trip to local rite aid she also adds that at the store you wouldn’t get 2 doz

Gail Brimley, MI

These double-sided eyeshadow applicators are perfect for blending and contouring …

These double-ended BelleSha eyeshadow applicators have soft foam sponge tips. They can be used alternately for blending and contouring. The sponge is thin, but very soft and works well. The widest applicator head is 3/8” long and apple enough. The tapered end is thin enough to apply eyeshadow beneath the eye.These are perfect for the beginner who is working on technique instead of investing in pricey brushes. Two dozen should last quite a while, but should be disposed of after a few uses because they are not white tipped and you can’t tell if they need replacement. The price appears to be in line with other eyeshadow applicators.FEATURES:► Dual sided eyeshadow blender, applicator sponge tip► 2” long► Durable and long lasting► Works perfectly well in applying eyeshadowsSample provided for review.

Lea Townville, PA

These work just fine

I like the rubbery foam pads on these applicators: They are less porous than the ivory foam pads that come with my eye shadow. Being less porous, the pigment does not get absorbed into the pad, it stays on the surface. Being less porous, they are also softer.*I received a sample product from BelleSha.

Angie Manlius, NY

Nice applicators

These are nice eyeshadow applicators. They are shipped in a reusable plastic pouch. It is convenient to have a supply on hand to use for different colors of eyeshadow and to be able to toss them out when they are no longer sanitary.The sponges are nice and soft and hold just the right amount of powder. The tips are firmly attached to the handle and don’t fall apart when in use. The applicators are slim enough to fit in most cases.BelleSha provided a sample for evaluation and review.

Sabrina Capitol Heights, MD

The tips don’t come off!

I don’t wear makeup, but my GF does. I use these for arts and crafts – dry brushing and applying texture to small areas. She uses them for their intended purpose. One thing we both noticed – the tips don’t come off. We’ve both used other ones where the tips move, spin and slip off. These stay in place. They are great quality and a good deal for the price. Free sample provided for review.

Cleo Aurora, NE

Very nice applicator.

It has two different size edges which help in application and blending the eye shadow. It came in a very neat package. It comes in a pack of 24 so you can use and toss it. The handle is firm and it does not bend or break during application. It’s a great applicator and blender.Sample provided in exchange of a fair and honest review.

Carmella Arkoma, OK

Work Great!

These are great applicators. They have a nice cushion on them and you do not feel the stick scratching your eye lid while applying your shadow, like you do with lesser quality applicators. They have a nice grip line on the stick making them easy to handle and control. There are two pads on each stick, one that is narrow and better for tight spots and precision application. The other side is best for covering larger areas. It is a great value as you get 24 sticks in the pack. I received this product for a fair and honest review.

Saundra Union, SC

Great Applicators

When asked to review a sample of these, I initially balked because I know absolutely nothing about eyeshadow applicators; but I do have several female friends who are qualified experts, so I decided to accept the offer.The consensus of the ladies is that these are great applicators. They both commented the material on the ends of the applicators is different from what they are used to. The sponges are made of thicker and more durable material than they are accustomed to and observed that they don’t see where these will fall off the end of the applicator as other models have done for them in the past. Both ladies said these are definitely five stars.

Monica Hopeton, OK