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Belitae – Organic Vitamin C Serum for Face with Hyaluronic Acid + 20% C 30 ml – Helps Repair Sun Damage, Dark Circles, Wrinkles and Fine Lines & Fade Age Spots – Best Professional Anti Aging Skin Care Serum

For those looking for healthy glowing skin and to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, discoloration – look no further than Belitae Organics Vitamin C Serum. Start reversing the signs of aging now: Combat wrinkles and fine lines; age spots, sun spots, brown spots, acne scars and discoloration; dry, rough or dehydrated skin; splotchy, patchy or otherwise uneven skin. Experience a difference in your skin for a healthy and more youthful look. Belitae Organics Vitamin C Serum formula is packed with nutrients that you will not find elsewhere. It contains 20% Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Aminio Acid, Larginine, Organic Aloe, MSM that work together to nourish your skin while restoring its health and beauty. Belitae Organics Revitalize Vitamin C Serum is produced in small batches to ensure quality and freshness…. Manufacturer Guarantee – Belitae Organics is proud to back their products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy. If you are not completely happy with your purchase, please contact Belitae Organics for a refund – no questions asked.

Key features

  • Our vitamin c serum is specially designed to help your skin build collagen, and reduce and prevent free radical damage. It is one of the absolute best vit c serums for wrinkles, fine lines and discolorations!
  • GET RESULTS – Customers report that Age and dark spots fade, skin tone lightens and appears brighter and fines lines around their mouth and eyes soften.
  • SAFE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES – Our facial serum is 98% natural and 72% Organic. There are No parabens, No petrochemicals, No alcohol, No silicones, No phthalates, No sulphates, No gluten and No fragrance in our vitamin c serum. And we are Vegan too! You’ll find it is a gentle anti-aging formula for sensitive and acne prone skin too. Your skin deserves only the best ingredients!
  • YOUTHFUL SKIN THAT GLOWS- Drop a decade from your face. Vitamin C Serum has been called the #1 anti aging secret and is shown to be 20 times more effective applied topically than taking it orally to replenish your skin’s Vitamin C levels. Formulation of our 20% vitamin c serum includes pure vegan hyaluronic acid and the best natural and organics ingredients. Get the maximum anti-oxidant protection designed to help fight fee radical damage that causes premature aging to your skin.
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Honest reviews


It was ok

Disclosure: The author of this review received a free sample in exchange for her honest review. This is per Amazon rules.This is such an amazing product! When I first received this product I will admit I was thinking “is this going to be something that is going to make my face feel oily, or is it going to act as a moisturizer.” I was a little confused on what to expect.I have given this product one star due to the way I have been treated by the company. They are harassing and bullying me into what I SHOULD write here as my review instead of my real words. They wanted me to change the title, they didn’t like my disclosure (above) but I follow Amazon rules. Now they want me to remove my review because they “don’t like it.”

Dayna Quebradillas, PR

It Actually Works

My wife wanted a product that would make her skin more youthful. There are so many products to choose from and you don’t know what is bad or good. We were given the chance to try Belitae’s FRESH-C Vitamin C Serum and it works. It makes her skin smoother and more youthful looking. Somehow it takes the damaged skin and makes it more whole. Give it one or two weeks, it will remove age and sun spots, making you look younger. The best thing about the product is that it won’t do anything to hurt you. This way you get all the benefits and no problems.Now my wife’s skin looks healthier and she does look younger.

Deanna Homer, MN

Love this Serum

The serum’s brightening effect really amazed me. I’ve only used it for a few days, but I already see noticeable improvements on my dark spots. I have to give this serum a lot of credit for the wonderful effects on my skin. It’s softer, smoother and lighter. If you’re looking for a product to hydrate skin and brighten sun spots, this is it!

Tamera Jamestown, MI

Here’s to younger looking skin.

