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Bee Venom Cream by Beenigma

Bee Venom Face Cream by Beenigma is the Anti-Aging sensation from New Zealand. Bee Venom Cream by Beenigma uses only the finest Active New Zealand Bee Venom and 20+ Manuka Honey. Rejuvenate the youthful appearance of your skin to be smooth, glowing, and radiant with Bee Venom Cream by Beenigma. Beenigma Face Cream does not need to be washed away. The skin reacts to the Bee Venom found in Beenigma as if it’s been lightly stung, triggering an increase in our body’s production of wrinkle-smoothing collagen and elastin to lift, plump and tighten the skin. Don’t worry, this does not hurt at all… In fact, you may feel a mild tingling and the result is an anti-aging and rejuvenating effect that makes your skin more radiant and youthful by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Bee Venom has the ability to work within the epidermis and dermal levels of the skin to deeply nourish. It is comprised of 21 naturally occurring components such as replenishing proteins, peptides, amino acids, and key enzymes. ***Please Note: DO NOT use this product if you have a known bee allergy.***

Key features

  • Contains New Zealand Bee Venom and 20+ Manuka Honey
  • Increase Collagen and Elastin Production
  • Lift, Plump & Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Renew Damaged Skin Cells for a Radiant Look
  • Paraben Free

Honest reviews


All the benefits of bee venom without being stung in the face

I admit to wanting to try this out because it sounded so cool. If you give me the chance to safely rub bee venom all over my face, I’m going to take it–I’ve also drank liquor filled with scorpions and venomous snakes. I was pretty skeptical about the effectivity of this; almost every “miracle ingredient” turns out to be more mundane than magic. But I wanted to give it a shot just to see.It surprisingly works pretty good.The bee venom works on the principle that bee stings stimulate collagen and elastin, which is what causes them to “puff up” after you have been stung. Rubbing just the right quantity of bee venom stimulates your skin and sort of “exercises it” to fill in the wrinkles with nice, fresh collagen and put a little more life back into your sagging flesh. Additional ingredients include manuka honey–which is also hailed as a skin-boosting wonder, the ubiquitous shea butter, some almond oil, and a menagerie of chemicals that have never seen the inside of a plant but still work darn good.Both my wife and I tried out this Beenigma (Love that name!) cream mask together. It isn’t much of a “mask,” which implies to me some opaque treatment that you later wash off. Instead this is just a cream that you massage into your face, then wait for 20 minutes. The first application gives you a sting, which I thought was great. Nothing like a little physical sensation to show you that it is working. After using it for a couple of weeks the sting has gone away, or we have just gotten used to it.The results from the Beenigma impressed both of us. My wife is Asian, and blessed with that kind of skin that makes her look 20 years younger than she actually is. Me, not so lucky–I inherited deep crow’s feet from my father, and all of my brothers have the kind of eyes you could run rivers through. I’ve been fighting against that with sunscreen and product and have so far maintained the fort. The Beenigma did wonders for the lines I have. Both my wife and I are very pleased with the results, and far less skeptical about the effectivity of bee venom. Sting away, bees!The only drawback I can see to Beenigma is the price–at a hundred-plus dollars a bottle, this is an extreme luxury item. Sure it works, and it comes in a gift-quality bottle with nice presentation, but like all products of this kind its effects are temporary. In order to keep them up, you have to keep a steady supply of Beenigma in your bathroom. I suppose wealth is all relative–to some people a hundred dollars is not a big layout of cash. But we’re not so lucky and the price is prohibitive for us to keep up with Beenigma, no matter how effective it is.Full disclosure: I was provided a sample of this product for review purposes.

Kathrine Bristow, NE

What’s All the Buzz About?

