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Bed Head Curli Pops Tourmaline Ceramic Tapered Curling Iron, 1 Inch, Orange

Create loose curls and waves with this 1-inch barrel styler. Tourmaline ceramic barrel provides high, even heat with rapid heat recovery. Clamp-free wrap-and-go design gives you salon-quality styling. Includes heat protective gloves to protect your hands.

Key features

  • Sweeten Up Your Style! The 1Inch Barrel creates loose curls and waves.
  • Frizz Free, Shiny Styles without the Kinks
  • No clamping; just wrap and go
  • Rapid heat recovery minimizes heat-up times
  • Includes heat-protective glove

Honest reviews


orange crush

This iron makes soft waves and light curls in my hair. Mind you, I have thin, very straight hair. It’s a little difficult to wrap all the way around the barrel because I also have really long hair. But, it does the job. Be careful! I already burned myself twice after one use and I tried to be safe.

Ashleigh Goodman, MO

Really works well!

This is a great curling wand! A glove comes with it and you will get burned if you don’t use it! That said, I was super impressed with how curly my hair was DAYS after curling it with this wand. I have long, thick hair and as long as I didn’t try to curl too much at once it would produce great results. Great buy!

Mia Carterville, MO

Gives me the perfect waves

I have this wand and a Remington conical 1/2 – 1 inch wand. I am happier with this wand for my needs. It doesn’t have multiple heat settings, instead you just turn it on and that is it. It heats to 400 degrees and for my hair that is the setting i need anyways. This gives me nice large loose waves which is exactly what i want. The conical shaped hair wands feel useless for my hair length because it is so long it always goes down to the smallest section and makes tighter curls which I don’t want. The Remington is perfect for doing my daughters hair, where i want tight tiny curls.It did seem to take longer than 30s to fully heat up though and that was one downside I had with it.I would also like to note that the glove that comes with this hair wand fits perfect. It is made of a fabric that stretches and molds to the hand. The Remington glove felt bulky and didn’t fit right so I refused to wear it and just dealt with possible finger burns (a few times). This glove was easy to wear and I will use each time I use this hair wand.Very happy with this purchase and would purchase again.

Ramona Royal Oak, MI

I could only achieve beachy curls with this!

I love the curling iron as it heats up super fast and stays hot!!! Unfortunately the curls wouldn’t stay tight and formed for me. I have hair that falls to the middle of my back. My hair is normal not to thick not to thin.I believe the 1 inch isnt for me maybe for girls with longer hair. I have ordered a 1/2 and am hopeful for those tight curls I dream of and not beachy waves this one gave me.

Alicia Oneonta, NY


I bought this based on the reviews. It works amazing and fast. Heats up and cools down very quickly. Would buy again. I have had no troubles thus far.

Nola Saint Charles, AR

Easy to use and great results

Both of my teenage daughters own this unit. The results are quick and easy to achieve. The glove makes holding the hair on the barrel simple to do and because you can smooth the hair directly on the barrel you don’t end up with the awkward bent-ends of my curling iron days. It takes a little practice to get it right and to figure out which way to wind the hair to get the waves/curls going in the right direction but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll love the results. Fabulous for everything from corkscrew curls to beachy waves.

Lois Salem, IA

Great curling iron

Great curling iron that leaves you with beautiful curls. Heats up fast . Would give this 5 stars if you could adjust the heat settings.

Sadie South Byron, NY

Perfect wavy curls

I bought this curling wand because a friend of mine started using it – I loved how her hair looked so I asked what she used and she showed me this Bedhead tool. So of course I bought it and I LOVE it. It gives me the exact wave/curl I want. I have long thick hair, and it takes me less than 20 minutes to curl all of my hair. It does get SUPER hot, so just make sure to use the glove it comes with.

Elisa Idaho Falls, ID


This gave my hair the perfect curls. My hair NEVER curls for me and i was told to try out a curling wand and OHMIGAWSH. I am in love!!

Jodie Floral Park, NY

Want Beyonce Curls, Kim Kardashian Curls, This is your curling wand!!

This wand takes some getting use to!! Curling wand heats up really fast. The gloves that comes with it is pretty much useless, you can still burn your fingers if you hold the iron itself. Curls my nearly $400 lacefront really well, and it holds nicely. Happy with my purchase.

Debra Muleshoe, TX

Soft bouncy curls/waves

Really really love this styler. I have medium to long hair & it leaves soft bouncy curls & waves. This is so much better than the wands that go from thick to thin because those just give you super curls.Highly recommend this product, you’ll love it.

Cristina Smithland, KY

love this

i can’t believe how well it works for the price!!! i still still continue to use my tapered wand for more controlled curls, but this wand is great for big bouncy hair.

Arlene Blackwater, MO

Great curler!!

I love this!!!!! Makes perfects waves!! Use hair protectant, wrap piece around iron! Love!! I use glove until I get better at it.

Kasey Valley City, OH

Perfect Waves/Curls

I love this wand. It works perfect for what I need it to do! I don’t like my hair being in tight curls. This wand leaves it in more of loose curls/waves. I’ve been getting compliments every time I use it. Highly recommend it!

Madeleine Trementina, NM