Recently I was introduced to a new product called FRESH-C Vitamin C Serum by Belitae Organics. They state that when you apply Vitamin C topically, it is 20 times more effective than taking a vitamin capsule. Having one less supplement to take, is a bonus in my book! Though I have not started to see the effects of aging, including crows feet, and fine lines, I do often purchase products with the idea of preventing the premature signs of aging in mind, and this product, thus far, has worked well for me. Keep in mind, that the FRESH-C Serum is supposed to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and and wrinkles, by way of its citrus-based components, and after several weeks, I have noticed that my skin appears brighter and together to the touch. My favorite aspect of this product is that is helps to promote the synthesis of collagen and elastin, something women of any age need in their daily skincare regimen.The FRESH-C Vitamin C Serum is also formulated with STAY-C50, which is proven to be a more stable and bioavailable form of Vitamin C, which is unlike any other serum! This Vitamin C serum bio-converts to L-ascorbic acid with the enzymes on the skin so it is available when needed, which also helps the product to absorb quickly on the skin!Please also note, the FRESH-C Vitamin C Serum is made in the U.S.A. and has 98% natural and 72% organic ingredients. There are no added fillers and it is a cruelty free product. Belitae offers a 100% money back guarantee also! This product speaks for itself, with one use. I will be purchasing it again.Here’s to younger looking skin!

Helen Rivesville, WV

Ordered 3 More Bottles. I’m Hoarding this Stuff! 49 Going on 35 Again. Is There Gold in Here?

I’m an anti-aging product junkie. I’ve tried Cellex (waste of $) and Perricone’s products. I’ve tried other Vitamin C Serum, but geez Louise. What is in THIS stuff? Is their Vitamin C from another planet, or is it the combination of Hyaluronic Acid? I don’t know, but whatever it is, I’m overjoyed this company, Belitae Organics, keeps their prices low so we can ALL afford to look younger again. It’s so nice when a company has a killer product and they don’t gauge us all on the price. How refreshing!I used the first bottle each day for one month. It immediately makes your face firm, and it stays that way for about 8 hours (on me, anyway). I am a grease machine, too. I use it again at night and in one month, my face is firmer, smoother, and my wrinkles that even the new Tria anti-aging laser does nothing for are now smoother. I have severe pigment damage from a plastic surgeon, and this doesn’t get rid of it, but I have to say it reduces my pigment damage about 20%. The 4% hydroquinone was horrible for my skin. It made it like leather! I’ll take 20% with no side effects like liver damage from hydroquinone any day.But this product is seriously something everyone should use. It keeps oxidation from happening on your skin. I even use it on my neck and chest. I also have cystic acne and after one month of any product (or days/weeks), I break out horribly. I’ve gotten one little zit in a month. And who knows if it was from my caffeine I drink everyday and diet. This stuff goes on like water! It’s not one bit greasy AT ALL. You can even put your makeup on over it.Their customer service is fantastic, too! I wish I could tell everyone that’s buying all the other garbage out there that this is the only one you should get if you’re looking for firming, less wrinkles, smoother skin, a little less pigment damage…and a huge increase in self esteem.Oh, and thanks, Amazon! You delivered my order on a Sunday! Wooohooo!

Tasha Garrison, TX

Great Serum

Great serum – cool bottle! I’ve seen a ton of articles touting the benefits of vitamin C for your face. This serum is a good choice. It improved the quality of my skin (red discolorations, dry patches and even some wrinkles were reduced.)This serum has stay C-50 which is supposed to keep the vitamin C fresher so it can remain active and work on your skin. I appreciated that and it makes me more likely to buy more than 1 bottle at a time.

Eula Seville, FL

Vitamin C Serum is a must if you are 40+

I have been using my Belitae Organics Vitamin C Serum for a few weeks now. It is very gentle and easy to use. I don’t have a ton of extra time for wiggle room in my beauty routine but this is super fast and simple. I just put a few dots on in the am and pm when my face is clean and it dries in about 30 seconds. I continue with the rest of my makeup during the day or night creams in the evening. I see that my skin looks brighter and fresher in the morning. I simply don’t look as exhausted as I did this winter. I really needed something to rev up my routine this spring and I feel like I am seeing a benefit. I think I will notice more of a benefit over the next few months with fading of those brown spots. I will also be diligent as usual with my sunscreen regimen so I don’t take any steps backward.

Simone Brohard, WV

Amazing skin feel and the results are FAB!

After using this Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid Serum for a few weeks and with those pesky sun spots on my face I wasn’t sure it anything could help.. Well, I have started to notice they look better already! Finally!! An all natural product that works!! My skin feels tighter and has a smoother feel already. The Belitae’s FRESH-C Vitamin C Serum was easy to apply, absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel oily or sticky like some I have tried.