Back in 2011 Dr. Oz did some segments about bee venom being used in a variety of beauty products, facial creams and masks being the big sellers.Bee stings causes puffiness and swelling which in turn increases the collagen and reduces the fine lines and wrinkles on your skin. Besides helping fill in lines, bee venom also help maintain skin tone and color. When a bee stings you it is the active component “Melittin” that causes the localized pain and inflammation at the injected part of your body. Melittin can absorb toxins, but it also soaks in oxygen, amino acids and hormones that can give your skin a natural rejuvenation. That is what Beenigma does without the actual bee sting.Upon the first application I did feel a slight tingle, but after continuous use that seems to fade away. The cream is thick and quickly absorbs into your skin. Since it is so dense, it does not glide on smoothly but it disappears quickly.Beenigma can be used as either a cream or a mask. Use as a cream: Wash face and apply morning and night. The nourishing formulation will absorb into the skin. Avoid contact with the eyes. I made the mistake of touching my eyes after applying the cream and I will never do it again!Use as a mask: Up to 3 times a week. Wash face and gently massage, a generous layer to your neck and face. Leave on for at least 20 minutes. Wipe off the extra layer with a towel or facial tissue.Soap is a neutralizer to the bee venom and the two products should not be used together.After 4 weeks of continuous use I have seen a tremendous improvement in my skins overall tone and color. My face glows, it is extremely soft and a majority of the lines lines are faint. It has not really help with my forehead lines which are the biggest wrinkled areas, but my smile, nose and crows feet have improved significantly.Sample provided for review purposes.

Dianne Waterloo, NE

This product is amazing

I am a major skeptic when it comes to skin products. This was a gift and the product is amazing. Has a gentle subtle smell, is smooth as silk, and you do not need to lather it on your face like with some skin products.Isn’t greasy feeling like other products. You cannot see or even feel it once it’s on your skin. That is something that turned me off of other skin care products, even the expensive ones.Yes, it’s a tad pricey, but your skin is worth it. Will be buying this product in the future. It’s actually the only face product I use.WARNING: the product has a reminder to NOT use this is you have an allergy to bees.

Julie Ottine, TX


I have been using this cream for only a couple of weeks but I decided to jump in and write my review because I am already seeing results.So many of the other reviewers mentioned a slight tingle or sting that I was a little taken aback when I didn’t get any tingle at all. However, I’ve been using a different cream prior to testing this that has peppermint oil in it…so I may be immune to a tingle that is less intense. The scent is nice, but not awesome. It reminds me of my grandmother. It fades almost immediately, fortunately. I don’t need my face to smell like anything frankly.My face feels very soft the morning after sleeping with this cream. I’m old, but every now and then I still break out like a teenager. I was a bit nervous about the thick consistency of this cream because I envisioned a whole face full of bumps. Oddly enough, I was in the middle of a small breakout the first night. I don’t know if it was this cream or not, but that went away the following morning. It was a minor miracle.As I said, my skin feels really soft. But I’ve got pretty good facial skin for a new grandma. Where I am REALLY noticing the effects of this cream, and the reason I decided to write the review, is my neck. In the past few months I’ve been noticing that crepe skin showing up on my throat and I hate it. I glare at it and send it negative go-away vibes. It hasn’t abided. However, I just noticed this morning that my throat is waaaay less crepey. Less creepy crepe. Fantastic.If it works for that super thin skin, I imagine it is probably doing good things for the rest of my face. I will continue using this and update down the road.This is priced at $129. I hadn’t heard of bee venom creams until this one, but I’ve been sniffing around lately. There are others available. Another brand is selling for $159 and then there is one for around $50. The ingredients all look very similar. I am going to test the cheaper brand after this one, just to see. If I notice similar results, I will update.

Stacy Pecos, TX

Love the way it smelled and how soft my skin felt!

I received this product, several weeks ago, from the manufacturer in exchange for an honest review. I used it once or twice a day since then in order to really test it out.First of all the smell of it is divine. It reminded me of a muted rose – light and fragrant, not overpowering or too floral. I have never tried any other bee venom products so I have no source of comparison.A little goes a long way. I simply freckled my face with the moisturizer and rubbed it in. It feels, at first, that it would be hard to spread because it is thicker than the normal moisturizers I have used. But it melts like butter on your skin and spreads easily.I can’t tell any difference in lines or appearance, I can say, honestly, that I have received two compliments on my skin in the past two weeks and that is something I haven’t heard very often since at the age of 30 my skin decided it wanted to act like it was in middle school!What I like most besides the scent? The way it instantaneously soaks into your skin without you feeling greasy, heavy or clogged. It’s like you never put it on. The feel of it disappears although you are completely moisturized. I don’t wear makeup because I cannot stand the feel of anything on my face. This moisturizer was perfect in that way. It just became one with my skin.The price seems crazy high to me as I tend not to spend too much money on myself, but I loved how it made my skin feel, so I can see myself investing in some. And after using it for almost a month, I still have quite a bit left – the majority of the jar. A little really goes go a long way!Cherise Everhard, February 2014

