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Bed Head Dual Waver

One tool, two styles bed head’s tourmaline, nano-ceramic 2-in-1 styling iron is just what you want. style 1 adjusts for loose waves. style 2 adjusts for defined waves. tourmaline technology leaves you with frizz-free shiny styles. fiber optic heat indicators change color when the heat changes, it’s not rocket science, but close. styling guide included.

Key features

  • Get the Look! The Dual Waver will give you two looks with just one tool.
  • Create Tousled Texture or Defined Waves
  • Instant heat recovery
  • Barrel locking switch
  • 8 foot flexi-cord

Honest reviews


It was okay… :/

I am a little dissappointed with this bed head. I hate being the one that gives products an okay or a bad review, but this product just isn’t for me. It doesn’t heat up like it should. I put it to the highest degree, and still not as hot as it should. My hair looks like I just woke up out of bed when I am finished using this product, and I have medium length hair so I was hoping I would have a new hair style, but it’s just not working out for me :/ I do recommend Bed Head products, I will reccommend this one too anyone who wants to try this if you want tiny waves, and like Bed Head products. Hopefully your iron will heat up.

Shelia Oxford, MS

Works great

My daughter uses this to get that “just back from a day at the beach” look. She puts a Tbsp of salt and a Tbsp of tanning oil in a spray bottle with water, shakes well and lightly mists her hair, then uses this tool to get the naturally wavy look she gets every time we go to the beach. This is a great little styling tool, works just as well as the more expensive ones our salon carries and it came much faster than I expected.

Stacy Tuthill, SD

dual waver

my old waver broke, It waved its last goodbye and I was devestated.I needed a new one, so I thought that this one would do…maybe it was a better one cause it has all these doo dads and a dual waver for tighter waves…but this thing is like an alien vessel to figure out.It has an unlock, and a lock, and glows green and you turn a knob to make your waves bigger and you have to lock that down and so on and so forth. I found that the waves were more like crimps than waves..and I was a bit disappointed in that. You have to really understand what temp to wave your hair at and how long. My other one was so stupid simple, this one is just …outrageously complex.I wouldnt buy it again if it broke, I actually bought my old brand after using this …always stick to what you know is good!

Leonor Herndon, WV

Must Have Been OK

I got this for my granddaughter who lives in another state and while I don’t always hear about the results of something, I got called and thanked profusely because THIS is the one she wanted the very most she said. Therefore I will assume it lived up to it’s highest value in her eyes. I probably would have heard if it didn’t but not always.

Darcy Industry, PA


Maybe it is just my hair. Everyone else seems to love this. I do have short hair and what I was looking for was a product that gave me just one wave. This poofs out my hair and creates for of a crimp. I tried both settings and it still does the same thing. Then it makes my ends look weird when I did not even use it on my ends.This is my 2nd Bed Head waver and I am giving up until my hair gets longer. They should make one smaller for those with short hair.

Stefanie Springfield, CO


Bed head dual waver is Amazing! Worked really well on my hair. It does leave my hair a little poofy but i just put some smoothing cream in it to control the frizz. I do think it still made my hair more crimped than wavy but it still looked awesome.

Marina Fleischmanns, NY

It gives amazing waves.

I would have given 5 stars however the lock on the barrel became jammed with the first use and I had to break it in order to use it. Other than that this product is amazing. I can completely style my entire head of long hair in ten minutes. The waves will last the entire day. This was worth the money even though I can no longer lock the barrel.

Sydney Gallatin, TN


love this product! two settings for loose and tight waves and it stays for 2 days! much better than waving with a straightener.

Marietta Lampe, MO

Good packaging, nice looking item but the result to …

Good packaging, nice looking item but the result to myhair is not that good as what it was say..thanks

Shelly Clyman, WI