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Bed Head BH311 Blue Raspberry Conical Styler

Create tight curls on top and loose curls on the bottom with a reverse conical barrel styler. Tourmaline ceramic barrel provides high, even heat with rapid heat recovery. Clamp-free wrap-and-go design gives you salon-quality styling. Includes heat protective gloves to protect your hands.

Key features

  • Sweeten Up Your Style! The Reverse Conical Wand will create tight curls on top, loose curls on the bottom.
  • Frizz Free, Shiny Styles without the Kinks
  • No clamping; just wrap and go
  • Rapid heat recovery minimizes heat-up times
  • Includes heat-protective glove

Honest reviews


liked the curls

You have to get used to how to use these. I have burned my wrist many times. The waves are great and stay in all day. I recommend using gel ahead of time. I use the hottest setting and I have slightly thin hair.

Jolene Kellyton, AL

Love It. Great quality for the value

Great for stay all day curls. I didn’t even need hairspray. I love that I can wrap at the base to get a small tight curl and twist the wand to keep feeding the hair through the smaller area. There is no temperature gauge, but that’s okay for me. The wand doesn’t seem to get overly hot at all. I have the Bed Head Rock n Roller as well, and I like this one more. I want to try the hour glass one next.

Ma La Harpe, KS

love it

this product is amazing. i love how it curls my hair, but looks more like beach waves than curly sue.perfect for what i was looking for!

Patti Woodsfield, OH


This product is the best I have ever used. Since I have received I have used it almost every day! I love the curl it gives! It’s not if you buy this product… it’s when you buy it, you will not be sorry! LOVE!

Sonya Drummonds, TN

Bed Head curling iron

Love it!! Works beautifully. Curls came out so nice and smooth and tight, I just love it. I thought it would be a lil hard for me at first I’m use to the ones with the clips, but I watched a few YouTube videos and went at it. It was very easy, the curls came out flawless no frizzy ends just beautiful curls. This wand does get very HOT but I was careful to not burn myself, the glove came in very handy to keep that from happening and the heat gard tip. I was very unsure about this iron wand because of the price, I thought there was no way this would give me the curl I wanted but since it had so many great reviews I decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did, works just good as a 100.00 dollar iron or the one my hairdresser uses. My husband actually thought I went and had my hair done when he came in from work lol. Awesome curling iron!! Go ahead ladies you won’t be sorry.

Elvira Kykotsmovi Village, AZ


I own many flat irons, curling irons, rollers and wands and this is by far the best product for creating curls I have ever had. I don’t understand how it is different, but it makes lovely natural looking curls that last all day with no hairspray. It is so much less damaging than a regular curling iron and doesn’t make my hair greasy on the second day. However…you have got to pay attention while using it. It will burn the heck out of your hand, finger, wrist, etc. That being said, I use it every day and have just stocked up on bandaids! 🙂

Betsy Garrochales, PR

Works great!

My niece encouraged me to get a conical styler. I really love it. I dumped the plastic glove and purchased a heat resistant glove for dutch oven cooking. Don’t really need it but it’s a "nice to have".

Doreen Clairfield, TN

curls that last for days

this is my favorite curling iron ever. my curls last for days and days when i use it. the glove is horrible though, just use your fingers carefully and it’s much easier. i’ve recommended this tool to all my friends with hair.

Angel Jonancy, KY

My daughter loves it.

I bought this as an Xmas gift for my 12 year old. She loves it. The wand doesn’t fry her ends like a curling iron does and the heat resistant gloves protects from burns

Delia Vincent, AL

I don’t get it

Maybe I need practice but I just don’t get the gimmick. Hard to use despite being quite hot. Seems like it could damage hair too.

Lola Adelanto, CA

Works beutifully!

I love this product! Heats up fast, makes my hair look awesome. One of my favorite go to products. It takes a little time to get a handle of it without burning yourself, but I picked it up pretty quickly by watching a YouTube video. Great prodcut!

Eva Walnut Grove, MS

My faviorate rod iron!!!

My faviorate rod iron ever…i have two others and this one is amazing. It heats up super fast and geta really hot. I dont have to hold the iron long for my curls and they last a couple of days ( & im in Louisiana-super humid). I also have really long hair(26”) and i dont have to section off in super small pieces either.No cons-but it only has a on and off switch no temp adjustment.

Annette Eleroy, IL

Love it!

Love this wand! It’s quite a bit thiner than I expected but it makes pretty curls and is easy to use!

Maryellen Smithfield, PA

Awesome iron!

My sister first introduced me to this and I love it! It works great on my hair and I haven’t found many irons that would work so well. I can sleep w/ the curls and still have curls the next day! Love, love, love it!!!

Faith Letohatchee, AL