Eva Johnson, NE

Definitely works

My wife has been using this facial cream. We see results and saw them in about 3 days. We don’t know how long-lasting this will be. The result is a slight puffing or fullness of the facial skin along with her reported feelings of rejuvenation.This has been a fun experience! Bee venom causes a sensation that’s pretty interesting. I couldn’t help but research why this makes sense.Bee venom is used in various medicinal products including some that deliver therapy for joint disease. The venom is obtained by delivering a mild electric shock though glass, causing bees to sting the glass and the venom to run off into collection.On contact with the skin, the venom causes local inflammation and also prevents clotting of the blood since it is an anticoagulant. This then stimulates the skin to produce collagen. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies.The other ingredients include Manuka honey, shea butter and vitamin e. Manuka honey is an expensive, dark monofloral honey produced from the nectar of the manuka tree and has a long history of use as a topical healing agent for wounds and burns. Manuka honey is antibacterial. Shea butter is a complex fat from the nuts of the West African Shea and is widely used in skin care products.Based on our experience, this product works at least in the short term. The experience using it is stimulating.I received a sample in the expectation that I would provide an honest review, which I have done.

Hilda Milan, GA

A Skeptic Converted to a Believer

At first, my wife was very skeptical of Beenigma and thought that it was another in a long line of creams offering false promises. After three weeks of use my wife has not only been won over, but she is recommending Beenigma to her friends. My wife has never had a significant number of wrinkles her face but now her skin is noticeably smoother. She really enjoys the natural fragrance (a bit like honey, but not as strong) and the tingling sensation she experiences when it is on her face. The only concern remains for her is the possible long term effect of placing bee venom on your face.Beenigma claims that bee Venom is one of nature’s most powerful agents for producing collagen and elastin production. This helps to reduce wrinkles and reverse the signs of aging. While I can’t claim that this is all true, but so far the results seem to positive.Notes/Directions- Can be used as a nightly/morning moisturizer or it can be used a face mask (3 nights a week for 20 minutes per usage). My wife uses a very small amount, primarily around her eyes, each night before she goes to bed.- Do not use if you have any bee allergies- Very nice packaging – my wife made it a point to state that it was as nice as high-end cosmetics- My wife has not had any type of skin reaction …rash or otherwise.- As a nightly moisturizer she preferred Beenigma to her typical regimen of Origins moisturizer… she also thinks that it compares favorably to Lancome (which is at a similar price point)- Very high quality ingredients – nothing about the product from fragrance, packaging, consistency, to results have any signs of being a gimmicky- You definitely will want to take a look at the Beenigma webpage.Final verdict – After three weeks Beenigma turned a couple of skeptics into believers. In truth, when I was offered the product for reviewing purposes we almost didn’t accept…. we thought that at best it would be a wast of time…. or at worst we would have a strong reaction with our skin. In the three weeks she has been using the product her opinion has completely reversed and now she is recommending it to her friends and family. Highly Recommended.5 StarsPlease note we were provided a sample for reviewing purposes

