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BelleSha Breathable Ultra Moisturizing Hand Gloves

Rough dry hands NO MORE! They work! BelleSha hand gloves are made of breathable cotton which keep your hands moisturized all night. Beautiful lovely hands within your reach. We know you want one!

Key features

  • Breathable moisturizing cotton gloves
  • Fit comfortably; custom fit for women
  • Keep your hand moisturized
  • Best to use with your favorite hand moisturizing lotion

Honest reviews


Moisturizing Gloves

This was the first time my wife tried a product like this, and she says the BelleSha Breathable Ultra Moisturizing Hand Gloves work well. She can tell the difference in her hands after wearing them over her regular moisturizer.She doesn’t wear then daily, but uses them off and on throughout the week. She’s not sure how long they will last, but for now they are working fine and making a difference, so she recommends them to anyone wanting extra moisturizing for their hands.

Melinda Tipton, MO

Old as Grandma – new as today

The idea of moisturizing gloves has been around for a very long time. In fact, I remember my grandma wearing white cotton gloves to bed with special healing lotion underneath. I never knew that I would grow up and do the same thing.I have VERY small hands and while these fit me gently around the palms, they are long in the fingers, meaning those with more normal (average to large) should be able to use these comfortably. They stretch across the width as well, leading me to believe they will fit comfortably in most situations.They are very comfortable and don’t make my hands feel hot, likely a result of the breathability. Just a very nice set of gloves that seem to do what they are supposed to do. Five stars.I received a complimentary sample to test for my review.

Lupe Maurertown, VA

They look OK, but really work!

Appearance – These hand gloves are OK looking – pink knit gloves, with no embellishments.Fit – As you might expect with anything “one size fits all,” these gloves are probably best for women with medium sized hands.Feel – The gloves are reasonably light and soft, and are not overly hot when worn to bed at night.Effectiveness – In truth, they actually do work. I start with lightly scrubbing my hands with a good soap (I would recommend APIANA AP Pictoral), cover them with a good lotion, and then put on the gloves. They do a good job of holding the lotion on the hands, and giving you the maximum benefit of it all. You wake up with hands feeling soft and moisturized.Conclusion – I like these moisturizing gloves, and have had no problem with them yet. They look OK, but really work!Sample provided for review.(Review of BelleSha Breathable Ultra Moisturizing Hand Gloves)

Fay Ascutney, VT

My daughter felt they were effective moisturizers — but were too large for her

I encouraged one of my daughters to wear these for a week, and they did not make it. Yet things were not a total loss, as you’ll see.While my daughter first liked them when she put them on, finding them to be “gently moisturizing,” she quickly began to fret over their smell, which she found kind of mildewy. She found it lasted for her quite a long time, but she does admit to being a stickler about scent. She could not take them to bed or wear them for a very long time in fact because the smell bothered her.As the end of the week moved closer, she tried several times to use the gloves – as a veterinarian, she often deals with all kinds of animals (and owners) and frequently washes her hands and, as a result has terribly dry hands. She found the ideal time to wear them was when she came home and relaxed at first, sitting around the tv room. She even grew to disregard the scent a bit (or just got used to the odor).But the real problem with the gloves she found another problem, and this really became their downfall: they were just too big for her. This, however, she did not hold against the gloves: my daughter has had extremely small hands, and is actually teased because of the special order they have had to put in for a smaller size of surgical gloves.All in all, my daughter was able however to come to certain conclusions about the gloves.First, she believed that unwrapping them and taking them out of their containers helped to remove the mild but somewhat stale smell they had at first. (When I told her none of the other reviewers echoed her comments about the smell she was surprised.) Second, she believed that the gloves would very much be helpful to people of larger hands than she – which is most of the world, she admitted. She could feel the moisturizing element of the gloves themselves, but as her hand did not fully contact all areas of the gloves, she felt she did not get the full extent of the worth of the gloves. And that was her final conclusion: that women with hands bigger than hers – that is, of average or larger hands – would probably find these gloves to be a big help. She could feel the moisturizer in them, but she could not take full advantage of them. But she did believe that other women would.NOTE: I was supplied this product free of charge with no other conditions other than my writing a fair and honest review — which this is.

