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Beige hBand stretchy headband

Absolute Yogi designed this stretchy hBand to comfortably hold back your hair while practicing yoga, but it is also great for sports, exercise or any activities. Made of cotton/spandex blend with unfinished edge, this hBand is thin and versatile. Use it as a sweatband, double or triple up for maximum absorbency. Use it to cover your eyes and ears for sense withdrawal during meditation. Use it as a hairband scrunchy to securely hold a ponytail or hair bun.

Key features

  • comfortably hold hair back during all type of activities
  • single layer unfinished edge multi-purpose headband
  • stretchy and absorbent cotton/lycra blend
  • cover eyes and ears for sense withdrawal during meditation
  • use as hairband scrunchy to securely hold a ponytail or hair bun

Honest reviews


Do not purchase items from “MayaBeauty”

MayaBeauty charges a 15% restocking fee for a $3 yoga headband, the expect you to return the item unopened and you have to pay for shipping. I purchased 2 headbands from Absolute Yogi, the headband were too narrow and I requested a refund, and that is the response I received. Absolute Yogi is a great company! I purchased a headband from them directly and when I tried to return it I was told, I would receive my refund, they asked for customer feedback to make their company better and I didn’t even have to return the headband. MayaBeauty needs to either take notes from Absolute Yogi, or Absolute Yogi should pull their products from MayaBeauty.

Mamie Doty, WA

No More Headaches

Finally, a headband that’s not too tight for my big fat head. I’m trying to grow out my bangs and this works because it keeps the bangs out of my way and prevents me from getting overly involed in my life-long hair obsession. Can be worn wide or narrow. Cotton fabric doesn’t slip so it stays in place all day. Got multiple colors but I like the neutrals best.

Essie Faith, SD

good quality headband

i m using this for my kick boxing class and so far the headband has worked!The tightness is just right and i tossed in the laundry machine and it comes out just like before i washed it.i m givng 4 stars instead of 5 bc there is better deal if u go to their website directly.19.99 for 5 of something like that which doesn’t offer here.for the next time, i will buy it from the web site directly bc it is better deal.

Annabelle Marlborough, NH

stretchy headband

This fell apart after the 1st time I washed it!! There wasn’t even thread to prove it was once there!! I purchased it for massages & I used it once for 50 minutes!! Not a good buy at all!!!

Inez Silverhill, AL

Best headband

I have spent so much $$ this past month trying to find a good headband for working out and just for day to day stuff. I bought one recently from a different company for $12 and it was stretched out within the first day. This is the best headband I have found. It is partly cotton which makes it a nice material, soft. But it also has something that makes it stretchy, which is great because then it actually stays on your head when you move around and doesn’t stay stretched permanently. They also look good, and for the price you just can’t beat it. Some of the different colors cost different amounts but the one I got was $5 with shipping. I am so happy I found these, I am going to buy a few more.

Matilda Yancey, TX

Not Worth the Price

Do not waste your money on this item. This headband is not well made. Its quality is like someone took a Fruit of the Loom undershirt and cut it to make a headband out of it. The only positive is that it is a bit durable for I put it in the washing machine once. The edges are all uneven and the material is thin. It is NOT worth $8. It’s worth no more than $2. You can buy yourself a Fruit of the Loom undershirt or similar and make your own headband. I do feel I got ripped off a bit so save your money people and find something better.

May Rewey, WI