Jerry Chula Vista, CA

After Two Weeks, Subtle but Real Effects

When I asked my husband if he could see a difference in my Beenigma-tized skin , he answered, in his dodge-ball way, “It doesn’t matter how you look, but how you feel.” At first, I scoffed at him. After some thought, however, I realized that he was right in a way: I know my face and skin best. If I felt that it had changed for the better, then it probably had, even if the results were not dramatic. After all, did I really expect to look ten years younger after using this product? No. I had merely hoped for improvement. Still, just to be certain that I wasn’t falling for the placebo effect, I took before, during, and two-weeks-in photographs using the same, lip-parted, smile-less, and, yes, unflattering shot after washing my face in the morning. I zoomed in on each to see if there had been changes. And there WERE differences — not in the deeper wrinkles but in the overall texture of my skin. My face looked slightly (not a lot) smoother and tighter, whether because of the bee toxin or because of the effects of the honey cream. Although I don’t look younger, I like what this product did to my skin. So, yes, I feel that Bee Nigma had an effect, albeit a subtle one.Before beginning, I tested Bee Nigma on the underside of my forearm. About thirty seconds later, my arm actually felt as though it was being stung, and that sensation lasted for about five minutes. I was shocked. I was naturally nervous about applying it to my face, even though my arm had no redness or other effects beyond the initial stinging. The next day, I took the chance: no stinging sensation! Over the next week, I experienced the occasional tingling — the kind you’d get from an astringent — and a few quick stabs near my temple, but nothing unpleasant enough to make me stop. During the second week, I felt no sensations at all after I applied it. I don’t know whether my body simply got used to the toxins or if they are unevenly distributed in the cream. I highly recommend doing a patch test first to check for sensitivity.At first, I washed off the mask after thirty minutes, but I discovered that it had the best effect when I applied it as a night cream and left it on overnight. The honey and emollients were enough to moisturize my skin, and I didn’t have to worry about applying sunscreen over it. I switched from short-term, twice a day application to long-term, once a day application, making a single jar last longer with better results on my face.The label says prominently that Beenigma is produced in New Zealand, although the small print on the back says that it is distributed by a Gauteng, South African company.Even though bee venom has been described as the “poor man’s Botox,” you will not get Botox-like paralysis from this product. I consider that a good thing. The biggest question for consumers is cost: Are subtle effects worth the price? Since no cream offers eye-popping results, I’d say yes, if you are inclined to using high-end creams to improve elasticity and general tone. Don’t buy this if you expect dramatic results; in that case, your best bet would be a respected plastic surgeon. Beenigma won’t work on deep wrinkles, and it won’t “lift” your face. All I have to do is run my hands down my face to *feel* my softer skin, even if my husband cannot see it. (Note: I received a sample for review.)– Debbie Lee Wesselmann

Coleen Dixon, MO

Effective, But Different for Me

This review is from: Bee Venom Cream Mask by Beenigma (Misc.)I found this to less effective than I expected in some areas and even more effective than I had hoped for in other areas.This is a fairly heavy creme that is absorbed into the skin quite slowly. It has no smell other than what I assume is the honey and almond oil. It does not interfere with my perfume one bit.Please be very aware that if you don not know if you are allergic to bee stings, you may want to first try this with someone in the house if not the same room as you. Sometimes products that contain venom can be nearly fatal to those with very sensitive allergies, making ones throat close before you can call for help. Also be aware that allergies can crop up at any time, even if you’ve been stung with no reaction whatsoever in the past.I have been using this twice a day for about a week now and being interested in the unusual, I didn’t wipe it off after the recommended 20 minutes. I leave it on the whole day, like a moisturizer. However, I found by research that this product can be used two ways, as a moisturizer OR as a mask.I never experienced any redness or swelling, so my fine lines never really looked any plumper or filled in. Well, actually they do look a bit reduced in size. Perhaps with more and proper usage they will diminish even more.That was disappointing, but I think that if I use this product for more than a week I will see some more results. As far as age spots go, since I have been concentrating on specific areas on my face my spots have been over-looked. I will rectify that and add to my review in another two weeks to let you know what I’ve found out.BUT—what I did find wonderful, is that it DID tighten my skin in one very big problem area. I have a “turkey wattle”…you know, that loose, crepey skin that makes us (men AND women) look like we have a turkey neck. I have been massaging this into my crepey skin for the same amount of time I have been using it on my smile lines and I’ll be damned if my skin isn’t getting tighter and less apt to jiggle. I am so thrilled about that. It makes the price of this product well worth it, since nothing else I’ve tried (short of a face lift) has worked on that part of my face. Totally Amazing!I can live with my fine lines but the wattle just creeps me out and the solution come in a little jar. This sample was provided by the manufacturer, but I have to tell you, if I keep seeing the results I’m seeing on my neck – I WILL be buying this for myself as soon as I run out. It if a very generous jar for the price and a little goes a long way. I think I’m going to be able to get 2 months out of the one jar.*Sample Provided by Manufacturer*WAY cheaper than a neck-lift!