Effie Westfield, NC

True medium size

These gloves are too tight on me, fit right on my wife. There’s no way I’d call them large or even medium-large. It could be that I received a smaller glove than others, a true medium.The gloves are soft and not a plastic feel at all. They have cotton but not only cotton. They is some spandex fiber, a fair amount. I believe they would be comfortable to wear for a long time, even overnight.They’re pink! Product provided by BelleSha.

Rebecca Arcata, CA

Not bad

I’m not one for these gloves but I gave them to my friend who helped me give a quick review she liked them even though her hands are a bit wide they are meant for small to medium

Alba Hatfield, IN

Nice cotton, spandex moisturizing gloves for medium to large size + hands …

Moisturizing gloves are designed to give your hands that extra boost to help soften them. No, these aren’t gel gloves and aren’t lined. They are a very soft cotton that are quite comfortable to wear, even if you aren’t putting any moisturizing cream on.These are often called “spa gloves,” and sometimes can command a premium price. Unfortunately these are not one size fits all. They are quite stretchy, but I feel they are best utilized by those who have medium to large hands on up.Everyone knows whether or not they have small hands, but the way to gauge that is to measure around the palm. A medium glove would be 8” around the palm so you can keep that in mind when ordering. The are quite stretchy, so if you have an extra large hand most likely these would be fine.They aren’t really form fitting and so either glove can fit on either hand. They will lock in moisture and when used with your favorite lotion, will soften up your hands. They feel like they are a cotton, spandex mix and will be easy to toss into the wash. I do like the pretty in pink color, but only wish they had specified size.Sample provided for review.

Maude Putnam, CT

Not for long or thin fingers

This pair of gloves is not one-size-fits-all. The material just doesn’t have enough stretch to fit all size hands.I have long, slender fingers. I wear a size "large" glove to accommodate my finger length, not my finger width. These gloves have short, wide/thick fingers, and they are too short and wide for my fingers. I can’t wear these gloves.I found the seams annoying, too–but I’m kind of picky about seams–someone else might not be bothered by the seam. They are thick and run through the middle of the glove, up from the wrist, then up and down each finger, to end at the wrist on the other side.*I received a sample product from BelleSha.

Connie Garibaldi, OR


I have extra-dry, average sized hands. They’re so dry over the winter that my knuckles often crack and bleed. I’ve been wearing these overnight with lotion… or, at least, half the night. I can fall asleep with them on, but I find that if I wake up in the middle of the night, they annoy me and I pull them off. Not sure why… maybe they get hot?In any case, they fit fine and do help to retain the moisturizer on my hands.I received a sample for review.

Sophia Oak Creek, CO


These are basically just gloves you wear to stop your moisturizer from getting rubbed off on your sheets or blankets. Let me explain further.They’re plain but good quality fine cotton gloves without a lining. Before you go to bed, put moisturizer on your hands. Let them dry a little, then put these gloves on. They’re breathable and light, so your hands won’t get clammy, hot or suffocated during the night. The gloves allow the moisturizer to stay on your hands as long as possible and get absorbed by not letting them get rubbed off on your sheets or blankets.Size is good for medium sized men’s hands. Nice quality stitching and cotton. Overall, does a good job. Sample was provided for review purposes.

Lois Alpine, NY

Helps moisturize hard working Mom hands

I’ve never had a pair of gloves specifically for moisturizing, but these work nicely. The description makes it sound like they are impregnated with moisturizer, but I think they’re just meant to keep your own moisturizer from getting on the bed sheets. The pink color is definitely girly, and the fabric is a smooth cotton.I’ve used them several nights now, and other than the unusual feeling of wearing gloves to bed, I like them. They allowed me to use a thicker layer of cream on my hands than I normally would, and helped my hands recover from the abuse of a day of washing dishes, gardening, carrying boxes up into our attic, scrubbing the stains out of baseball pants, etc. My hands take a beating every day, and I appreciate having special gloves to pamper them at night. The size of these gloves is what I would call women’s large. I have large hands and these fit me perfectly.I received a complimentary pair of BelleSha Ultra Moisturizing Hand Gloves for testing and review purposes.

