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Bella B Tummy Honey Cream – 4 oz

Bella B Tummy Honey Cream – Stretch Mark Fading – 4 oz Tube The Original Tummy Honey Cream, launched in 1999, is the ultimate solution for fading stretch marks by smoothing out and shrinking stretch marks deep into skin layers. Tummy Honey Cream includes several key ingredients to fade existing stretch marks, including a unique plant extract clinically proven to fade stretch marks typically between 30-50%. Tummy Honey Cream also helps with stretch mark prevention, and includes anti-itch ingredients to soothe those growing tummies! An emulsion-based formula (oil and water) that soaks into the skin quickly, Tummy Honey Cream keeps the skin elastic and ultra-moist for several hours. Tummy Honey Cream has a very mild fresh scent that’s not overpowering or floral. It contains some of the same key ingredients found in other stretch mark fading creams that cost 3-6 times the price! Tummy Honey Cream includes such key ingredients as Darutoside (Siegesbeckia Orientalis), cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamins B5, C, D3 and E, wheat germ oil, olive oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil, almond oil, aloe vera gel, plant-based collagen and elastin. Tummy Honey Cream is free of parabens (artificial preservatives), petroleum, and lanolin (which comes from sheep wool). Use twice daily for best results. This ideal stretch mark fading cream is also the winner of the iParenting Award for Excellence.

Key features

  • Ideal for helping fade existing stretch marks, as much as 30-50% or more
  • Includes Siegesbeckial Orientalis, clinically proven to help fade stretch marks
  • Winner of the iParenting Award for excellence
  • Includes cocoa and shea butter
  • Fortified with vitamins C, E and Pro-Vitamin B5

Honest reviews


Doesn’t work

It’s a nice moisturizer and it smells ok but it did not work for me after using it for over two months. My stretch marks are not from pregnancy and they are over a year old but I read some reviews from people in similar situations that had positive results so I figured I would give it a try. However, it’s just lotion, that’s all.

Debra Milmay, NJ

Good product!

I have only been using this product for a few weeks but I have already noticed a difference in my skin.

Barbra Big Lake, MN

Great smell!

This product really worth buying. It has a great smell and really helps to relieve the itching feeling on my belly. I didn’t know this product until my stretch marks were all over my belly, so it was a little late to apply it see the differences. Anyway, after I applied it, my stretch marks faded a little, but not completely gone (of course since it’s impossible). But still, fading a little bit is already a miracle. Recommend it!

Jeanine Chromo, CO

Love it!

Love this tummy cream! I am on my third bottle 🙂 Love that there are no parabens. Leaves my belly feeling very soft and moisturized especially if I use it twice a day. Have no idea if it prevents stretch marks. I am just starting my third trimester so I am sure that the stretch marks are looming ahead, but so far so good. Been using it since the first trimester.***Forgot to mention– I have not had any itchy belly skin! Not sure if it’s because the lotion is keeping me moisturized or because I just haven’t had an itchy belly yet. I have even used it on my terribly itchy pregnancy boobs. Not sure if it’s supposed to be used for that, but it definitely helps soothe the itching!

Kristina Hindsville, AR

Really works!

I wish I had this with my first pregnancy. I am in my second pregnancy and I use it daily. It’s helping diminish the stretch marks from my previos pregnancy and keeping stretch marks at bay with this one. I am very pleased with this product. I hate that it’s expensive but it definetly works and it smells so good. Plus I like that its organic and doesn’t have all the chemicals like some other stretch mark products. I was hesistant to try with the price but I’ve been very pleased with this product.

Gilda Weymouth, MA


At first I was a little skeptical; I went through an entire tube without really seeing an improvement, but I’d only been using it a month, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt and bought another one. Now I’m seeing BIG improvements, like I might actually break out the bikinis again next summer! Excellent product!

Doreen Mittie, LA