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BelleSha Bath and Shower Sponge pack of 12 Assorted Colors

Looking for a bargain? We got you covered! A must-have item for the perfect bathing experience! BelleSha Bath and Shower Sponge helps remove dead skin cells and is best to use with your favorite shower gel or body wash. Don’t walk away from such a sale!

Key features

  • A must-have item for the perfect bathing experience!
  • Helps remove dead skin cells
  • Size: 5 inch diameter
  • Use with your favorite shower gel or body wash

Honest reviews


Good sponges

These are good colorful shower sponges that lather up nicely. I was impressed with the lather they generated.At $1 per sponge, I think it’s a good deal, especially if you can get free shipping. NOTE: I received a free product sample for review.The main downside that I can see is that you may not get 2 of each color. My pack had too many pinks and less (or none) of the other colors. I’m subtracting 1/2 a star for that.You may want to combine these sponges with this brush, which scrubs a bit harder than these sponges:QUALITY BLUE BATH AND SHOWER BRUSH WITH LONG HANDLE. *1 YEAR GUARANTEE* Long Handled Shower, Body and Exfoliating Brush. Back brush for bath. Hygienic, Durable Plastic. Blue.Overall 4.5 stars so I’m rounding up to 5.

Christi Greenview, CA

Nice bag of colorful shower sponges

My wife and daughter use these and like them. My daughter really likes them a lot, but my wife wishes they were a bit bigger. They both like the colors and that they are very soft. Both of them like using them in the shower and bath, and say they work well for lathering up.The colors could have been mixed a bit more. The bag we received contained 6 pink, 4 green, 1 yellow and 1 blue. Not sure just how long they will last yet, but right now, both my wife and daughter are happy with them. (4 stars because my wife wishes they were bigger.)

Luann Ovid, CO

A great assortment of sponges

I have a wife and two daughters who have raved about these colorful bath “sponges.”They first told me that they love their size: they are ideal for hanging onto in the shower and are much easier to deal with than large sponges.Next, they said they like the colors and the sheer number of them…it’s very easy to alternate the ones they use, and the sheer number of them makes it easy to discard any that may have overstayed their welcome — that’s my term for it. But they liked the colors by themselves, and said that it was their practice to use different sponges rather than one over and over again. (I’m inclined to take them at their word for that, and not question.)But all in all they really liked this pack, and all gave it “thumbs up!”NOTE: I was supplied this product free of charge with no other conditions other than my writing a fair and honest review — which this is.

Kristina Fombell, PA

Great Deal!

This is a fantastic deal of sponges! The colors are very fun to use and with this many at your disposal, when you unfortunately have one unravel mid-shower, you will have plenty go back-ups. Right now, I am about 4 weeks into using one of these and it has NOT fallen apart yet.Overall, these are great quality.Note: They did have a slight odor upon opening the package but after my first shower, the smell went away.

Iva Miramonte, CA

Great Quality-Great Value

This set of twelve "sponges" or poufs is an excellent value for the money. They are sturdy with a nice thick string and they don’t fray or fall apart after only a few uses like so many other brands I’ve tried. The set of twelve comes in a variety of pastel colors. I received four green, two blue, two yellow, two white, one pink, and one purple. All the colors are bright and cheerful. I saw some other reviewers comment that colors are not evenly distributed. If color is a factor for you, take into account that these seem to be randomly sorted so there is no guarantee of what colors you will receive. Personally, I don’t care what color they are as long as they work, so I don’t see this as a reason to knock off a star. For less than $12 for are getting twelve quality poufs so it’s a great deal that should keep you stocked up on poufs for a year.Complimentary product received in exchange for an honest review.

Vicki Pembroke, GA

Great Deal

At about $1.00 a piece, these are a great deal. Especially if you have a household of kids where you through these a lot. The product we received came with 6 colors in the bag. At first, there was a slight smell to the product. However, that went away after about 15 minutes. These have held up very well in our household. They lather up very nicely for the kids. Of note is that these are a bit smaller than I expected. Definitely not a deal breaker. Also, very suitable for gift bags.

Gloria Ajo, AZ

Great pack of sponges

Disclaimer: I received this in exchange for an honest review.These arent soft, so dont get that impression. That said, they are great for actually cleaning your skin and do in fact lather up nicely. They are also fairly durable, so you will probably swap these out more because of hygiene concerns than because they are fraying or what have you. Outside of that, a pack this size should last you a little while, and so all in all a pretty good product.

Marian Bluejacket, OK

Good Quality Shower Puffs/ Sponges

At the current unit price of about a $1.00 a sponge this is a decent buy. I was a little disappointed that in my assorted bag I didn’t receive any purple or aqua sponges as are pictured but just the white, yellow, pink and green ones so I guess the color assortment is just random. These do hold up well when used with shower gels and the cord that easily fits around the wrist is useful for hanging. It is not real noticeable but there is a slight plastic/chemical smell to this product right out of the bag which some people may want to avoid though thankfully once the shower gel is applied it disappears. I was provided a free pack of twelve of these sponges in assorted colors in exchange for a non biased review.