Dolores Nichols, WI

Four Stars

Great gloves although the fingers all seem a bit short.

Christy Newtonville, MA

Quick Fix for Rough Hands

Most of us already use hand lotion, but older skin sometimes needs a little more help. Skin that’s exposed to harsh substances needs extra care too. I garden and after wrestling with the roses, spraying, pruning, adding stuff to the soil, doing all those little jobs, my hands look like I’ve been pulling a barge down the canal. I use spa gloves occasionally when they need a fast rescue. They keep the moisturizer from dissipating too quickly so you get a lot of hand-healing and softening while you sleep. Slather on a lot of your favorite hand cream, pull on the gloves. That’s all. These are light weight, they keep the lotion from getting all over the place and making a mess. I can use my Kindle with no problem. Just don’t pet the cats too much. The gloves like to pick up cat hair. These are low to middle in terms of price, and about as good as some I’ve paid I lot more for. The fabric is like a stretchy cotton, light as a feather, and the gloves themselves don’t inhibit movement. Or at least not too much. If you like picking up dimes instead of counting sheep at night, you’ll have a problem. Otherwise they’re fine. And they don’t make hands feel hot or clammy.Hands are a dead giveaway in showing age. Keeping them moisturized is really important if this matters to you. Use moisturizing gloves a couple of times a week if your hands are starting to show their age. I’ve done this for years and so far have avoided the quilty skin and bulgy veins. If only they had a glove that fit the rest of me…Anyway, I received these from the manufacturer for review and I’m giving them five stars. They’re everything you want in a moisturizing glove, no problems. Some readers complain that they are made for average sized hands. My hands are a good average at least, and these fit well and are comfortable. Any bigger and they’d be loose, any smaller and they’d be tight. If your hands are extra small or extra big, you may need to look further for sizes to accommodate your needs.

Aurora Quitaque, TX

Too Large for Small Hand

Although they may work for average and large women’s hands, these gloves are too large for small hands. When I put them on my own small hands, they are baggy and way too loose to help my hands absorb the moisture from my hand cream. I suggest that they should be available in more than one size.Because of the size, I was unable to find these gloves effective, so I cannot recommend them for women with small hands.NOTE: The manufacturer provided me a sample to review.

Margo Toksook Bay, AK

For Me These Work!

As I have grown older I have definitely seen the need to take better care of my hands. I try to use moisturizer every night, but I never seem to be able to work it in well enough and end up with more on my bed linens than on my hands. I was thrilled to get these gloves to review. Perhaps now I would win the battle with my lotion.I put my lotion on as normal and put each gloves on. I have medium hands and the gloves fit nicely. They were not too heavy but were actually quite light weight and comfortable. I didn’t have to worry about the lotion getting on my pillow case or sheets, I had no problems with them slipping off and have used them every night. My hands actually feel much softer since the lotion has to stay where it is suppose to be, and do what it is suppose to do. I like this product, it definitely helped me, and I feel my hands are looking much softer and more supple than before use. I will continue to use them and again am thankful for the opportunity of reviewing them.

Eddie Newfoundland, PA

Just As Described

These gloves do work well to moisturize and soften dry hands. Personally though I will probably just continue to use lotion on my hands without gloves as though these are comfortable I am just too set in my ways to fall asleep easily with them on my hands. I am usually doing something with my hands when watching TV,listening to music etc that they are not that practical for my personal use. I received this product free from the manufacturer in exchange for a review.

Marietta Brazoria, TX

Perfect for after a day in the garden

We received this product from the Manufacturer asking us to try them out and then post a review.Working in the garden is fun, but we like to do it without garden gloves on, we enjoy the feel of the dirt on our hands as we plant, weed and just garden. But it always left our hands dried out by the end of the day in the garden.So, come in to the house and put on moisturizer. Then put on more, then put on some more.Now we come in an put on these gloves for a while while doing things around the house and our hands get a moisturizing treatment that is great. The gloves are easy to slip on, soft, fit well and allow for projects around the house or evening just holding a book while relaxing. The whole time getting a moisturizing treatment.I think these things are going to be a big hit. BUT again, "Pink". Give me other colors 🙂

Fay Glen Daniel, WV