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BelleSha Double Sided 5 Pack Pedicure Foot File Hard Skin Remover

Get rid of cracked heels, calluses, rough feet with BelleSha Foot Files. This 5-pack is a great deal and will last you months. Multiple colors for variety and great for gifts. One color for each of your girlfriends!

Key features

  • Foot file
  • Say goodbye to cracked heels, calluses,and rough feet
  • Handle: Plastic Handle
  • Length: 9″ (23.5 cm)
  • White Handle

Honest reviews


Use It With The Famous Literine/Vinegar Soak

These foot files work well to get rid of dry, itchy, unattractive skin patches. They work even better if you use them in conjunction with the famous vinegar, Listerine warm water, foot soak. They are currently offered by Amazon at a very fair price. I was provided a free sample from the manufacturer in exchange for an honest review.

Kimberly Pulaski, TN


These feel great and they’re very sturdy, so if you put a lot of pressure on it while filing, it should withstand it well enough. The trial sample I received of these were white. I’ve used one of them twice in the shower and my dogs feel much softer…no more snagging the sheets…Ewww.Sample provided

Eloise Memphis, TX


*Disclosure: I was contacted by a rep for BelleSha and provided a free sample for the purposes of giving my thoughts on it.*Got rough feet? Need to file them down? The BelleSha Foot File pack is one way to remedy that. Each side of the file has a different texture, offering course and fine filing of your tootsies. On paper that sounds perfect. In reality, the BelleSha offering is substandard and over priced (currently 36 dollars for the pack). The handle is made of thin, highly flexible plastic, creating a edge that isn’t pleasant to hold. Putting pressure on the handle which getting down to business, the handle flexes, which results in uneven filing. The filing material itself is more or less sandpaper that has been adhered to the plastic handle. On my sample, two samples had peeling paper, giving the impression that these not hold up long under even light use. Looking around Amazon and local stores, the pricing for this item is way out of proportion for what you get. Similar and slightly better quality items are roughly a a couple bucks, totaling less than half the cost of what BelleSha is asking. No bargains here!

Renae Ambrose, ND

Large, flexible, washable and they work well

These large foot files come in a five pack and they will arrive sealed in a bag so you know that they are sanitary. The bag is resealable so you can keep them stored in the same bag if you wish. Each file has sandpaper on both sides and it doesn’t come detached at all so you can file all you want. These files are roughly 9 inches long so they are very generous in size. The handles are made of plastic so they are flexible and it gives you the ability to rinse them off to get the dust off. After each use I rinse the file off and leave it set out to dry and it will be as good as new.I like that they are a little flexible but not too much. I have used a file before that wasn’t at all flexible and it seems more difficult to file all areas of your foot with it. The grit on the sandpaper seems to be about perfect size and it can remove calluses without too much effort. I have no complaints at all regarding the quality or usefulness of these files. I have no problem recommending them.Sample provided for review.

Natalie Fayetteville, NC

Great for travel

These files are great for use when you travel but also get the job done at home the quality of these files are very good even though the price for 5 at the price I am writing this review for isn’t worth it cheaper to go to the drug store

Cynthia Helena, NY

Nice double-sided foot files that are perfect for the home pedicure …

One nice thing about these foot files is that they are double-sided. Similar to an emery board, the grit is coarse on one side and much smoother on the other. It’s actually difficult to spot the difference, but easy to feel it when I run my fingers lightly across the file. The grit is thin, but each one should give you several uses.These files are very easy to hold with the ergonomically designed handle. Mind you, these files aren’t a thing of beauty by any means, but they do work well. Work with the coarser grit to remove and exfoliate, smooth down the area with the other side, and buff with a buffer if you have one.FEATURES:► Double-sided Foot file► Say goodbye to cracked heels, calluses,and rough feet► Handle: plastic► Length: 9.25” (23.5 cm)These are disposable foot files so if you want something more permanent you should head for a microplane foot file. These are for light use and I really like them. The handles are quite sturdy and won’t snap in half when you use them. Flimsy I really don’t care for at all.They come in minimalist packaging, a more eco-friendly option. There’s a hole punched in the foot file itself for hanging. If you want to work on your own pedicure at home or simply need these to keep your feet in shape, these are files you may wish to consider. These are relatively inexpensive, work well, and are an Amazon Add-on (a real plus in my book).Sample provided for review.

