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Bee Nuts! Organic Cuticle Oil heals redness and pain quickly. More than .5 oz in every bottle.

All organic nuts oils of macadamia, sunflower, almond, jojoba, and soybean oils steeped with cloves make up the moisturizing element of this lovely cuticle oil. Clove is a natural numbing agent (Eugenol), so it will help you forget those pesky cuticle cuts. It will nourish your nails and promote growth while healing the nasty little cuts. Comes in a half oz bottle which will probably last a year even with every day application. Thank you for making this number one on Amazon! We appreciate the bizzness.

Key features

  • Organic hydrating cuticle oil cures cracked cuticles faster than any other
  • Clove provides slight numbing properties so that you can stop picking
  • Redness and swelling dissapate within minutes of application
  • Viscous oil can penetrate into the tiny cracks to quickly heal
  • Highly antimicrobial and antibacterial. Great on bug bites too!

Honest reviews



My husband isn’t happy until he had gnawed his fingers down to the bone. His nails looked like shit. I purchased an anti nail biting polish, and used it along with this cuticle oil. Just a few days later all the skin around his fingers is looking so healthy and smooth, almost healed! I am pleasantly surprised at how fast it worked.

Felecia Newtown Square, PA

It’s okay

It’s not better than Solar Oil – it’s just as good. I didn’t have any of the instant healing other folks were talking about. Good but not great.

Roberta Winston, KY

I LOVE this oil. And it smells heavenly!

This is definitely the best cuticle oil I’ve used. And the smell is FANTASTIC! It soaks into the skin relatively quickly so you don’t have to go around with oily hands.

Josefa Fenwick Island, DE

Keep this handy!

I get hang nails and dry cuticles, so I needed some oil… Love this. The scent is great, and the oil is fairly thick so it does not run all over the place. I keep it next to my phone at the office and apply whenever I’m on a call. Noticeable improvement in my cuticles.

Celia Peoria, AZ

So far so good

The skin on my hands is very dry right now – including the cuticles. I have been using this for a few days and it seems to help. I just need to keep using it. It has a nice smell and isn’t overly greasy – seems to sink in well.

Donna Nicholson, GA

Works well

I use this oil every night. Excellent on cuticles – especially in winter. Keeps my cuticles very soft when they are usually hard in winter. I would recommend.

Gabrielle Lindsay, CA

Great cuticle oil

I’m new to cuticle oil but love this product. It does smell like cloves which is fine by me. I’ve used it a few times and love the way my nails look after, very nourished with less dry skin. I find myself picking less at the dry skin around my nails now that I have this product. I feel like this will last me a longer time as well which means It’s a great buy.

Myrtle Ithaca, MI

Not impressed

The smell is nice (if you like cloves), but I used this product daily for a few weeks and really did not notice a difference. I bought this to replace an old tube of avon cuticle treatment cream thinking oil would be better, and I liked the fact that this is organic. I still have a bottle that’s 3/4 full but I think I will spring for the solar oil because that is what my salon uses and it seems to penetrate better than this particular product.

Wanda Brusett, MT

Not better

This product smells heavenly, I wish it worked as well as it smelled. I don’t find it a particularly long lasting cuticle moisturizer, and it doesn’t seem to penetrate all that well. Better than nothing, but not better than solar oil.

Leila Carnegie, OK