Polly Cedaredge, CO

Smoothing and luxurious!

I really like this face cream – it seems to tighten your skin instantly and feels very silky and luxurious! I clean my skin fully first and apply before bed. The cream seems to have no negative effects on my face, but one evening I did spread it on my neck and it felt a bit itchy — nothing serious, but just try a small area on your neck/face first. With long term use I can see this product really improving your skin moisture and reducing wrinkles. Recommended!

Glenna Watson, MN

I was skeptical, but I’m amazed at the improvement in my skin

I’m a middle aged mom whose beauty routine consists of washing my face with a bar of soap when I shower and maybe remembering to put some drug store cream on my face before bed. I am careful about sun exposure and always wear my sunscreen, but age and gravity are starting to show in the wrinkles and eye bags on my face.Did I mention that I don’t spend money on myself? I can’t see spending money on beauty products when we have so many other expenses and obligations. So I was delighted to receive a sample of Beenigma directly from the manufacturer in exchange for an honest review – I would have never bought this for myself, especially when almost every anti-aging product out there is snake oil. The bee venom in Beenigma is supposed to stimulate the skin into producing collagen and elastin – two proteins our young faces produce but our older faces lack. I was skeptical, but willing to give it a try.I started using Beenigma several weeks ago, and as I saw the improvements day by day I started researching, reading reviews and having to admit that this bee venom thing really does work. I am a convert!This cream gives my face a very slight tingle (but no redness) when I apply it, and soaks in quickly without leaving my face feeling greasy at all. It smells like the manuka honey it contains, which is a nice, natural scent and not overpowering at all. I use it twice a day, massaging it sparingly on cheeks, forehead, neck and around my mouth. I use a little more of it around my eyes, where I have the most signs of aging.In two weeks, I’ve seen my skin texture improve more than with any drug store moisturizer I’ve used. My neck is less crepey, my face is more plumped and youthful looking, and definitely my eye bags and crows feet are less noticeable. Even my husband says he can tell that my face looks smoother and younger.They say the improvement is cumulative, so I’ll continue using this cream and update my review as time goes by. But as of this writing, I am very impressed with Beenigma and all those bees who contributed to it.

Ma Rio Nido, CA

Usually skeptical about these things, but I like it!

So I’m never one to fall for these “beauty in a bottle” gimmicks. Given that fact, I was very, very skeptical by this product. But after having tried it, I have to say that I actually like it!Now, has it noticeably reduced my wrinkles? Probably not. Maybe softened a line here or there? It’s so hard to judge these things.What I can say is that it has made my skin look and feel better. I have oily skin so after I wash it, I usually use some sort of cream to give moisture back to the parts that aren’t oily. This process, however, always leaves part of my skin looking really dried out. Since using this product, my skin no longer has that dried out look in some parts. It has made my skin more supple. It doesn’t feel dry anymore. I don’t know if it’s the bee venom or the honey they use in the product. Whatever it is, it’s making my skin look and feel better.Another thing I was wary of is because I have oily skin that is very sensitive, I was worried I’ll start breaking out if I use this product. Well, three and a half weeks later and not a single break out! So obviously, this can be used on all skin types.I had also read the other reviews and was aware that some people thought it had a strong scent. I buy everything unscented because I just can’t stand these funky scents in everything. I have to say that the scent of this product, which is very slight, doesn’t bother me at all. It smells very slightly like honey. You can smell it as you’re putting it on but the scent vanishes within minutes, so no problems there.Overall, a very good product. It certainly agrees with my skin and makes it feel and look better which is ultimately all I care about.A sample was sent to me for review.

