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Bed Head Control Freak Serum by TIGI for Unisex – 8.45 oz Serum

TIGI Bed Head Control Freak Serum removes the frizz and tames your curly hair. Use TIGI Bed Head Control Freak Serum on wet or dry hair. Control Freak Serum is non-oily, airy and moisture resistant. Give your hair great, brilliant shine.

Key features

  • Light Weight
  • Greaseless
  • Humidity Resistant

Honest reviews


My Summer Buddy!

I got this way back in… about… 2003… around there…. and have used it ever since. This is absolutely mandatory in the summer because I love to spend a lot of time outdoors, where it’s humid or wet or I’m sweating. My hair is frizz free with this stuff in.It’s kind of a sticky, runny gel with sparkles! It works best right after a shower – it’s better at PREVENTING frizz than removing frizz. After towel drying my hair, I run this through with my fingers making sure to get the ends (it only takes about a nickel-size amount to cover my hair and my hair is long). This works especially well with blow-drying, I don’t get those really annoying little flyaways.A whole bottle will last you a looooong time. For as much as you pay, it really is a bargain and is so much better than products you find at a department store. It leaves no leftover smell and it’s really light; doesn’t weigh your hair down.I have pretty medium hair as in it’s not too dry nor is it too oily. It’s naturally a bit wavy. This might not work for all hair-types, but make sure to check the whole bed head line if you’re not sure! They have specific stuff for curls and flat hair etc.I think this would be great for any type of hair though. I haven’t tried it with the correlating shampoo and conditioner, but by itself it is great!And the sparkles in it don’t show in your hair so don’t worry about looking like a glitter magnet.

Kathleen Butte City, CA

Flakes like crazy

I purchased this product at the local grocers for $18 along with another brown gel called Ampro of which I paid $2.19. The much cheaper Ampro worked way better than Bed Head. Bed Head flaked like crazy. I have dark hair, and Bed Head made it look like I had a lot of flaky dandruff in my head. I will call the grocer today to see if I can get my $18 back.

Sallie Paoli, OK

My main frizz control product

I have very fine, dry, curly hair that frizzes easily. For years I HATED my curly hair because all it ever did was frizz, especially around my face. I tried using several other frizz control products, and many of them did help. I found this product in 2004. This particular product is what pushed me from hating my curly hair to embracing and enjoying it. Once i began using this product, I started getting compliments on my hair, regularly. I could write epic depressing novels on all of the horrible comments I got from people up until the point I found this product.It controls my frizz, in almost every type of weather.It smooths out my hair making it easier to comb, brush and style.It provides a nice glossy finish.It isn’t heavily scented, and the little sparkles in the bottle don’t show up in your hair.A few other products have come along in the last few years that work well for me, but I still keep coming back to this one. It still works that well for me. All curly hair is a little different, but this one is a must to try if you are looking to control your curly frizz.

Rosella Montezuma, NY


I bought this because my hair is so frizzy and in tammed. This did nothing at all for it!! All it did was goo up my hair and weigh it down!!! 😒

Edwina Gully, MN

Bit Slick but Absorbent

Feels kind of slickery gross but absorbs into hair very well. I’ve used this about 6 or 7 years and haven’t been able to give it up!

Kimberly Gilman, MN

Control Freak

Yes, yes, frizzy hair, blah, blah, blah. I feel like when I start each beauty review that has to do with hair I state that I am a frizz-ball. A new product I have tried recently is from the Bed Head line. A girlfriend uses many of these products and swears by them, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. I picked up the Control Freak serum. My first thought – this is a fairly inexpensive bottle when you realize how much product you are getting. I have been using this a few times a week for about two months now, and it looks like I’ve barely put a dent in it. My second thought – I really like this serum. It works best for me straight out of the shower and before I blow dry. The frizz is decreased and my hair is shiny, which is clearly fab. I’ve tried this before on dry hair (as instructions say can use on wet or dry hair) and the result is not as fab. It mostly just feels like glop in my hair and does not look good at all. This is one I would recommend for wet hair – and I like the smell too!

Lashonda Avoca, TX

love it

makes my hair feel soft and looks healthier. 🙂 and it really helps with frizz. ive bought bed head for year and wont go back to anything else

Melody Westport, IN