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BeBarefaced Dead Sea Facial Mud Mask – Natural Anti Aging Treatment For All Skin Types

For HUGE Discounts See Product Images Naturally Improve the Appearance & Feel of Your Skin – Tone, tighten and improve skin texture. – Exfoliate, unclog and purify pores. Help rid your skin of blackheads and imperfections. – Draw out unseen excess oils and impurities. – Moisturize and stimulate skin collagen to help fight wrinkles. – All natural and organic ingredients. Paraben free. Show off your Bareface Banish those bad skin days and reveal a Barefaced more confident you. Skin will feel beautifully bare, purified and rejuvenated. This good skin feeling with brighten up your complexion and your day. Better Skin or Your Money Back We are so certain of the positive benefits Barefaced mud will bring to your skin we offer a 6 month full money back guarantee! Naturally enjoy the best skin possible risk free. See product images for HUGE discounts.

Key features

  • $16.68 sale now on. Now with our new formula for preservation. Wouldn’t it be incredible to try a gift sent from Mother Nature? Join millions and experience the natural healing properties of the Dead Sea, the #1 NATURAL MUD SOURCE. Bring the Dead Sea experience home to you!
  • INDUSTRY LEADING MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Try our Barefaced Mud RISK FREE! In addition to Amazon’s 30 day money back guarantee, Barefaced Skincare also offers a 6 month 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our products or service, simply contact us and we will make it right.
  • MAGICAL DEAD SEA MINERALS. Dead Sea mud is packed with natural goodness and BURSTING with EARTHBORN MINERALS for the perfect facial clay mask experience. Its unique blend causes skin renewal, and leaves behind a visibly brighter and noticeably clearer layer of skin. Its anti-aging and natural healing properties also helps to prevent wrinkles and relieve common skin conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis, acne and eczema.
  • BE GOOD TO YOUR SKIN WITH 100% NATURAL and ORGANIC INGREDIENTS. Barefaced Mud uses only the best natural and organic ingredients to be good to your skin and keep our mud fresh for you to enjoy. ZERO gluten, NO parabens and CRUELTY FREE.
  • BE A SMART SHOPPER. Our suitably sized jars mean you’ll never throw away wasted expired mud. Barefaced Mud gives up to 40 FACE MASKS PER JAR! A Dead Sea facial spa treatment would cost you up to $100, why pay more? EXPERIENCE THE DEAD SEA’S WONDERS AT HOME FOR LESS THAN 50 CENTS PER MASK.

Honest reviews


Works great, not so pleasant smell

I had the luxury of trying out the Barefaced Dead Sea Mud Mask for myself and I was very impressed. I’ve never used a mud mask before so I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. Since I’m a busy mom of 2 children with hardly any time for myself, I decided to wait until the evening when I was going to soak in the tub to do my mask so I could thoroughly relax and just feel it out. Now I’ll be honest, the mud mask stinks! I’m not too fond of the smell at all; BUT before you run off with that statement, it’s just a "dirty mud" type smell. Nothing terrible that will leave you gagging. With that being said, the mask itself honestly felt GREAT on my face. It was a unique feeling as it sat on my face after the application. While it smelled unpleasant, I just felt like I was in my own little world relaxing. After the day I had with my cranky teething infant, it’s definitely what I needed. It applied to my face smoothly and when it was time to come off it wiped away very easily and effortlessly. I allowed it to sit on my face for the full time limit 15-20 minutes. It didn’t dry up or get sticky. It stayed the same texture as I applied it: soft & smooth. When all was said and done my face felt so fresh and soft – it was amazing. Because I’m not fond of the mud smell, I used my regular facial wash after to disguise the scent, which seemed to work pretty well. While the smell is far from attractive, it’s not bad enough to keep me from using this product again. In fact, it says to use weekly for best results, but on nights I want to unwind and relax I’ll be using it as well. So on a nightly basis for me! I’m just amazed at how soft my face is – it feels like a baby! I highly recommend the Barefaced Dead Sea Mud Mask; particularly if you’re a stressed out parent in need of some relaxing TLC!

Kris San Manuel, AZ

Barefaced cleans the skin and the pores really well

I received my Barefaced last week. I have used it several times already and I see and feel a difference. My skin feels clean and purified immediately after I rinse it off. I see more of a glow and my skin feels well, kind of rejuvenated. I enjoy using masks and like to use them on Sunday afternoons that way I feel fresh and ready for the work week. Especially in the summer…I am outside so much and am really good with my sunscreen but feel like I need to get my skin and pores really clean. I feel like the Barefaced mask gets my skin clean down to the pores. I find this good skin feeling seems brighten up my complexion and make me feel ready for the upcoming week too.

Claudine Adona, AR

Such a wonderful product not harsh on the skin great smell kinda …

Such a wonderful product not harsh on the skin great smell kinda smells like lavender. This is thick so you will not have to apply a lot to your face. Once you have rubbed it in on your face you will wait about 15 mins. Then you will wash your face really good and one you have completed this step you will have smooth & soft skin. You will feel like a new person and feel fresh. I highly recommend this product to everyone well worth the money for a Excellent product. The company has awesome communications with customers my vote is A++++++++++for Excellent.

Brandie Franklin Park, IL

Nice and Smooth

This mask has a very nice scent. It’s a mix of lavender and eucalyptus that calms you and your skin instantly. It also has a cooling effect that is very relaxing. It’s not gritty unlike other masks that I’ve tried. It’s very smooth and it easily on the skin. Another thing that I like is it doesn’t take too long to dry and I love the feeling of tightness after washing it off. My face feels very smooth and supple and that feeling last for days. This mask is a must have in your beauty arsenal.

Lou Perkinsville, NY

One of the best!

I am a HUGE fan of face masks, mud masks and any other type of mask that I can sit back in the tub and let dry while I relax in my bubble bath or use a bath bomb. I was very happy to give this product a try because I am always looking for the masks that provide a fresh face with smooth skin and also works like cleaning pores and removing dirt/oil. I ordered the Barefaced Mud Mask from Amazon and it was here within 2 days so I was excited to give it a try. It’s a pretty large tub and even better is that a little bit goes a long way so I won’t go through this rather quickly. There scent isn’t too strong. It has a little bit of a lavender smell to it. It’s pretty thick so as I said, you don’t have to apply a lot. Rub it on and let it dry. It’ll tighten on your face and after about 15 minutes you’re free to wash it off. I have used it a couple of times now and am a fan for sure. Softer and clearer skin for the win!

Ruby Tomball, TX

Softens skin

I recently started to use Mud masks. As much as I hate to say it, I have aged…a little! I have that frustrating combination skin. This mask does a great job at removing the excess oil and it also softens the dry spots. As for my complexion, I haven’t noticed much change yet. It has only been a couple weeks of use (2x week) Overall my skin is so soft and after I use it, and it feels so clean and refreshed. So far I really like the results and look forward to updating m review soon.

Sue Middletown, OH


Love this stuff! Cleared my psoriasis right up. And it sucks all impurities right out of my pores. It’s was the grossest. Yet coolest thing I’ve put on my face!! I will never be without this mask!!

Angelique Gretna, LA

Not for sensitive skin

Great quality product BUT NOT for sensitive skin, my skin is still bright red and I used it yesterday. super bummed.

Emilie Elkton, MN