Marla Shelton, WA

Luxury facial cream

I’ve been using this Bee Nigma facial cream for about two weeks now. I know that it’s called a mask, but to me a mask is meant to be washed off. This cream feels so good on my face, I certainly would not wash it off.Packaging: It comes beautifully packaged in a lovely jar and attractive box.Consistency: The cream is thick and creamy, so just a little goes a long way.Fragrance: I was surprised to read in a few reviews that some people didn’t like the fragrance, because I really love it. I think it has a soft, almost baby powder like smell. It’s very mild though and dissipates quickly, so if you don’t care for it for some reason, the smell doesn’t last long.On the skin: The cream feels light and smooth as it goes on and is easy to spread on the face and neck. I haven’t experienced any tingling at all. It remains on the skin surface feeling moist for a few minutes, then it absorbs quickly into the skin. It never feels oily or sticky. I’ve thrown out perfectly good jars of face cream that left an oily or sticky feeling on my face, but this product does neither. Hours later my skin still has a soft, velvety feel to it.Noticeable changes: I’ve noticed that my facial skin has a smoother texture, and the fine lines around my mouth have plumped up a bit. The pores around my nose seem to have reduced in size, and that makes my skin tone even out. The biggest improvement that I’ve noticed is that my recent onset of “adult” acne (I’m almost 60) has cleared up. I’ve been battling acne in the nose area and around my nostrils for almost a year, and it has completely cleared up in the past couple of weeks. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but I plan to keep using Bee Nigma and see if it stays away.The manufacturer provided a sample for review.

Gina Louise, TX

Just Marvelous!

After so many years of over-priced department store creams that promise it all but deliver little results, I wasn’t expecting much from Beenigma. It does include Manuka honey, and I am aware that that is a great product, but bee venom? Who knew?So I am delighted to say this is a product that delivers. I have had an ugly bag under my eye from tearing up repeatedly over the death of a beloved cat. Nothing worked to reduce it until Beenigma. Now it is disappearing, and not slowly at all.I’ve used it less than two weeks and am thrilled with my results. Flabby neck is going away. Baggy eye is almost gone. I couldn’t ask for more. So, I’m delighted to recommend this face cream and plan to buy more when this is gone.How long will my results last? That has yet to be determined, but, for now, I’ll keep on using it twice a day. I’ve barely dented the contents of my jar, so I expect the jar to last for a couple of months.Give it a try. This one works.The manufacturer provided a sample for my review.

Winifred Lochmere, NH

Good product; applies smoothly; I use it with other products for maximum impact

I have frown and forehead lines that are more more substantial than I would like. I have been applying Beenigma twice a day for about a month. Over this time frame, I have noticed an impact on the frown lines but not such a noticeable result on the forehead lines.I began using the product in November. I first applied the product under my chin to test for an allergic reaction. I experienced about day of itching, but I did not have any redness. The immediate feeling upon the first application was a slight tingling and a tightness. The itchiness set in after a few hours. I noticed that the product had a floral scent that seemed to linger for about twenty minutes. After not noticing any significant reaction, I proceeded to use the product the next day all over my face. I did not encounter the itchiness or the tingling from the first day. The sensation of tightness did come back, but it was not uncomfortable. Throughout the weeks, subsequent applications have led to a feeling of tightness, but this sensation is often brief – maybe ten minutes.In week three, I started to use St. Ives Blemish & Blackhead Control Apricot Scrub, 6 oz in conjunction with this product and that is when I really started to begin noticing an impact on my skin. I only use the St. Ives product once a day, but once it was introduced, the frown lines began to diminish more rapidly.As noted, I have used this product for about a month. At approximately two uses per day, I have used about a third of a jar. I anticipate that this jar will take me through January. I do not use a lot of product. It spreads easily on the face and is absorbed easily as well. It does not leave an overly shiny or greasy appearance.I think the next step would be abstaining from the product for a period of time to see what impact there is. I’m curious to know: How quickly it would be before the deepness of my previous lines returns? Could the product be used once a day to maintain results? Is there a point when the product would just be a maintenance tool and no more improvement would be seen?All in all, I think that this product has had an impact on my lines. It was a great day when I woke up and truly noticed some results taking place. I want to emphasize that it was not an overnight process. I have been fairly dedicated to applying this cream, and I think it could potentially work for others.I received a jar of Beenigma to test prior to posting this review.

Leslie Gouverneur, NY

It Really Works!