Mamie Augusta, WI

Love this brand

I already loved vitamin C serum & all it can do for my skinsomething so simple to use that provides great results naturally. But I must really say this vitamin C serum by belitae organics moved to the top of my favorites list very fast. I have tried many brands & this one would be tied for my favorite. So yea it is amazing to say the least.Some vitamin C serums though great & effective irritate the skin around my nose & on my neck, I love that the belitae did not do this, I had no bad reactions to it at all.

Mollie Butler, NJ

Leaves skin vibrant & smooth!

I love this vitamin c serum!!! I wanted to see if it made a difference to my skin so I didn’t tell my husband about it. And, he noticed a difference. He said my skin felt smoother, softer, and healthier. I love how this serum doesn’t have an odor and works great with sensitive skin. It is definitely a must have for my beauty regiment. Check out my full review: […]

Rochelle Chewelah, WA

I like it

This product was super easy to use, and I love the packaging. There is no overbearing odor or smell, and it’s not too greasy. It didn’t make me breakout whatsoever, and is a great product for your skin. I would recommend this to those with even the sensitivist of skin!

Patrica Flat Rock, OH

Like Magic in a Bottle

I started using vitamin C serum a few months ago and it has been my go-to skincare product ever since. I got the opportunity to try Belitae’s FRESH-C Vitamin C Serum and have been so happy with the results!I love that Belitae products are made with natural and organic ingredients. Their products are not tested on animals and contain no harmful chemicals.Like magic in a bottle, it helps to restore, refine, and brighten your skin.I highly recommend using vitamin C serum to care for your skin. It has helped my face heal from acne scars and redness and the fine lines under my eyes are less visible. I’m only 25 and don’t need those wrinkles!

Glenda East Newport, ME

Great for the skin

THIS PRODUCT IS TERRIFIC! It doesn’t give my skin a red inflamed look and has actually reverse my fine lines. The product absorbs well and is prefect for going outdoors in. This is a great and affordable brand. I truly recommend this to all my friends and family members .

Rachelle Parker, WA

Wonderful Product that WORKS!

The first thing that I like about Belitae Organics Fresh – C Vitamin Serum is its attractive packaging. I think the dark blue bottle is cute too. When I first applied the serum, I was glad that it did not have any smell at all. I love that I can actually feel my skin "tightening" as the serum dries up. The usage instructions say "use it twice a day" but I only use it once a day, every night before I go to bed. After about 2 weeks( 9 days to be exact) of use, I can see a big difference in my skin. My face looks smoother, fresher, and more brilliant. And more importantly, the "white spots" I have on my face is almost totally gone. I know for sure that it will be gone as I continue to use Belitae Organics Fresh-C Vitamin Serum! Thanks Belitae Organics for this wonderful product!

Michele Madison, VA

Skin Tightening and Firming from an Affordable Anti-Aging Serum

After using FRESH-C for a couple of weeks, I noticed my skin was definitely feeling tighter. On those mornings when I looked a bit tired, a few drops helped me look more awake because my skin was brighter and more firm. While I can’t speak for reducing wrinkles and lines just yet, I do feel like I’m doing great for my skin by using this serum to slow down the aging process. I know that line and wrinkle reduction doesn’t happen overnight but based on how much more firm my skin feels and the anti-aging ingredients in the bottle, I’m really confident I’m doing something great for my face and certainly going to keep this as part of my daily skincare routine. I’ve used other serums, but this is the first that gives me a noticeable feel to my skin and that’s important to me. I’m ordering another bottle for my mom to try!I received a bottle of FRESH-C from Belitae Organics in exchange for an honest review of my experience.

Lela Narrowsburg, NY

pretty good results

I feel my skin more smooth, I see some improvements on my neck, my skin looks healthy and radiant, I am loving the results.

Eileen State Road, NC

Huge help with undereye circles!

While I haven’t noticed a difference in my wrinkles it HAS made a huge improvement to my genetically dark under eye spots. Before, I couldn’t layer on enough concealer to make them look lighter, now I just need one light layer and it conceals them quickly and easily. Even if I never see a difference in wrinkles, I would still purchase this again due to the brightness under my eyes. It’s a godsend!