Melanie Hollow Rock, TN

Keep them everywhere to stay on top of your rough feet!

These files are great! They have a coarse side and a fine side. It is plastic that is a bit flexible as you file your heels, which is nice. It is also great that it is a multi-pack so that I can keep one in the bathroom, one by my bed and one even in the car for emergencies. At their current price, they’re also cheaper than anywhere else I’ve seen.

Beverley Ralph, SD

Very nice!

This is a 5 pack foot file. Each file is over 9″ long with a sanding area of 5″ long by 2″ at its widest. One side has fine grit and the other side medium grit. They are light and handy and has a hole at the end for hanging. My problem area are the knuckles of the toes where they come into contact with the shoe and these work great. The rough area comes right off and I’m good for another few weeks. Highly recommended. Sample was provided for review purposes.

Susana Morgantown, WV

Flexible and sanitary

These foot files from BelleSha are made of flexible but sturdy white matte plastic. The entire length is just over 9 in. with the sanding areas measuring 5 in. x 2 in.The sandpaper is glued down very well so it doesn’t peel off and they can be rinsed to keep them sanitary.One side has a medium grit and the other side a fine grit. Together, they do an excellent job of smoothing calluses and rough areas on the feet.I definitely prefer these flexible files to the stiff wood or bamboo ones and they can be rinsed to keep them sanitary.They are packaged in a reusable zipper bag that is very handy.BelleSha provided a sample for evaluation and review.

Milagros Schleswig, IA

Bargain Foot Files

In this package deal, you will receive five high quality foot files. They have nice sturdy handles and a thick abrasive side that will smooth and exfoliate even the roughest feet. After just one use, I had no more dry skin patches on my feet and my skin felt baby soft. It was like getting a pedicure right in my own home. The files, like all files, are not going to last indefinitely, but should last at least a few months each. Considering you are getting five files for the price of one, this is an amazing deal.Complimentary product received in exchange for an honest review.

Cheryl Maryville, MO

Works as expected.

My first question is are they worth the price. That is something that each user will have to decide for themselves. They do send you five of them and they are two sided. So if you think of these as being 10 foot files they come in around 3.60. I have very heavy cracked heals…….so I am very familiar with these type of things. Often the price at the drug store is 5 to 6 dollars.The drugstore varieties often appear better than they are…..meaning that they look real thick and have heavy handles but after awhile they quickly reveal that they do not continue throughout the depth of the file.So these really are a good deal. Sure the paddles are ultra thin and might break if you got too overzealous with your file……BUT, with them being two sided and the heavy sand paper that IS attached securely you get your moneys worth.I will buy these when needed. I was provided with a free sample for this honest review.

Darlene Duenweg, MO

Just as good as my $30 (ouch) OPI Foot File

The one thing this has over my other foot file (which has been unparalleled in my book for the last 12 years) is that these are skinny. That means they are bendable and get in between and around my toes. There is a rough side to really take off that tough skin in just a few swipes, and then a fine grit side to smooth the skin and stop the cycle of callus production (if you just rough up the skin without smoothing it back down, it’s just going to develop an even larger callus in that location). I know they look cheap, not to worry. They work just as well as the OPI one and so I’m keeping my money! (For those of you who’ve seen Extreme Couponing on TLC) “Winning!! Winning!!”

Ingrid Mound, TX

Nice Foot File

My wife has always had dry, cracked heels, so when I was offered a sample of the foot files to review, I gladly accepted. I had a friend, my wife and my mother in-law test these out. The friend liked how they worked, but to quote her notes on her experience, "It worked great, but he handle is flimsy and bends while in use. At one point it bent so far that I thought it would snap in two." My wife and her mother however had no complaints at all and both liked the performance of the file.

Ester Grand Haven, MI