I was excited and thankful to be asked to review this cream. At my age, I definitely am thankful for any help I can get with my skin. The day I received it, I put a small amount on my face to test for reactions, unfortunately I was not able to use it. I did have a reaction, so be sure to test before applying. Now what to do? .I found a solution.My sister-in-law, who lives with us and is 60 years old, asked if she could try it and that would allow me to see how it worked on someone and be able to review it. I was happy about that. She also tested to make sure she had no reactions before we started, and didn’t. So the next day she applied it as directed. She told me that she did feel a little sting on her face, but nothing unbearable, and her face did get a tad red as well. However, nothing too bothersome, so we continued on.. She had some brown marks by her one eye that she was hoping this cream would take care of.By the third day we could see a difference in her skin. The brown marks were almost gone, amazing! I was surprised, and her face had lost that saggy look that all women of this age absolutely hate, but always get. By the end of the week there was a drastic difference in her skin, tone, texture all seemed like a much younger woman. No, not a twenty year old, but her skin looks healthy and vibrant. Yes, I was jealous. Let me tell you, this cream works, plain and simple. We were very impressed. I did try to take pictures of the entire process, but she said if I put pictures up she would sue me, hummm, so I decided not to. I will try and put an update on here and let you know how her face is doing, but for now I have one happy sister-in-law! Definitely a product that works.I was given a free bottle of Bee-Venom-Cream-Mask for an honest review.

Tania Lyon Mountain, NY

Proponents Call Bee Venom the Natural Botox

This is a luxurious creamy thick face lotion with the most prominent ingredient being New Zealand bee venom and Manuka Honey. Be warned: Do not use if you have bee allergies!Proponents of bee venom say it is like a natural botox. Naysayers say bee venom is just the latest fad. At $130 for 65 grams, you just want to know, Does it work? The great thing is that the company offers 100% money back no questions asked within 60 days. That’s fair, you can give it a try and see for yourself.I have been using Bee Nigma for 2 weeks now. Applying this lotion there is a slight tingle. Bee Nigma recommends leaving the lotion on for at least 20 minutes. I leave it on overnight and reapply in the morning. It has a wonderful honey rose sort of smell, not over powering.The results? I have premature deep lines around my mouth that I have wished would magically disappear. I think Bee Nigma has helped some but they are not gone by a long shot. Overall it has helped my skin to remain smooth and supple but hasn’t erased wrinkles. I do love the feel and the tingle makes me feel hopeful for longer term change.I’m giving this face cream five stars because I respect a company that is willing to stand behind their product 100% and allow the customer to try it out.

Jodie Redfox, KY

Enigmatic Face Creme

Beenigma is a thick, white creme that in addition to bee venom, contains Manuka honey, almond oil, Shea butter, and glycerin among a long list of ingredients. I found the fragrance to be unobjectionable.I use Atralin, a prescription RetinA product at night so my experience with Beenigma was in the morning as a day creme. After several days of patch testing Beenigma to be sure that I wasn’t allergic to it, I applied the creme to my just washed face and neck. The creme is quite thick; rubbing it between my fingers first allowed it to spread more evenly across my face. I didn’t experience any stinging, just a slight itching which disappeared after about 10 seconds.The creme was absorbed fairly quickly but left the skin feeling slightly tacky. Makeup or foundation application over Beenigma was less than optimal as the tackiness of the skin caused the makeup to go on unevenly. Using a standard moisturizer over Beenigma prior to applying makeup eliminated this problem. My best experience was using Beenigma as a facial mask, tissuing it off and then applying moisturizer prior to applying my makeup.After using Beenigma, my skin felt tighter and there was a moderate but noticeable reduction of fine lines under my eyes. This effect lasted for several hours, but alas, not all day. I’ve only been using the product for several weeks, it will be interesting to see if there any long term effects.There has been quite a bit of media hype lately concerning the use of bee venom in facial cremes and masks. Marketed as an "organic face lift" bee venom products claim to smooth facial lines and improve muscle tone by causing the skin to increase it’s production of elastin and collagen. In fact, scientific research has found that the active compound in bee venom, melittin, when applied to the skin, can relax the facial muscles and improve circulation….at least temporarily.A sample of this product was supplied in return for an honest review.

Nadine Mitchell, GA