Marcella Aguas Buenas, PR

top of the line

I have tried tons of different facial serums and this one is my fave. i saw immediate results. The red patches on my jaw have almost disappeared and my skin looks smooth.

Cindy Hanover, IN

Great product!

This product has helped even out my skin tone, decrease blemishes and soften my skin. Belitae’s vitamin C serum is one that absolutely provides real results without drying out or breaking out your skin. I actively look for products to help certain areas of my skin, as I tend to suffer from a few different things. Overall, this product definitely improved my skin tone, as well as being very gentle on skin. My skin has dramatically improved and I am happy with the long range results. For anyone seeking out great new products, such as the natural vitamin c facial serums, this is one I would, without question recommend this.

Lelia Sunnyvale, CA

Great Serum

I love this vitamin C serum. I received this from Belitae and to review, and it is seriously one of the best out there. I’ve tried TONS of vitamin C serums and this one has helped my skin the most. I have a few spots on my face that I have been trying to get rid of for over a year that wouldn’t go away. They were spots where I’d had acne over and over and weren’t necessarily scars but just were annoying and hideous and now after using this for like two weeks they are GONE! I’ve noticed my skin looks younger and I don’t need to wear nearly as much makeup now. I love this product! It is a must have!

Elise West Salisbury, PA

Works Great!

I used Belitae Organics Vitamin C serum with Fresh-C for about 3 weeks, and this was a good formula. I received similar results as with other Vitamin C serums I’ve tried recently, with lightening of acne scars, tightening of the skin, and disappearance of fine lines. I do feel that this is a stronger formula than others on the market, because you can immediately feel your face tighten after applying. I follow with a good moisturizer, but I do use a Retinal moisturizer at night, so I reverse their suggested order of application, and apply the serum first, and the moisturizer with Retinol second. I have a Rentinol-free and oil-free moisturizer I use in the morning that I also apply after using the serum.

Laurie Canton, MO

Something new to try!

I am new to Vitamin C Serum. I look forward to seeing the affects that everybody is talking about. I haven’t been using it for a long time so I haven’t seen any changes. I plan on keeping this a part of my daily routine. I definitely think you should try it out, espcially since the price is so great.Disclosure: I was given a bottle to facilitate this review.

Herminia Houston, DE

A must try product

You only need to apply 2 to 3 drops to your face and neck two times a day after you clean your skin. You then allow the product to absorb and your all set or you can apply moisturizer after. I love that this is cruelty free and made with natural and organic ingredients here in the USA. As it states on the box it restores, refines and brightens skin. I am extremely happy with the product and hope that with more usage it will continue to work as well as it does right now and it is good for all skin types.

Gladys Yates Center, KS

Love the bottle, serum works pretty well

This serum is a clear, thin liquid that comes in a pretty blue bottle with a dropper. The instructions say to rub 2-3 drops into your face and neck morning and night; However, for me I found that 2-3 drops wasn’t enough to cover my whole face, so I used more like 5-6 drops.The serum absorbs quickly and I do feel like it brightened my skin and helped keep my face moist and healthy. It’s not quite as potent as similar serums I have tried, but I think it works pretty well. I wish it was a little more moisturizing.

Maritza Pilottown, LA

The wife loves this product!

We were told by my wife’s dermatologist that she need this after she had her laser surgery. The cost from the drug store was 4 times more than this! Then when we got the product included was a discount certificate for the next order which is worth $25.00 off! The price was good to start with and now the deal got a lot better. The product is doing what it is supposed to do and that is help in the healing process. Works great!

Maxine Roundhead, OH

I found myself wearing less and less makeup because my skin tone had improved

Belitae Organics Fresh Vitamin C Serum is said to restore, refine, and brighten skin of all types. I feel the product definitely makes my skin look more youthful and it evens out my skin tone. I really appreciate that the Belitae products are not tested on animals and are free from harmful chemicals, parabens, phalates, synthetic colors, fragrances, and unnecessary fillers.It didn’t take many applications (2-3 drops twice daily) before I saw results. My laugh lines were less pronounced and I found myself wearing less and less makeup because my skin tone looked more 20something than 30something. Thanks Belitae!