Patrica Clancy, MT

Fun Colors — OK price

The Manufacturer sent these to us to try out and post a review.There are six different colors (2 each) in the bag. The sponge is soft and feels nice. It lathers up well in the shower and holds the soap for a good amount of time. While we didn’t need twelve sponges that is what we got.So, here is a thought we had. At a $1.00 a sponge it’s not a bad thing that when a guest comes to stay with us we can give them a brand new Shower Sponge of their very own. They can pick their color and then if they want take it home with them.They think we are being nice and thoughtful. We think they enjoy trying them out.How will you use them?

Jami Monticello, FL

Did you know?

Did you know you are supposed to get rid of your bath pouf after using it for two months? I used to keep mine till they fell apart! Since I have discovered that bacteria grow in these over time, in spite of the fact that they dry quickly, I now replace mine.So this assortment isn’t as large as you might think, especially if you have several members in your family.My assortment came with about half pink, though, meaning it would be hard to assign a color to family members which is how we keep ours separated. (The reason I deducted a star).These are much nicer than the dollar ones I have seen locally and the hold rope goes all of the way around making it very sturdy and handy. However, if you pull hard on them, it is possible to pull them apart. But under normal use, these should last very well.I received a complimentary sample so that I could put these through a few tests, and other than the random (instead of two of each color) assortment, I was very pleased.

Marla Lafayette, MN

convenient to buy in bulk

The assorted colors have a lot of pink in my bag. Not a problem but there were only a few appropriate for the guys in the family, but hey, more for me! The shower material is tightly woven and nicely made. These are smaller than scrubbies I see in the store, but they work fine for sudsing up the entire body. This is a good value and a nice product.Shower sponges provided for review

Margo Garrett, IN

Give a few away!

I have always preferred the small puffs to the larger ones since they are great to hold in the shower and get more soap on them while the larger ones you have to really put enough soap and end up wasting a lot The only thing I can suggest is what other reviewers are saying give more of a selection on color

Claudia Pleasant Grove, UT

Eight pink and on the skimpy side… I am NOT impressed!

If I order a dozen net scrubbies, I expect the assortment to be as shown in the picture. I should have received two of six colors, but I got eight pink, one blue, three green. I was especially looking forward to the yellow and the periwinkle, and I got none in those colors.Eight pink scrubbies will last me forever! Two people in the same household surely cannot use the same color scrubbie, can they?Compared to the single scrubbies available at my local discount store–which, by the way, I can buy for the same price AND choose my color–these are a little on the small size and are made of more delicate netting.Definitely not impressed with these.*I received a sample product from BelleSha.

Natalia Booth, AL

Bath poufs

Whether you call them sponges or poufs or scrubbies, these are pretty good. They don’t come apart like some of the dollar store varieties, and they’re a decent size (slightly smaller than the ones I’ve gotten from CVS, but not too small). I know some reviewers have received an odd mix of colors, but mine were fine– about an even number of each color. They’re dense enough to lather up well, and are a good value for the money. I like having extras around for guests and travel.I received these for review.

Dorothy Bagdad, AZ

What annoyed me are the colors

They are smaller than expected. What annoyed me are the colors. You don’t get two sets of the colors pictured. I have mostly green puffs, two reds, one blue, one pink……you get the idea.

Manuela Alma, AL


I love the assortment of colors that comes in this set of shower sponges. They are soft colors and can match about any decor. I love how refreshed and clean my skin felt after showering with this product. The size of the sponges is just right. They fit comfortably in your hand and are easy to maneuver, especially when washing the grand babies. They were well made and have lasted a month without coming apart. I will not keep them longer than that for cleanliness reasons, although I wash and rinse them after every use. Every member of the family has a different color.It is an unbelievably good deal and about a dollar each. I received this product for a fair and honest review.

Peggy Cowen, WV

Good Quality, but Bad Color Distribution and I was Shorted One Pouf

I was asked to review these and since you can never have too many bath poufs, I figured I’d check them out.These things aren’t sponges. I’m not taking points off for this titling faux pas, but even I, an uncouth and lowly truck driver know the difference between a pouf and a sponge. These things ain’t sponges.I would loved to have given these five stars. I think they are a five star product. They are soft and full and have a thicker than average braided rope loop. All of these things make for a five star pouf (or sponge, if you’re BelleSha). The problem is that my bag only contained eleven poufs… and not a good distribution of colors, I might add. My bag contained SIX pink, FOUR green and ONE blue pouf. Even here in Southern Illinois, that adds up to eleven items.I know I didn’t pay for my bag of poufs, and quite frankly at $12, I feel eleven of these is a fair value. The thing is, if you tell me I’m getting 12 poufs and I pay for 12 poufs, then you should give me 12 poufs. And maybe give the same number of each color, too.

Gracie Northwood, OH