Felecia Allamuchy, NJ

The best serum ever!!!!!!!!!

I use this Vitamin C serum at night and no longer need to use so many products. It is really affordable compared to other vitamin C serums. It improves the overall texture of the skin. My skin is so much smoother since I have been using this product. It also helped to reduced my blemishes. The price is affordable and the result well worth the money! Highly recommended!

Maricela Logan, UT

Great Vitamin C

I am a lover of Vitamin C hands down. Ever since I heard of topical Vitamin C for the face, I have never looked back. I wrote a review about Vitamin C for my blog a few months back. I have to say, one of the things that caught my eye about this serum was the packaging. I know that may sound dumb, but still, packaging is what first sells right?! Before we start looking at ingredients! Come on, you know what I am talking about!! Since I use Vitamin C throughout the year, I like to try out a few in order to see what works and what doesn’t. When I received this Vitamin C the package was a lovely white and bright yellow with a ton of information on the back. Their Amazon site states:”Belitae’s FRESH-C Vitamin C Serum is formulated with the proven highly active form of Vit C called “STAY C-50″. This Vitamin C goes to work deep in the layers of your skin where it is converted to Ascorbic Acid by your cells providing the added benefit of remaining fresh in the bottle until absorbed by your skin. Our Vitamin C is proven to stimulate collagen production restoring your skin to a more youthful appearance. Vitamin C is known for it’s ability to protect your skin from daily UV damage and will gradually fade sun spots and brighten skin. Made in the USA in our advanced FDA certified facility 98% natural and 72% organic ingredients – cruelty free, phalate free, paraben free, gluten free”.The directions state that after washing your face use 2-3 drops on both your face and neck. Then after it absorbs into your skin, apply your moisturizer. Pretty simple and basically the same directions as all the other Vitamin C that I tired.First thing I noticed about this Vitamin C is that it came in a dark blue bottle (which was a first for me) with a droplet. The liquid was crystal clear and had no smell. I found it interesting that it stated that it would never oxidize because normally Vitamin C is an antioxidant and that is just what happens anywhere between 3-6 months from when you open it. Nonetheless, I have only had this bottle for a month, so I guess I will wait and see.I started using it everyday for two weeks. Since I normally use Vitamin C from other manufacturers, I simply swapped this out for my normal one. The results I achieved with this Vitamin C were great! It continued to help with lightening up any and all dark spots. My complexion looked bright and my premature wrinkles were kept at bay. It felt very silky and smooth and absorbs rather quickly into the skin without any nasty film or stickiness. I really like this Vitamin C and the feel of its formula.However I will say this. The ONLY thing that I didn’t like about this product is that it contains Witch Hazel. Which in my own personal (amature) opinion is not an ingredient I would use. I refuse to use or even apply a product anywhere on body that contains alochol or Witch Hazel. However for the sake of testing I gave it a chance. While the rest of the ingredients are great, however there should never be any real reason why a product should have alochol or Witch Hazel in it. These two ingredients cause collagen breakdown in the face. I would really employ the company to remove this product and use another product that is not damaging to the skin if their are looking to add antibacterial properties for acne pron skin or to help reduce redness and control oil. However with all that being said, this ingredient was much lower on the list so the amount of witch hazel used might be minimal to produce any real damaging affect. Nonetheless you would have to contact the company in order to find this information out.Beside that, I did find this product very helpful! However a lot of people are ok with using Witch Hazel in their normal skincare routine which is fine for them.

Mindy Cobb, GA

Amazing serum

A few months ago I had a really bad reaction to a facial cleanser that left me with a lot of discoloration so I have been looking for products to help clear up my skin. I also have prom coming up soon so I wanted my skin to be as flawless as possible and this serum has helped fade about 60% of the discoloration around my mouth and cheeks. My skin has also brightened up significantly. I do love this product and I would definitely recommend it to friends. I was sent this product to review, but this is my honest opinion of the product.

Katherine Union, SC

I like this serum thus far. I love that its cruelty free

I like this brand as its 20 % vit C with Stay C 50, it works well to even out the skin tone and smooth the texture of your skin. Its a good product for the price.Linda

Celina Orlando, KY